What Are the Best Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions?

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Your company needs the right solutions to manage its business processes effectively. The complexity of today’s business processes, along with the use of multiple systems and apps, make solutions for your company’s processes increasingly valuable. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss something critically important because there was too much going on to keep track of it all.

With the right business process solution you can reduce stress and get more done, all while keeping your business operating smoothly. Here’s what you need to know to understand what a business process solution is, and how this type of technology can benefit your business.

What are business process management (BPM) solutions? 

Business process management (BPM) solutions include software focused on what your organization prioritizes, and how your operational efficiency can be improved. The corporate culture at each and every business is just a little different, which means that not all business process management software options are right for every company.

It could take you some trial and error to figure out which ones are going to be right for your company’s needs. Because of that, you want to work with a BPM solutions company that is tailoring everything to your business. That will keep the solution in line with the requirements you have and the goals you want to meet.

Automation is another big part of business process software. When you automate a lot of your tasks, you free up more time for other tasks that need to be completed and cannot be done through automation. Proper automation makes things faster, reduces the chances of human error, and improves the operational excellence of your entire company.

BPM solutions benefits 

The right business process management solution can be extremely beneficial to your business. Starting off small means you’re generally doing all or most of the work yourself, and having proper software allows you to get more done without needing to hire additional help.

The main benefits of BPM solutions include:

  1. Visibility for a deeper insight into how work gets done and whether processes are meeting targets.
  2. Standardization that brings consistency to processes across departments.
  3. Orchestration that builds a cohesive process framework.
  4. Alignment that provides cohesion across teams and departments.
  5. Automation to eliminate manual, time-consuming work.
  6. Enhancement of existing tech stacks to get the most out of systems and apps.
  7. Visualization capabilities to tool to model, map, or view processes and automation opportunities.

You naturally want to choose people who are the most qualified for the roles you have available. Business process management solutions are a great way to make sure you’re choosing the right people, and ensure those roles are being performed stably and securely.

Examples of how BPM solutions can be used 

There are a lot of great ways BPM solutions can be used. Depending on the type of business you have and the industry it’s in, some solutions could be better for you than others. Here are a few of the most common examples of BPM solutions in use. 

HR processes 

Human resources is a vitally important function for every company, regardless of size. There’s not only the hiring and onboarding to address, but any employee behavior complaints and similar issues are HR concerns, too. 

Fortunately, much of the work that HR does can be automated for ease and convenience. If you haven’t automated a lot of your HR duties, business process solutions can help show you how to do that and make the most of the time your HR employees have. 

Finance processes 

Finance and accounting processes are critical because they impact cash flow. The tasks required can be challenging, and compliance is extremely valuable to avoid fines, penalties, and other types of problems. With good solutions for your business processes, you can reduce the risk of human error and stay in compliance more easily.

Not only does that increase your peace of mind, but it also makes it easier to handle financial matters faster. When you set up and manage your own financial operations through BPM solutions, you gain the additional benefit of potential cost savings. That’s because your company isn’t hiring others to manage financial matters for it.

Sales CRM processes 

The sales CRM process can benefit greatly from as much automation as possible. It can also benefit from business process solutions that are designed with your company and its customers in mind. When you look at what your customers really need from their experience with you and what kind of information you need from them, you can choose a BPM solution more easily. 

Not only does the right CRM process make sales easier, it also helps customers feel like you hear and appreciate them. That helps with customer loyalty and allows your sales force to have much-needed information about each customer at their fingertips. When the right solution to your business process concerns can make all the difference, there’s no reason to settle for anything less. 

5 best business process management (BPM) solutions 

There are several providers for business process management solutions. Which one you choose depends on the features and benefits you’re really looking for. You can find a lot of excellent value with the right choice for your BPM needs. Consider these options when making your decision. 

1. Pipefy 

Pipefy is a flexible, no-code business process automation solution trusted by numerous companies at the enterprise level. This process automation and management software combines communication, organization, and automation all in one place for your convenience. With a safe, controlled, and easily adaptable visual user interface, Pipefy makes it easier than ever to get more done. In addition, Pipefy incorporates artificial intelligence in business process management to help teams achieve greater efficiency and deeper data analysis.

2. iGrafx 

With iGrafx you can systemize compliance and risk and improve information process quality and journey mapping. The software is designed to offer real-time intelligence, centralize information, and model customer journeys, so you can build better outcomes. 

3. Zoho Creator 

Zoho Creator is good for basic apps and forms, so you can create your own to use in the future. With minimal experience in coding, you can develop the software you need for your business. Real-time analytics give you conversion information, and you can add AI without needing to code.

4. Kintone 

Designed to build applications, Kintone is also able to accommodate processes with support for API integration. Highly collaborative teams can build their workflows and manage their tasks, communication, and data with a centralized hub. By organizing and centralizing work, collaboration is easier.

5. Monday 

Freedom from repetitive tasks and a dashboard where you can find everything are the hallmarks of Monday. Teams can boost their efficiency, alignment, and productivity when they customize their workflow any way they need to. With everything centralized, teams are better able to see where projects are in the process.

Improve your business processes with Pipefy 

If you’re ready to improve your business processes and need a solution you can rely on, Pipefy is here for you and your business needs. Create your free account now, and get started on the business process solutions you’re looking for. Your company and customers deserve it.

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