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It’s always great to be the bearer of good news…t’s even better to be the bearer of great news, and I’m here today to bring some awesome news! Pipefy is currently going through a total redesign of its main features and it’s coming back looking great and improved with a totally new design on the first week of April.

I’m betting that, right of this moment you’re already bitting off your nails to know what’s going to change…and that’s why I’m here for, to give you a sneak peek, for the sake of your nails’ integrity!

Let’s start by taking a look at what’s different with our card’s interface:

pipefy news redesign

First of all, let’s take a moment to say: how great does this card look? Awesome, right? Doesn’t everything look cleaner, simpler?

Well, you’ve asked for it, we’ve listened! Less information on the screen, more intuitive steps. Important information such as labels, start/due dates, late and expired alerts and assignees go right there at the top of the page. See that blue strip on the left side? That’s where you open the new sections of your card: you can now view all your cards checklists, attachments, connected cards, comments or e-mail templates just by clicking the appropriate icon on the left side of the card.

You’re also able to see the card’s creator name. On the previous phases tabs, you’re able to see how many comments/attachments/checklists there are per phase.
pipefy news redesign

Now what about the Pipe’s interface? Also cleaner, just like you’ve been asking us. At the top of the page, right side, you can see the Pipe’s members and add more members. Right beneath that option, you’ll find the following options to choose from: Cards, Members, Reports, Metrics and, on the far right side, the filter and manage icons.

On the actual cards, you’ll notice some additional information, such as a countdown until the expiration date/how many days has the card been expired, as well as the time since the card has been updated. Another interesting information, right next to the assignees faces, are the comments/attachments/checklists icons: you’re now able to know how many of each are there in the closed cards.pipefy news redesign

On your organization dashboard, you can see a naming change, now you’ll see “my pipes” and “other pipes” – on your pipes, you’ll be able to see how long it’s been since it’s last been updated, as well as how many members the pipe has. You’ll also be able to see the total number of open cards in the pipe and, a few weeks later, we’ll add the late/expired information to the closed/org view as well. When hovering over the pipe’s name, you’ll be able to choose between two options: view pipe or create new card on it.

On the “other pipes”, you’ll see their name, member number and card count.

That’s all, folks! We hope you like the change, everything we do is thinking about you and your experience! If you have any doubts about the new interface, how to use it or just want to talk about the weather, don’t hesitate to give us a call on Pipefy’s internal chat!

that's all folks

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