Cold calling tips

Isabelle Wuilleumier Salemme

Dealing with your customers is an essential element of marketing and selling all kinds of products/services. The way you communicate on all interactions, from cold calling to follow up on the sale, will make all the difference in their perception.

Speaking of it, while some people are not universal fans of the approach (as mentioned in the How to create a cold calling script article), cold calling is known to produce positive and consistent results over time.

The cold calling challenge

The problem most businesses face when it comes to cold calling is that it can be quite hard to get the customer to stick around long enough for them to actually present the advantages and positive features of the product/service without sounding (too) pushy/ borderline desperate.

The first (and biggest) challenge when cold calling is, therefore, knowing how to capture the person’s attention during the first couple of seconds of the conversation. Those seconds are crucial because that’s when they’ll decide whether they’ll stick around for you to present your arguments (or not).

That’s why we’re here today: to present a few useful cold calling tips you may pass on to your sales staff that may help overcome this initial barrier and convince customers to listen to what you have to say without pushing too hard.

These simple, but helpful, tips are focused on making it easier to make customers open up and listen to you. By learning and using these tips you can help your team make the most of every call.

Cold calling tips

Tip #1: Rejection happens

It does. I know it’s hard to get used to rejection, both in personal and professional lives. But it happens and there’s (almost) nothing you can do to avoid it.

You can have the best cold calling script written by the best marketer in the market, which still doesn’t make it fail-safe or guaranteed to please everyone.

Chances are, nothing in the world could ever possibly satisfy each and every single person.

Don’t let this get to you or get you down. Stay focused and accept that some people just will never be interested.

Tip #2: Know who you’re calling

Doing a bit of research and gathering information about your customer is essential. You don’t need to create a complete, detailed profile. Take 5 minutes to analyze their basic information and service history, for example.

These 5 precious minutes of catching up might make it a lot easier to have alternative subjects to break the ice and get them to open up on the initial stages of the conversation.

Tip #3: Know what they buy

Again, this will only take a few minutes that’ll turn out to be priceless. Analyze the customer’s history with the company. What did they purchase, when did they purchase it.

Cold calling scripts often offer some room for you to adapt your speech to the person you’re talking to so, the more you know about the person you’re talking to, the easier it’ll be to tailor your speech to their profile.

If you use Pipefy to manage your customer database and sales processes, for example, you can easily access the customer’s purchase history by clicking on his/her name on the customer registration database:

Tip #4: Establish a personal connection

Remember the knowledge you’ve gathered back in tip #2? This is where it comes in handy. Find something you can use to establish a personal connection and break the ice.

From sports to music, games, traveling, culinary, anything will go! The goal is to overcome the initial barrier by showing them they’re talking to another human being instead of a scripted robot.

Remember to be polite and respectful and don’t get carried away, the goal of this initial connection is setting the ground for the main conversation, it’s not the main conversation itself.

Tip #5: Think before speaking

Always remember why you’re making this call. Remember there’s an ultimate reason for calling – and a reason why there’s a script/guidelines you should follow.

Always think before you say anything, remember that the person on the other end of the line doesn’t really care about you personally.

They care first and foremost about what you can do for them.

This is actually the best, most important cold calling tip ever:

Remember that the customer’s needs always come first. This is the absolute truth.

These simple – but effective – tips may help you see that cold calling, though seen as controversial by some, may give great results when explored correctly and with the right resources.

Written by
Isabelle Wuilleumier Salemme
Head of Customer Support @Pipefy. She uses her extensive Pipefy knowledge to help users make the best of Pipefy via support and writing informative content pieces. Besides being in charge of support, she's an avid reader, a coffee lover, and a professional photographer.

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