New Company Reports feature: Gain company performance insights

Pipefy announces new Company Reports feature. Now reports can be generated on a company scale to combine and filter data from two or more business processes. Generate company level reports periodically to gain insights into your company’s performance across all business processes.

company reports

“Using company reports, view an employee’s ticket requests over the past year from different HR pipes.”

Company Reports are a perfect feature for:

✓ Companies with “global” KPI goals
✓ Monitoring similar processes in more than one office or location
✓ Viewing individual performance across several processes
✓ Extracting key information for recurring company meetings

Try our new Company Reports feature now to gain better insights into business process performance throughout your organization.

Company reports

How company level reports can make your company workflows more efficient

Company Reports enable a macro view of business process performance. Using company reports, better analyze company KPIs, pinpoint individual performance across processes, and easily extract information for recurring meetings.

Create and test the new Company Reports

Analyze all your company's business processes and get game-changing insights.

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