Squashing Bugs and Taking Names: Pipefy’s Engineering Team Holds Bugathon to Take On Annoying Bugs

Ashley Sava

This weekend, while many of us were sound asleep, Pipefy’s Engineering team was already hard at work going after bugs—software bugs, that is. On Saturday, a Bugathon focused on addressing faults in the system took place in the Curitiba office. The team finished up the day with 28 resolved bugs on the web, and three on the mobile app, totaling 10 hours of coding.
“Aside from the fact that we exceeded our goal, the entire event and the environment and the team’s vibe was absolutely amazing,” Hélio Bitencourt, Bugathon organizer and Support Analyst, said. “Everyone was excited, and the alignment between us happened naturally.”
Bitencourt received positive feedback from participants who said they had a blast at the Bugathon.
“I was not expecting the high volume that our team delivered, as I know how some bugs can be very difficult,” he said. “They did an incredible job.”
Cristopher Rodrigues and Anderson Campanha were the winners of the Bugathon, resolving 12 bugs.
“It was amazing to participate in the hackathon, and to observe the team’s engagement and to collaborate on solving a bunch of the issues we were facing on our platform,” Rodrigues said.

“I had a really great time working together with the team in the great environment that Hélio and the organizers managed to create,” Campanha said. “It was fun, we had a lot food, we laughed a lot and managed to really focus on solving the problems to make Pipefy even better for our customers!”
Bitencourt also commended the Support team who helped the development team with tests, along with understanding scenarios and user experience, while also identifying bugs.
“They engaged with the whole concept and did an awesome job helping with the tests and bug hunting,” he said.
Squashing bugs proved to be a great way to bond as a team, too.
“I received great feedback from CTO Igor Alves and IT Manager Rodrigo Morais, who planted the seed in me to organize this, and helped me a lot,” Bitencourt said.

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Ashley Sava
is Pipefy's Editor and Copywriter. With a background in journalism and content marketing, she uses her wit, writing skills and incurable cheerfulness to leave her readers inspired, hooked and informed. Sava resides in Austin, Texas.

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