Announcing our $16 million Series A round

Alessio Alionço

I am excited to announce our $16 million Series A round led by Openview Partners and Trinity Ventures. Our existing investors Redpoint Ventures and Valor Capital also participated in the new round and joined our previous investors including 500 Startups, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, the founders of Zendesk, Morten Primdahl, and Alexander Aghassipour, Lee Jacobs, Founders Club, and OneVC.

I would like to share with you why we’re bringing new investors to the family and how this change impacts you.

The frustration as a customer

In my previous business, I tried to use technology to be more efficient, and I failed miserably as a manager. Every time we had to improve our processes, I had to send a request to the IT team and wait several weeks if not months for our requests to be addressed.

Besides that, I ended up discovering that the vast majority of tools available in the market were too expensive and hard to adopt. Beyond high license costs, we were required to spend thousands of dollars with IT professionals to customize and implement them. That hurts – actually a lot when you need to reach your goals but don’t have an unlimited budget, or the time.

Then I started to think… What if there were something easy to use that allowed non-technical managers to change up their routine? That’s how Pipefy was born.

Make world-class execution available for everyone

Our mission is to empower users like you and me to make our day-to-day routines more efficient by using technology as our best ally – and not something only available to tech people.

Over the last two years, we’ve been successful in that mission. Our platform powers the operations of more than 8,000 companies ranging from businesses like San Francisco-based Dandelion Chocolates and venture-backed startups like Pandadoc to large enterprises including IBM, Santander, Capgemini, and Wipro.

We made world-class execution simplified and accessible for marketers like Joey who built a Growth Experiment Management System that Tripled His Testing Velocity entrepreneurs like Cody that went from a Burn-out Entrepreneur to Automating his $4M Company and bike manufacturers in the Czech Republic like Festka: “The main reason we use Pipefy is to make sure everything is on track and on time, there isn’t any information slipping through the cracks, production is running smoothly and we don’t lose time between production steps.”

Design matters and will change the game

It’s not about making software for SMBs or enterprises. Everyone deserves to have a better experience at work and we believe a good design is a powerful leverage in helping people solve complex problems. We saw that happen in other verticals like New Relic is doing for the APM market, or Zoom is doing for meetings or Zendesk is doing for Helpdesk. It’s our time to make the same change for every manager on the planet.

A good design not just about making things easier but also gives a fast time to value, something every business wants regardless of its size or level of sophistication.

Your experience will be 1000x better

Now it’s time to improve and write our next chapter. The Openview and Trinity teams are joining us to help with our product-led strategy, bringing experience from previous investments in companies with world-class products like Expensify, Calendly, New Relic, and Docker among others. With this brand new injection of capital and know-how, we’ll improve our product to provide an even better experience to help you solve even more complex problems.

Thank you for your attention and please, keep sharing your experience with us! Every day we read and listen to all your feedback and use it as a secret weapon to make your journey with us better.

I hope you’ll be part of all that’s on the horizon! See you soon…

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Written by
Alessio Alionço
Founder & CEO of Pipefy

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