5 Ways to Build a World-Class Shared Services Center


In today’s fast-changing marketplace, companies must choose smart strategies that’ll optimize the overall performance of the company. A world-class shared service center is the simplest and most convenient form of business organization that helps companies benefit from effective communication, organization, and control.

For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what shared services center is and what it does, here’s a simplified definition by Outsourcing Advisors:

“A shared services center is an accountable entity within a multi-unit organization responsible for providing specialized services like IT, Logistics, HR transactions, Finance, Sales transactions, and Support to the business unit, respective departments and divisions.”

The reasons why companies employ SSCs (shared services centers) are diverse:

  • To improve the strategic flexibility, bringing it to another level.
  • The cost flexibility for various supportive services will increase with the help of SSCs.
  • To skyrocket the quality and efficiency of the main support processes for the company
  • Decentralization becomes simpler, cheaper, and more effective

A simple search on Wikipedia shows us that the cost reductions of costs of services organized in shared service centers are as high as 70% of the original costs, but average about 50%.

The same Wiki page says that there’s a common confusion concerning the difference between shared service centers and staff departments.

The difference between the two concepts is that shared services centers possess measurable key performance indicators, or outputs (quality and quantity), along with the established costs per each unit of service delivered.

Some of the most common tasks that shared services centers are not responsible with are:

  • IT-governance
  • Corporate legal
  • Corporate control
  • Management development policy
  • Any other type of support that has executive power of making important decisions

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s have a look at 5 of the most effective ways to start a world-class quality shared service center. Pay attention to our strategies, tips, and tricks, and make sure you put this knowledge into practice!

Look for Brilliant People

If you want a strategy to deliver amazing results, well, you need to employ amazing workers that can take action and deliver on your expectations. That’s why the first most important thing you should do is aim for high standards. Your budget is limited, but your choices aren’t so you can keep your recruitment strategy open until you find true professionals.

A professional shared service center is as valuable as its workforce is. If you want your SSC to excel, hire the proper shared services technology experts, employee engagement experts, customer relations experts, and quality assurance experts.

Develop Effective Leadership

Of course, a brilliant team can do nothing amazing without an effective leadership solution. For that reason, you need to be the leader that’s able to efficiently run the operational side of the things.

Of course, you can opt to employ an adept manager whose role is to eventually substitute you, though you can also opt for only sharing the responsibility with him. For example, you can take the big decisions while he can run the every-day processes that require signatures, smaller decisions, and other important roles.

Hire an Effective Compliance Expert

The law is everchanging because politics never stops. Therefore, the legal environment is forcing every company to adapt to the newest compliances and laws.

A shared services center is almost dependable on a compliance expert, an experienced lawyer perhaps, who can put the center up to speed with the latest compliances. This is critical, as, without this service, no SSC can guarantee its clients much professionalism and safety, nor can it guarantee its own legislative safety.

Offer Professional Customer Relations Communication & Solutions

Customer relations does not only involve chit-chatting with clients or providing written answers to queries. In fact, the purpose of customer relations is to immediately help the client get rid of any sort of issue and problem, so he can keep advancing through the sales funnel.

In-language support for clients is something basic. How about having in-language support for international clients? Can your experts speak more languages? Can they speak the languages of your main target audience of clients?

You see, your shared services center team is key. The more professional your employees are, the more knowledgeable and the more skilled they are, well, the more you’ll improve your center’s authority and reputation in the niche marketplace.

Here’s a suggestion. You can hire professional communicators and writers that can improve your written communication with important clients. From grammar mistakes to stylization, they’ll improve your shared service centers’ ability to convey powerful messages. There are three places you can look after such assets:

Stay Up to Speed and Adapt to Technology Trends

Lastly yet very importantly, staying up to speed with the technology’s shifts is a critical key to your SSC’s performance and growth.

Nowadays, you can improve your strategies by adopting smart software solutions that come in many forms and for many purposes. There are different solutions provided by different tools, though I believe that you or your tech-minded team members should already be aware of their existence.

I’d like to emphasize the importance of aligning you SSC with the latest technology trends. For example, RPA (robotic process automation) is one of the many interesting new technology fields that can improve the quality and cost-efficiency of shared services centers.

Along with this trend, many new others will come, and your competitors are probably seeking them too. Be the first to adapt to the marketplace’s shifts and you’ll be a leading figure in your niche.


Developing a shared service center from scratch is surely not the easiest job on earth. However, it is not rocket science either. It’s very important that you do your research well before you get started.

Have a plan – a roadmap, if you will, that guides you towards your destination. You need to be focused on your journey and take consistent action in that direction. You can build an amazing shared service center as long as you put your entire mind (focus, willpower, and commitment) to it.

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