10 Easy Tools to Help Small Business Owners Succeed

11 Easy Tools to Help Small Business Owners Succeed.

Running a small business is everything but easy. A report shows that about 50% of small businesses fail after two years. In such circumstances, small business owners need every help they can get to make their companies more productive and profitable in the long run.

Luckily enough, the Internet is full of incredibly useful tools that have the power to improve almost every aspect of your business. There are hundreds of incredibly interesting options to consider here, but we decided to cut the long story short and present you with the top 10 easy tools that help small business owners to succeed. Let’s take a look!

Process Management: Pipefy

Pipefy is a valuable organization tool that helps you to guide your team successfully. The platform allows you to easily create standard operating procedures to guide your process. With this software, you can:

Planning: Google Calendar

Planning is a key segment of the business strategy, but it’s awkward if you do it manually. Google Calendar is a free and simple planning tool that you can use to schedule duties, activities and meetings effortlessly. You can set notifications to keep reminding you of the coming events, so it’s almost impossible to miss out on something. While it doesn’t offer fancy features, Google Calendar is excellent for basic business scheduling.

Website Administration: WordPress

A company cannot function without a website, but you need a reliable content management system to support it. In case you didn’t know it, WordPress is the king of content creation. The platform powers over 30% of the entire Internet because it’s incredibly easy to use. Even if you are a beginner-level webmaster, you can launch a brand new website within minutes and start creating quality content.

Content Creation: EssayMama

Now that you have a fully operational website, you need to plan the content. Modern users demand high-quality articles, but if you don’t know or don’t have enough time to do it yourself, we recommend you to consult with EssayMama, a professional writing agency. They can give you tons of topic ideas, edit your prose or even write articles on your behalf. Besides EssayMama, Edu Birdie reviews and Assignment masters represent valuable content creation alternatives.


Business ideas come and go quickly, so you better write them down while you still can. Evernote is a nice note-taking app that makes mind mapping fairly easy. It enables users to write down valuable business ideas, organize, create to-do lists and manage entire projects (however big or small). Evernote can also serve as a scheduling tool, which is not bad for such a simple mobile app.

Google My Business

Small businesses mostly operate locally, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need to promote their products or services online. On the contrary, most users search for businesses online before visiting physical stores. If you create an account on Google My Business, you will maximize discoverability when people search for content, brands or products in your niche. Just add an address of your physical store and your business will appear in “near me” searches.


Small companies often work on a shoestring budget, which forces owners to improvise and hire remote workers. If you are in need of highly specialized remote assistants, then you should definitely try Upwork. The largest freelancing platform in the world administers over three million freelance professionals in almost all industries. A recruiting process is quick and effortless, while you can always find a good employee to help you short- or long-term.


Email marketing never gets old. This channel of communication is mandatory for businesses of all sizes, but it’s inconvenient to administer all messages by yourself. In such circumstances, software like MailChimp can make your life much easier. The platform automates email marketing while giving you a plethora of additional features to choose from and make your campaigns better and more appealing.


Social media are as important for a small business as email marketing. However, no one can successfully monitor several networks simultaneously, which is why entrepreneurs use tools like Hootsuite. This program allows you to prepare interesting social media campaigns, scale marketing activities and measure the results in real-time. With Hootsuite, you can stay active on Facebook and other platforms 24/7 and take social engagement to the brand new level.


Every business includes a lot of writing: emails, website content, social posts, reports, etc. But it would be a big mistake to publish anything without proofreading. With Grammarly, someone is always available to proofread for you.


About the Author: Lilian Chifley finished her master degree in Information technologies in 2014 and has been working as an IT teacher in Sydney, Australia for four years. She is an expert writer in such topics, as modern education, marketing, self-development and blogging. Feel free to message her on Facebook.

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