Pipefy vs. ProcessMaker: Choose the Best BPM Solution for Your Enterprise

In order to optimize workflows and execute daily tasks more efficiently, many businesses turn to Business Process Automation (BPM) software solutions. ProcessMaker is one solution, but because it is difficult to try out, it can be a costly bet for businesses starting their digital transformation. On the other hand, Pipefy is a BPM software and ProcessMaker alternative you can try out for free right now

Pipefy is a digital workflow platform that allows teams to independently build, deploy, and customize enterprise-class automated workflows even with tight budgets and timelines. In this article, we’ll show you why Pipefy is the best ProcessMaker alternative for most businesses, outline some of its advantages, and let you know how to get started optimizing your processes with Pipefy.

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What is ProcessMaker?

ProcessMaker is a BPM software solution offered by an American company of the same name. It is geared towards improving productivity for businesses of all sizes. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, with five offices in four other countries.

What are the main alternatives to ProcessMaker?

Other BPM solutions that can play a similar role as ProcessMaker are ServiceNow, Nintex, Kissflow, Monday.com, and Pipefy.

Pipefy is the best alternative to ProcessMaker. It is a no-code BPM platform that allows everyone involved in the company’s processes to work collaboratively without the need for code while building and executing it. No other BPM solution can provide a no/low-code solution for automating workflows with low cost and fast deployment.

What are the differences between ProcessMaker and Pipefy?

Some of the main differences between Processmaker and Pipefy include:

  • Native integrations: Besides native integrations, Pipefy also works with Integration Platforms as a Service (IPaaS) and offers an open API for more connections. This means it can connect to other business solutions much faster and more easily than Processmaker.
  • No-code customization: Pipefy allows users with no prior coding experience to use all its features — including integrations and workflow customizations. While ProcessMaker has similar features, they usually require at least some coding, which can be off-putting for citizen developers. 
  • Free trial: Pipefy offers a free trial that you can start using right now to sketch out and begin automating your processes. Setting up ProcessMaker, on the other hand, takes a lot more time — you need to schedule a demo, obtain a license, and there’s no trial period before you start paying. 
  • Free plan: If you decide to start using Pipefy after your free trial, there’s also a free plan that can help you get started. ProcessMaker doesn’t offer a free plan, which may be a problem for companies on a tight budget, or that want to test out new solutions before they commit. 
  • Open access to requesters: When using Pipefy, your external and internal clients can keep track of their requests even if they’re not Pipefy users. ProcessMaker only allows for requesters with paying accounts to view the status of their requests. 
Customizable dashboards✔️✔️
User community to exchange best practices✔️✔️
Native integrations✔️✖️
Open access to non-users✔️✖️
Free to use✔️✖️
Simple, accessible pricing✔️✖️
Designed for citizen developers✔️✖️
Quick to implement, low time-to-value✔️✖️

Here’s why you should go with Pipefy:

Integrates with everything you use: Pipefy can integrate with hundreds of other popular business applications, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, DocuSign and HubSpot. Some of these integrations are native, while others can be done via IPaaS such as Zapier or Workato. All of these can be easily set up by users even if they’ve never written a single line of code. And, if you require even more flexibility, Pipefy’s open API lets you connect to whatever you need. 

Made for citizen developers: Because Pipefy was made with citizen developers in mind, any user can take advantage of all its features. Tech-savvy users can still “peek under the hood” to expand its functionalities through coding, but professionals with no specific IT knowledge can also quickly customize and automate sophisticated workflows.

High performance, low commitment: If you want to try out Pipefy and see how it can improve your team’s performance, you can start right now. And it also has a free trial period so that you have enough time to bring everyone on board. We offer monthly plans which means you don’t have to commit to a full year of software that your team may not be accustomed to. 

Priced just right for your business: Besides its free trial, Pipefy also offers several different business plans that you can tailor to your particular needs. As you start using it more, you can expand on the features you use more often without having to upgrade your entire plan. As such, it adapts much better to volatile markets that require you to scale processes quickly according to demand peaks.

Let the coders code: Your company’s IT team probably has enough work as it is. If other teams require their assistance each time they need to tweak something in their processes, these requests can pile up very quickly and leave your programmers overworked. Pipefy avoids that problem by offering a completely no-code solution that each team can set up on their own, according to their specific needs.

Here’s what our clients have accomplished with Pipefy:

  • By applying automation to 46% of all email communication, an enterprise saved 600 hours of work time per quarter, releasing teams from manually writing over 3,000 messages.
  • By automating 49,000 of 60,000 internal requests and integrating all processes and departments, an accounting company saved 3,5 thousand work hours in only four months.
  • By adopting a no-code software and applying over 75 automation rules to support requests’ workflow, a global leader in medical technology began solving those requests 33% faster.
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