Success in sales depends on having access to the right tools to manage the sales process. Sales winners will be those who do the best job of integrating multiple points of data and building efficient, sustainable sales workflows.


According to the 2021 LinkedIn State of Sales report, 77% of sales professionals expect their company to invest more in sales intelligence tools. Of those surveyed, CRMs, sales engagement software, and sales intelligence software were considered very important tools and ones worth investing in. 


In addition to having the right tools, sales teams need accurate, insightful data in order to compete well. Some of the ways sales organizations use data: 

  • 47% select accounts to target
  • 44% select industries to target
  • 43% assess performance
  • 41% select geolocations to target
  • Today, there are many CRM solutions available. In this brief article, we’ll summarize the key differences between two popular tools used to manage CRM and sales processes: Pipefy and Pipedrive.

    What is Pipefy?

    Pipefy is a no-code/low-code business process management (BPM) platform that empowers "doers" to organize and control their work in a single place. Founded in 2015, Pipefy has more than 600 employees and clients across 150 countries, and has offices in San Francisco, California and Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.


    Here’s a quick glance at the departments and industries using Pipefy for end-to-end process orchestration solutions:

  • HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Customer Success, Sales, Legal

  • Manufacturing, Telecom, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Public Sector, Media

  • What is Pipedrive?

    Pipedrive is a cloud-based sales customer relationship management (CRM) tool used by 70,000 customers. Founded in 2010, Pipedrive has more than 800 employees and 95,000 customers, and has 10 offices across 8 countries, including the United State, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Portugal, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, and Czech Republic.

    What are some alternatives to Pipedrive?

    Pipedrive alternatives include Pipefy,, Nintex, and Kissflow.

    What are the main differences between Pipedrive and Pipefy?

    Pipedrive is a vertical platform, developed exclusively for sales. 


    Pipefy is a horizontal platform, designed to unify and integrate many types of business processes — including sales — in order to orchestrate business operations, integrate data, and deliver seamless workflows across teams. 


    While both Pipefy and Pipedrive offer tiered product plans, only Pipefy offers a free plan option, which provides users with customer support, smart automations, and integrations across all plans. 


    Teams choose Pipefy to seamlessly centralize information, automate repetitive tasks, make data-driven decisions, and enable collaboration between all teams and business processes. This great alternative to Pipedrive allows users to manage their sales and customer success processes without having to rely on and pay for multiple platforms. 


    Below is a breakdown of how the two platforms stack up and how Pipefy stands out. 

    Integrations and automations
    Customizable dashboards and reports
    User community to learn and exchange best practices
    Import and export data
    Email automation and email templates to centralize communication flow
    Centralized essential information about a request, demand, lead, or any unique activity in your process
    Free plan option
    Unlimited stack integrations to streamline software across processes beyond sales and customer success
    Customizable and publicly shareable smart forms to create cards (opportunities)
    Ability to customize a form's fields and actions on each of the phases
    Automations, integrations for all users (including free users)
    Handoff between sales and customer success teams without losing any information, connections, or automations
    Shared inbox to manage shared email accounts, such as [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]
    Process orchestration tool built for collaboration between multiple people, teams, and departments
    CRM and BPM capabilities
    Generate PDFs with information pulled from a card

    Pipefy vs Pipedrive: Where Pipefy outperforms the competition

    Sales professionals want advanced CRM functionality. Forrester’s Top CRM Trends For 2020 showed a higher interest in AI and automation features as both continue to improve CRM outcomes, and a demand for a more unified CRM. 


    Pipefy offers the CRM-specific features that sales managers or sales operations managers want from Pipedrive. Pipefy delivers a versatile and robust no-code/low-code workflow management platform that’s ideal for sales teams, managers, and citizen developers. Pipefy’s automation, stack integration, and orchestration capabilities makes it the best digital workflow platform for sales managers or sales operations managers looking for a sophisticated solution to nurturing and managing their leads. 


    Pipefy’s easily scalable solution supports complex processes and creates predictable outcomes.  


    The process orchestration tool is built for collaboration between multiple people, teams, and departments across complex processes. Other features that make Pipefy stand out include:

  • Visibility to focus and forecast with standardized automations. Have full visibility over activities and priorities and know what needs to be done at what time (call a lead, send an email, schedule a lunch, follow-up on meetings/contracts). Track the status and probability of opportunities in the pipeline, to help prioritize activities. 
  • Advanced reports for deep visibility and control. Filter and combine information from your processes, which can be accessed at any time.
  • Organized communication with shared inboxes. Never miss an important email or update again. With Pipefy’s shared inbox, gain full visibility of your team's work and make sure no lead unanswered.
  • Customizable forms to capture essential data. Pipefy offers free public online forms to all its users, even in its free plan. These forms allow you to collect all the data you need, at any step of the way, to keep your processes moving.
  • All the benefits at no extra cost. Alongside the free plan, Pipefy also offers a highly personalized pricing that’s tailored to each company according to the number of users. It’s highly flexible and grows with your business, allowing you to expand on the features you need the most — get the perks, not the add-on charges.
  • Why customers succeed with Pipefy

    Your leads are important. Don’t let a bad process or messy handoff get in the way of keeping your customers and your sales team happy. Use Pipefy to create a seamless integration between sales and customer success, and to create a fully automated customer handoff.


    Here’s how Pipefy has empowered doers across many departments and industries to create change:

  • GE Healthcare — a global leader in medical technology and digital solutions — began solving requests 33% faster by applying over 75 automation rules to support request workflows.
  • Getup — a cloud computing company — centralized their sales process information and improved integration between their processes and teams. 
  • Berneck — the largest wood exporter in Brazil — saved 600 hours of work time per quarter, releasing teams from manually writing over 3,000 messages by applying automation to 46% of all email communication.
  • Agilize — Brazil’s first online accounting company — saved 3.5 thousand work hours in only four months by automating 49,000 of 60,000 internal requests and integrating all processes and departments.
  • Pipefy is a horizontal platform, designed to unify and integrate many types of business processes — including sales — in order to orchestrate business operations, integrate data, and deliver seamless workflows across teams."

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