What to Write in Your CV If You Don’t Have Any Experience?


Many recent graduates really bother about getting an interview-securing CV the moment they graduate. Getting a job without some work experience is however workable. You only need to be creative at making your prospective company reckon with what you have that would present you as ideal for them. This piece gives some hints on how to go about this – happy reading!

Open up to impress

Getting a job via a CV is often like you are marketing yourself. The company has a glimpse of the prospects they wish to absorb into the system already. Therefore, you need more than merely stating; “I went to Rhodes Island College”. Make them understand how impressive you can be at the workplace. When opening up your CV you need to do this not just to stimulate their interests but capture it.

The initial statements you make in your CV is most likely to be a serious determiner of the chances of the HR officer going through your work completely.

Mention skills instead of roles

You sure have developed some skills no matter how few. In this millennial age, skills at times overthrows knowledge. And many companies that are up and doing have full knowledge of this and thereby do not trivialize a handful of skills that a person may have.

Are you good at managing social media accounts? Can you do some data collection, processing, and analysis? Can you go about cracking some software packages and making them useful for your company? If you can deliver services like these, you may end up being a recruit with one of those top-notch organizations. Many companies are now going skills-based.

A lot of knowledge-bearing graduates straddle the labor market already and there are lesser opportunities into which they fit. Considering the level of development in technology and artificial intelligence, many organizations look up to graduates who have sufficient skills. So, if it appears you do not have any work experience, you may express the importance of your skills in a way that would make them adaptable for the benefit of the company.

Extra-curricular or Volunteer Jobs

It is not until an organization or a group pays for the services you render, that you are licensed to label it as part of your work experience. Many graduates, however, do not know this and perhaps you too do not. This is good news for you. All those extra-curricular activities you run in school can be nicely suited for your CV. While you were on break and you get yourself busy, working with that NGO – that’s surely a work experience there too.

In whatever capacity you find yourself serving to achieve the goals of or fulfill some roles in any organization, you can always put them as being part of your work experience. Do you even realize some fresh graduates disregard all the internship opportunities they have had so far down their collegiate period? This ought not to be.

Whether you are writing your CV on your own or you are getting an assignment help  to assist you, ensure you make it known if you have interned somewhere before now. In fact, many resume writers would normally advise their clients to ensure they make mention of the internships they have done. This is because it often highlights the student’s workplace values.

In as much as you can link the roles you were meant to undertake in any institution to your career pursuit, regardless of whether you got paid for it or not, that’s some work experience there.

Build your Person

Building your person talks about how invaluable you may end up being to the company or institution. The company would most likely take in a fresh graduate who’s got so many awards and accolades while in college. Of course, work experiences still constitute integral features that HR personnel seek to look out for in your CV. But instead of that, they may still recognize your awards and testimonies.

So, you need to always state your accomplishments in that regard to them. What about your hobbies – what you really love doing? You may identify those things you do as a hobby which makes you rather suitable for the company to take you in as one of their recruits.

You, however, don’t need to be too elaborate about this. Just succinctly position those “skydiving, reading, surfing the net, blogging, traveling” under “other interests” caption. They probably would provoke greater interests in your company if you can make those hobbies relevant to the setup.

Emphasize your degree

What it means to emphasize your degree is to simply state and re-state those things you did in school before you were able to bag your degree. Did you lead a group discussion on a course and came out in flying colors eventually? When in school did you lead or was part of a team of researchers and analysts that recorded mind-boggling success at the end of the day?

In your dissertation or long essay what subject of interest did you partake in, what experience did you come by whilst developing the work, what are the career or work implications? All these put together stands you at some vantage point because they show you possess some transferable skills for the workplace.


Oftentimes, a recent graduate scarcely has work experience. To get a job, you require some work experience but do remember too that to get work experience, you need a job as well. So, it is reasonable for you to put in some things that would make your CV more eye-catching, even though you cannot boast of any experience.

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