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Workflow management, as we’ve already gone over, is the set of strategies used for managing and automating your business processes. It’s also a powerful and very important tool for effective collaboration in companies of all sizes, from small startups to big conglomerates.

Striving to keep their processes as productive as possible, companies are constantly seeking tools that will make their processes and workflows more organized and effective.

Why should I worry about my startup’s workflows?

I’m betting you’re already aware of the benefits of having a high quality workflow system (in case you’ve missed it, we pointed them out here and here) so we’ll just make a quick summary on why you should worry about organizing your startup workflow

  • It keeps your team focused: knowing which way to go and engaging your team in the development and managing of your processes is the key to keeping them focused;
  • Time management and task prioritization: keep your team aware and involved in all the stages of your startup workflow management;
  • Keep communication open for your entire team – it doesn’t matter whether you have 5 or 500 people in your company, an organized workflow facilitates communication within processes;

Tools to help organize any startup workflow:

The strength of startup workflow plans is that they can be dealt with rather quickly and easily thanks to the power of the existing software available today.

It is, then, mostly up to you to make your workflows operate as you intended them to whilst also making sure you can get the startup workflow that you desire.

There’s a wide range of tools available out there to help you create and manage an organized and effective startup workflow, as well as tools to improve collaboration, interaction, etc. We chose a set of four free* online tools we believe will help you run your processes more smoothly:


Much loved by the vast majority of its users for being highly effectively and user friendly, Pipefy has been getting more and more love these daysdue to the fact that it’s a complete workflow management tool while also being easy to use and set up.

Pipefy offers you a selection of templates, based on which you can develop and manage your startup workflow without breaking a sweat.

This user friendly tool really manages to capture a kind of very positive and cheerful approach to the development of your workflows that makes it the perfect option for anyone who is looking for quality startup workflow systems that allow you to enjoy being a part of and using almost everyday.

We transfer:

As they describe themselves, we transfer is a service from sending big files (up to 2 gig on the free version) from A to B. It’s an online file-transferring platform, which basically means that you send it, they transfer.

While this may not sound like the most useful tool in a startup workflow environment, it’s so very useful when you need to transfer those big, bulky archives and the attachment limits on your e-mail servers just won’t let you.


I’m betting you’ve heard of dropbox, if you’re not an user already. Well, it’s as useful for sharing files as it gets, but the difference between Dropbox and We transfer, the tool we’ve mentioned above, is that with dropbox you can create shared folders. The folders are on your computer and on the cloud at the same time.

You can share them if people on your team so everyone has access to the same files everywhere, on their computers, smartphones or tablets.

It’s very simple to use, considering all you have to do is save the files you want to share directly on the folder and then going online to get the shareable link (if you haven’t already shared the whole folder, you have the option of getting individual shareable links for any files you’ve saved on your dropbox folders).


Maybe I’m being a little partial (again), since I’ve already talked about Evernote here, but if you’re (like me) one of those crazy disoriented people, Evernote may be your salvation.

It’s the perfect way to organise your online working space.

Not only does it allow you to make lists, but also make notes and include images, voicemails, links – and you have the option of sharing them with your team, as well as synced between all your devices.

Forget post-it notes, binders and tools from the last century, Evernote is the way to go.

Each tool we’ve suggested here has various different uses, but all of them will, in their own way, allow you to work with others, keep yourself on track, and keep moving in the right direction.

Each and every one of them offers a fresh and engaging way to keep your business moving forward positively without ever making it too challenging or awkward to do so, ensuring that you can easily just move along in the most positive and effective fashion.

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