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I want to become a #HoneyBadger

Pipefy is currently searching for great professionals in any kind of areas with any kind of expertise. If you’re ambitious, humble and want to make things happen, then you may find in Pipefy a great environment for you.

Pipefy is a platform for business operations excellence and process management, backed by top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital firms including Trinity Ventures, OpenView, Founders Fund, Valor Capital, and Redpoint. The Pipefy platform enables managers to create and execute any type of workflow through a Kanban-style user experience and without the need of IT, technical skills or professional services.

In two years Pipefy has grown to 60,000+ customers (including Accenture, Visa, GE, Volvo, AB InBev, and Telefonica) in over 150 countries.

Who can become a #HoneyBadger? 

Anyone who is willing to go beyond the limits to create something global and awesome is welcome to apply here at Pipefy. 

We’re looking for the most talented professionals in the market, whose share our way of seeing things and our values: 

  • Dream Big
  • Radical Candor
  • Overachiever
  • Humble to improve fast
  • Trustable
  • Keep it Simple
  • Own the company 
  • Enjoy the ride
  • Don’t be toxic

These drives us to create a global brand and business. If you do share, take a look at the openings we currently have on our career page. If you couldn’t find yet the perfect fit for you, then apply here at “I want to become a #HoneyBadger” and be part of our awesome community of people.  

How can I increase my chances to become a #HoneyBadger? 

Before any interview, make sure to understand our business and our culture. Take a look at our website, blog and social media pages.

We constantly share all kinds of materials that will give you a whole new vision about who we are, who are our people and what we do value in our employees. In the Instagram, we share a lot of cultural material, including testimonials from the #HoneyBadgers. 

If you’re in the tech area, we also have a lot of meetups and tech events going on. Make sure to come when you have the chance, to get to know us in person.  

Our Team

We´re passionate and full of energy to make things happen. We´re creating a culture that empowers people to own and optimize the processes they are responsible for.

Business doesn’t have to be boring, so we dream big, we value diversity, and work hard to delight our customers every day having fun together, in and out of the office, online and offline. So strap on your honey-badger socks, and join us for an amazing ride.

Through our cloud-based business process management platform, we´re empowering managers to build and execute any type of workflow. Using a simple Kanban-style interface people can achieve excellence without the need for IT, technical skills or professional services.


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