Pipefy Partner Program: Contributing to Your Customers’ Digital Transformation

Renata Lapetina

Pipefy kicked off its partners’ initiatives by hosting an online event to address strategies for the new year and present enhancements to the Partner Program. The company navigates the low-code tools market, which Gartner consultants predicted to reach more than US$70 billion by 2023. Pipefy stands out as a flexible and scalable solution that companies can apply to various use cases.

“Pipefy’s DNA is that of a technology company. So to achieve success, we need our partners’ expertise and ability to serve individual customers. Partners can offer follow-up for change management, innovation, and incremental process improvement, which are very important to our customers. In this context, the relationship we seek and have with partner companies is strategic and has a win-win perspective.”

Ananth Avva, Pipefy’s President and COO, started by stating the partners’ importance to the company’s growth strategy. Integrators, ISVs, and Partner Consultants are essential to bringing business or industry knowledge to the table, while Pipefy provides the technology that enables customers’ digital transformation.

What Pipefy offers

Pipefy’s software orchestrates and automates end-to-end workflows, replacing spreadsheets, emails, generic inboxes for requests, and collaboration tools.

During the event, Avva emphasized that 65% of business processes are poorly managed and don’t leverage technology, which leads to a lack of visibility, rework, repetitive activities, shadow IT, and an endless backlog for IT teams. Pipefy is well-positioned to solve these problems, handling simple to highly complex processes.

Pipefy’s platform stands out, especially when the cost of implementing and maintaining software can become too high for many companies. It also solves the problems of IT’s ever-growing backlogs and lack of talent to hire for software coding and support. Pipefy is a highly cost-effective tool and a low-code platform, which means that it doesn’t require an intense time investment of IT professionals.

Excellent for managing requests and supporting core activities execution, Pipefy offers the technology, while partners hold the strategic role of providing customers an in-depth knowledge about the use case. This means customers will know they have professionals who understand the technology to support them. Likewise, they will be able to extract maximum value from the tool to solve their business problems.

What are the benefits for partners?

A partnership with Pipefy adds value to companies’ businesses in collaboration with the growing movement of low-code tools. Sandra Denton, Pipefy’s VP of global channels and alliances, explained that:

“Pipefy is the connective tissue that helps partners manage across their point tools, single-purpose tools, and vertical applications by providing process orchestration, collaboration, and connectivity utilizing a low-code approach that enables ease of use and speed to value.”

Partners can easily organize their customer’s processes, create a digital Kanban to track SLAs and work execution, and use Pipefy’s APIs to integrate into automation platforms such as RPA. In addition, they are able to create business rules, automations, and rule-based conditionals for routing. As a result, implementation time and cost are significantly lower than building from scratch, thus reducing the Partner’s investment in services resources.

How to become a partner

The Partner Program is designed to create a unified ecosystem and deliver an excellent experience to ensure that our partner community has the right resources to successfully develop the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

Denton continues: “Pipefy is progressively channel-forward and devoted to work with our partners, recognizing that every partner type is valuable to the ecosystem.”

Gartner estimates that Citizen Automation and Development (CADP) and Business Process Automation (BPA) platforms will account for 30% of the low-code market by 2025. Pipefy invites current and future partners to leverage this trend together. This year, the company’s primary focus is strengthening relationships with partners, and working in a connected way to solve optimization and process automation problems to positively impact as many customers as possible.

Become a Pipefy Partner and leverage a state-of-the-art tool to bring digital transformation to your customersLearn more about Pipefy Partners benefits

The Pipefy Partner Program was created to help companies increase their customers’ success through digital transformation. No matter the industry or department, Pipefy Partners deliver success for a digital transformation journey.

Written by
Renata Lapetina
Writer and Marketing Analyst @ Pipefy. Writing, researching, and sharing content are my passion. Currently writing about digital transformation, business process management, and how technology can improve the way we work.

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