How to Increase Local Web Sales

Lewis Robinson
How to Increase Local Web Sales

Launching an online store is a great way to generate a passive or full-time income, depending on the products and services you plan to provide. If you are looking for new ways to drive traffic and revenue to your website in your hometown, there are a few tips to keep in mind as you continue to expand.

Research Local Competition

Before you begin launching online or offline marketing campaigns, it is important to research any competition you have within your local area. Search for competing brands and businesses to review their website’s layout, pricing, and overall success. Consider the rankings of your top competition in search engine results and review the keywords and phrases most frequently used on the sites themselves. When you understand the ins and outs of your local competition, it becomes much easier to devise a working marketing plan and business strategy that is effective and relevant to prospective customers.

Improve Local SEO

Improving local SEO (search engine optimization) is essential when you want your online eCommerce store to stand out from your competition. After you have collected keywords and phrases used by your competition, spend time implementing the right language into your own headers, copy and promotional material. Use a CMS (Content Management System) to boost your website’s SEO, even if you do not have professional experience in the field. You also have to figure out the don’ts that have the power to ruin your content creation efforts very quickly.

Use a CMS Such as WordPress

Use a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress combined with an eCommerce plugin such as WooCommerce to create a robust online shop. CMS solutions such as WordPress are optimal for those who want to increase their website’s SEO without possessing programming knowledge. With WordPress, choose from thousands of themes and plugins to create the aesthetic that is best for your website and brand. WordPress provides an easily accessible administrative panel to quickly add and update keywords, phrases and links for enhanced search engine optimization.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

Understanding the wants and needs of your target audience is critical in order to sell products and services online. Consider the age range, gender, location and interests of those who would visit with your online store. What is the purpose of your product? How does your product fulfill a need? How does your target audience seek out products similar to your own? Do your users prefer email marketing or social media marketing?

Keep Track of Information

When trying to improve your business sales, one of the most important things is to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. A database will help you keep track and store all of this important information. It will also help you focus on things that will drive your site’s traffic upward. Before long, you will be creating more relevant marketing messages and promotion for the users. Take Advantage of Social Media

Create a social media presence for your website in order to develop a sense of community among your followers and loyal customers. Post frequently while sharing links to your website (for improved SEO) along with promotions that encourage engagement and shares. Social media is extremely effective in generating buzz and gaining traction online.

Share Testimonials and Reviews

Building trust is paramount for any online business or brand, regardless of industry. Consumers browse online to learn more about a company or brand before supporting it with their own money. Sharing authentic customer reviews and testimonials from your satisfied customers is a great way to boost your online reputation while establishing yourself as an authoritative source.


While creating a successful eCommerce store in your local area is not always possible overnight, the right tools and a complete understanding of your audience can drastically improve your revenue flow. Taking the time to study your target audience while establishing your brand’s authority and trustworthiness is a way to maximize your reach.

Written by
Lewis Robinson
He is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He has helped begin several small businesses and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.

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