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Nowadays, the biggest challenge most of us go through when working online is staying productive and not losing track of actual work while being tempted by all the more interesting pages, vines and cute cat videos (i know you do it too).

While the online world is full of distractions, it also comes with a whole lot of tools to help increase productivity without really having to think about it.

Yes, of course some of the apps/sites that’ll appear on this list have already appeared here before but, what can I say, some of these are my favorite tools and help me a whole lot. So, without further ado, here is the list of online tools to increase productivity:


Rescue time is like your very own web baby-sitter: it offers you a quick and easy way to keep track of how you’re actually spending your time online (yeah, I know, it can be revealing).

All you have to do is create your account on their page (while creating it, you can determine which kind of site is most distractive and productive to you as well as establish goals for your productivity), download the app for your platform of choice and…that’s it!

The app you’ve downloaded will run in the background monitoring the amount of time you spent on specific activities, such as using productivity apps or navigating through your social media accounts. The information gathered is then presented to you on an online dashboard.

The basic version is free. There’s also a premium version with a few advanced tools and more detailed reporting available for $6 per month. Rescue Time’s app is available for Windows, OS X, Linux and Android.


I know I’ve already mentioned Evernote twice, but I’ll never get tired of it and I can proudly say: I couldn’t live without it. Evernote is one of the most popular online note-taking services.

Most of Evernote’s huge success comes from the fact that you’re able to quickly create and access notes (both audio and text), organize photos, set reminders, and upload attachments, all synced across your desktop and supported mobile devices.

Plus, Evernote’s bookmarklet feature makes it easy to clip web articles and store them for reading at a most appropriate time. If you, like me, are constantly jumping from one device to another and wants to keep track of everything, Evernote is definitely for you.

Its basic service is offered for free, but there are also the Evernote Premium and Evernote Business paid packages, with a few additional services.


LastPass is magical: it provides a helping hand for all you people out there, sick and tired of constantly struggling to remember the 417 different passwords you use on a daily basis – if you’re anything like me, resetting most of your passwords every time you need to login is already part of your routine.

LastPass does the hard part and remembers all your passwords for you, hence the magical part! One LastPass account can be used across all of your devices, storing as many passwords as you need to in your encrypted secure vault.

This awesome app also audits your passwords to help you create better, safer passwords (it’s the “have a different password for each web service” made easier).

LastPass is free for use on all common desktop platforms such as Windows, OS X and Linux. The premium version, at $1 per month, offers access to mobile apps for just about every mobile platform, support for top Web browsers and multifactor authentication.


Laterbox is the perfect tool for all of us, daydreamers, that keep having great ideas, scribbling them down on a piece a paper to remember to do it and later…forgetting where we left the piece of paper, along with your – now gone – great idea?

Its a great online tool for taking note of these thoughts, ideas and tasks on the go mainly because they won’t just be stored as notes (that’s your answer to why I don’t just do this with Evernote), Laterbox sends you a daily e-mail reminder of all your Laterbox’s contents, making it a lot easier to keep track and remember “where you forgot the piece of paper”.

It also has a great browser extension than, after installed, opens your Laterbox on any new browser tab (so you won’t have to go to the trouble of looking for a page to write thinks down).

online tools to increase productivity pocket

Pocket is another one of these apps you look at and think “how could I live without it for so long” (or why didn’t I think of using it before!).

It’s an awesome app that lets you easily “bookmark” content (texts, images, videos, etc.) to check later. Yes, I know, it’s the solution for the endless stream of browser tabs you left open to check on later and…forgot what all these tabs were about.

Now you ask me: ok, if it’s so easy, what do I need to do? Simple! Pocket installs an extension that will appear on your browser’s bookmark called the Pocket button. Whenever you find something interesting you’d like to get back to, press the button and it’ll go straight to your Pocked. It couldn’t possibly be any simpler.

What makes Pocket even cooler is that it syncs your saved content across all of your devices so you that later on you can read those interesting articles on your tablet, or watch those cute cat videos on YouTube during the ride home (assuming of course you’re not driving, please!).

Pocket supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers. The mobile app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire


Tired of having to update your social media accounts manually? Buffer is the tool for you, then! All you have to do is log into Buffer, connect social media accounts, and schedule specific content sharing times (yes, that’s all you need to do).

It also comes with one of those nice browser extensions that let you bookmark articles you’ve seen online – and you’re sure your followers would love to know about it. Buffer will automatically throw the article you bookmarked into your queue, which it will then share automatically at one of your designated share times (if you’ve already configured them).

Buffer currently works with Facebook (Profile, Page and Groups you’re the admin of), LinkedIn (both Profile and Company Page), Twitter Profiles , Google+Business Pages and Pinterest accounts* (On Awesome and Business).

With the free individual plan you’re able to connect one account of each different platform (if you’re on the Awesome Plan, you can add a combination of up to 10 social media accounts). Buffer extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.


Remember all those times you were producing content for your awesome followers and thought to yourself: isn’t there a better way to write this?

With Hemingway you’re able to thoroughly analyze the content before you post it: it checks your grammar for any possible misspelling and construction errors as well as highlights sentences that are difficult to understand – all of this real time, online and on the go, as you write it.

The online version is free, but they also have a desktop text editor (available offline) for OS x and Windows for $9.99.

Bonus: Pipefy!

Here at Pipefy, our goal is to help companies keep organised and more productive by running their processes and day-by-day routines on an easy and intuitive tool!

Pipefy’s Task Management Template was specially developed to help you manage yours and your team’s tasks without breaking a sweat (or getting a migraine).

This template shows you in an simplified manner what everyone is currently doing, what they have to do, and what is already done. It also highlights what are your team’s priorities, what’s on time, what’s late and what’s potentially creating bottlenecks.

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