Prioritizing People Helps Pipefy Support the Business Community Through COVID-19 and WFH

Alessio Alionço

Long before COVID-19 turned our world upside down and necessitated or mandated a people-centric approach to business, Pipefy prioritized the health and wellness of our workforce. In fact, since day one, my mission has been to build a company that not only unlocks productivity for the world, but one that places a supportive culture at the forefront of all we do. It’s in our DNA and it’s one of the reasons we were recently included in Forbes’ list of Best Startup Employers 2020. I know that, as CEO, taking care of the physical and mental health of our team is the best way I can take care of Pipefy as a company.

How We’ve Supported the Business Community to WFH

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were quick to shift our working model to support employee health and safety through working from home. Not only did we want to make sure we were taking care of our employees and helping them transition to a new way of life, but we immediately took action to support the do-ers who needed us. 

Our platform has always enabled remote work management through allowing collaborative processes, but now more than ever, we are able to meet the needs of businesses that are facing the challenges that come with a distributed workforce. We put our people first and we help our customers put their people first.

We wanted to do our part to contribute the strengths of our technology to help others in the market succeed. Over the past several months, we’ve shared with our business community best practices for working from home, and have offered our platform to nonprofit organizations free of charge for the first three months.

Complimentary Template for Tracking Employee Health Status

Another way we are contributing is through offering a special template for employers to track health data and COVID-19 status and share COVID-related information and resources. This tool was something we created internally to help us keep track of our employee’s health concerns and distribute information based on those concerns. It has been so helpful for us, we are sharing it at no cost with our customers. 

In order to continue supporting do-ers around the world by enabling them to boost productivity and manage complex processes, we have to continue to put our own people first. As a result, Pipefy has made some shifts in our policies regarding our own employees moving forward.

Extending WFH for the Pipefy Team

Many state and city governments are allowing companies to reopen, and the time has come to make some decisions regarding when and how to return to work. We want to empower our staff to make decisions about their health and feel confident about returning to work. Pipefy just announced that we will extend our effort to work remotely through the end of the year. By taking a conservative approach to returning to work, we hope to reduce risk of exposure, thereby protecting the health of our employees, their families and our communities.

As part of this continued WFH effort, Pipefy will host virtual sessions on managing mental health, stretching sessions to keep everyone active and moving, and virtual social activities. 

Pipefy has also been providing a monthly allowance to help with home office set-up costs to help our staff with the infrastructure needed to support WFH and will continue to do this.

Shifting Focus from How you Work to What you Achieve

During these past weeks of sheltering in place, we’ve seen that both morale and productivity at Pipefy are high, despite the hardships and stressors we are facing. In order to accommodate our team members, while striving for business continuity, it’s time to rethink what the work day looks like. Moving forward, in a spirit of flexibility, we are adopting a new way of evaluating success. 

Our emphasis for individual contributions will be on quality rather than quantity, achievement of goals, and alignment to our values. Our leadership will be working with their teams to set expectations and make sure employees have a clear understanding of all deliverables, keeping in mind that some of us are facing more obstacles working from home than others as we take care of family and loved ones. 

Living and working through a global pandemic requires new ways of thinking and Pipefy will continue to pivot and adapt in order to serve our team members so that we can better serve and empower do-ers to make processes hassle free from request to delivery.

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Written by
Alessio Alionço
Founder & CEO of Pipefy

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