Case Study

How Rooftop used Pipefy to connect processes and save +$230K in one year

After Pipefy’s deployment, the proptech created a connected and scalable operation, saving more than 3.8K work hours per year.

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About Rooftop

Rooftop is a proptech company founded in 2020 that connects property owners seeking investors to real estate businesses looking to expand their portfolio. The company has two business divisions.


InCasa facilitates rent-to-own sales that transform debtors into investors. The program allows property owners to sell and continue to live on the property as leased tenants with the potential to repurchase.


Rooftop also offers stock in properties below market value, promoting the sale and regulation of properties with the potential to increase in value. Those properties then become assets for investors and real estate funds.

The challenge: quickly structuring and scaling an operation from scratch

Since its launch in 2020, Rooftop has relied on low-code technology to structure and automate its processes. "We understood that low-code/no-code is a strong market trend, and we decided to bet on this idea, knowing that some technologies become commodities. We don't want to be experts in building a workflow management platform or a CRM," says Rooftop’s Head of Products Eduardo Almeida.


Therefore, Rooftop aimed to create an end-to-end automated operation without an ERP. In the first two months of operation, the company tried a workflow platform, but realized it didn't provide the required agility and scalability they needed to build structured, seamless processes in a short amount of time.


"This platform did not offer the resources we needed. Our timing was immediate. We basically needed to build workflows fast, and building a process with that platform was difficult and time-consuming," Almeida recalls.

The game-changer: a flexible, easy-to-use platform

That's when Almeida decided to shift to Pipefy, a tool he already used for personal projects. "Pipefy offers more flexibility because of the customizable workflows. Creating all process phases and rules delivers a huge value. Another important feature is the connection between the pipes (or digital workflows) that enable the process harmony we sought", Almeida explains. 

Thanks to the new tool, the Rooftop team sped up its process standardization and quickly connected these business processes when they were ready. Pipefy enabled fast integration, error-proof communication flows, and little manual work.

Almeida also describes how Pipefy accelerated the implementation of Rooftop's Partner Program: "We were swift to build an interface where the partner could register new opportunities. This way, we could focus on the business activities themselves, and stop worrying about the solution or about the need to build everything from scratch. The best thing is this: everything is high-speed."

Onboarding new processes on the platform is very fast. We stopped thinking about building solutions, screens, and everything else, and instead focused on the process and our product. This is the main benefit of Pipefy."
Eduardo Almeida
Head of Product at Rooftop

The journey: full integration between processes and tools

Rooftop maintains 38 active processes in Pipefy, and 10 are core processes. One of the most valuable is Rooftop’s legal analysis of auction properties for potential purchase. This crucial workflow consists of property registration, legal analysis, pricing, and offer.

This process triggers several other subprocesses contained within the platform. With Pipefy, these properties’ complete records are now visible to all employees and departments involved. Communication was also streamlined. When a card with property information is updated by a specific team, the connected cards are automatically updated to reflect that information.

On the InCasa side, the property registration can be populated by Rooftop's partners (law forms and real estate agencies, for instance) directly in Pipefy, without paid accounts. Offers are issued and sent using Pipefy's automated email templates, and the clients get notifications about the status of the process.

"Pipefy helps us save time. For instance, we need to onboard properties to buy them. So, instead of having a team member register a form, send it to another department, and start this due diligence process (visiting the property, preparing it, painting it, etc.), we use a connected card. The moment an update is registered regarding any card in the core pipe, there is a cascade of actions in other pipes," explains Almeida.

Another Pipefy benefit is its connection with Rooftop’s other platforms to centralize data and process management. The company has two primary integrations: Pipefy and Mailchimp to manage email marketing, and Pipefy and Pipedrive which serves as a CRM interface with customers. In this case, the data flows between the platforms seamlessly and automatically — and there's no risk of information loss due to manual data entry.

The results: scalability and full control

With around 45 employees, Rooftop was able to set up a scalable operation within Pipefy, with automations saving time previously spent on error-prone manual tasks. From Rooftop’s implementation of the platform through November 2022, the company has analysed more than 3,819 properties.

The time saved with automation may explain this achievement. Rooftop saved something close to 3,840 hours of work using Pipefy. In one year of operation, the financial savings reached R$1.2 million (over US$230,000).

By adopting Pipefy, Rooftop could monitor its process execution in real time with end-to-end visibility. For example, buying R$120 million in properties was one of the targets set for 2023, and they keep track of its progress using Pipefy's reports and dashboards.

Using these same features, Rooftop can now control and track the time team members take to complete the customer's income analysis (the established SLA for this task is two hours or less). On the property analysis side, Legal can quickly identify bottlenecks leading to delays and make the necessary adjustments to correct problems.

The main benefit is: everyone has the same vision. We have complete information that is easy to extract for directors and investors with access to the pipe. Pipefy solves everyone's anxiety because the important information we need is there. Just as the property has an official record, it has a record on Pipefy. The Legal team knows what's going on, and the Commercial too. They just need to look at the cards."
Eduardo Almeida
Head of Product at Rooftop