Streamline Your HR Processes With Pipefy Integrations

HR team working together at the office.

With remote and hybrid work models becoming the new norm, one thing is clear: the future of work is going digital. In order to effectively manage the employee experience, HR processes need to be digitized and automated for a seamless flow of communication and collaboration. 

With Pipefy, you can minimize or eliminate manual processes. And by integrating your existing HR tool stack with Pipefy, you can reduce errors and save hours of rework by reducing repetitive or redundant tasks. 

Pipefy integrations: what is it, how does it work, and what can it do?

Integrations allow users to connect data from other applications to Pipefy to improve operations. By connecting databases and applications, information can be centralized, automations can be enabled, and collaboration between teams can be improved.

Instead of moving back and forth between various web applications, Pipefy integrations help make HR processes more fluid and transparent. Automations reduce the need for human input on repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on higher priorities such as building relationships, solving problems, and taking care of your people. 

For more on how integrations work, check out this video below:

7 Pipefy integrations to streamline HR processes

Whether your goal is to collaborate better, improve communication, or track the health of your employees, integrating Pipefy with your software stack is a great way to harmonize all your data and applications for a more effective and reliable workflow.

The workforce is changing. Keep up by centralizing your HR processes with these 7 Pipefy integrations.

Consolidate and organize employee information and benefits. 

  1. ADP Workforce Now: Add employee payment and benefits information to ADP when a new employee goes through the onboarding process in Pipefy.
  2. Zenefits: Update employment information in Zenefits when an internal transition is approved in Pipefy.

Recruit, onboard, and optimize your employee experience

  1. BambooHR: Update time off in Bamboo when vacation requests are approved, or trigger your onboarding process within Pipefy when a new employee is hired. 
  2. Docusign: Send a signature request to the new employee via DocuSign when an employee card is moved to the hiring phase in Pipefy.
  3. SurveyMonkey: Receive responses to your satisfaction surveys directly within Pipefy.

Coordinate HR planning and communication.  

  1. Slack: Send a direct or channel message to stakeholders when a request is received or delivered in Pipefy.
  2. Google Suite: Upload documents to Google Drive when a card is created with documents attached within Pipefy, and create calendar events when meeting details are filled in a card within Pipefy.

Use Pipefy for HR process improvements 

Pipefy delivers seamless integration and straightforward automation capabilities through a user-friendly, no-code/low-code solution. Its intuitive interface and hundreds of process templates make it easy to implement and demonstrate time to value for the enterprise.

Find out how a growing delivery service’s HR team was able to respond to the high demand for hiring and onboarding new employees, save about 85 hours of work — resulting in 134% ROI in time saved — and improve collaboration with other teams after using Pipefy for only two months.

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