Case Study

How Gympass saves +11k hours monthly

About Gympass

Gympass is a comprehensive corporate wellbeing platform that promotes all forms of physical, mental, and emotional welfare so people can feel their best. 

Companies in North America, Latin America, and Europe rely on Gympass’s variety, convenience, and flexibility to improve their workers’ health and happiness. 

Gympass supports all forms of wellbeing with over 50,000 fitness partners, 1,300 on-demand classes, 2,000 hours of meditation, 1,000 healthy recipes, individual weekly therapy sessions, and hundreds of personal trainers.

Case overview

Gympass uses Pipefy for several internal processes, running its core operations in the platform. As of 2021, they have over 40 active processes. Some of the teams using Pipefy are: Sales, Customer Services, Operations, and Finance. 

The main workflow managed in the platform is acquiring and charging new clients. The Sales team starts the process by inserting all new client data into an error-proof form. From there, the Customer Service and Finance teams are automatically engaged to follow up on their processes.


  • Industry: Wellness, Fitness, Technology
  • Company Size: 1001-5000
  • Process Vertical: Sales, Customer Services, Operations, Technology, Finance, and Marketing
  • Processes: B2B sales, customer support, renewals, accounts receivable, billing






fitness partners


active processes

Gympass before Pipefy

  • Mostly manual labor with emails and spreadsheets
  • Gympass customers sent their requests to a mailbox and relevant data went missing
  • Each region (Latin America, North America, and Europe) had a separate, unstandardized process.
  • A lot of data went unvalidated into the system, causing process errors and generating rework.
  • Gympass’s team had no visibility of each team’s bottlenecks or pain points

Gympass after Pipefy

  • Error-proof forms inside Pipefy: customers, workers, and third parties start their processes with all required information
  • 100% reliability on data extraction, allowing the team to quickly make informed decisions
  • Several levels of automation, such as process connections, automatic emails, and integrations with internal softwares.
  • Automatic connections between processes and departments
  • Easily customizable process to create new workflows or improve existing ones

Right now, we say that ‘if there’s no card, there’s no demand.’ We’ve educated all our teams across the world to manage processes through Pipefy."

Renan Bastazini, Gympass Global Sales Project Manager

Because we didn’t have formal processes, information was prone to errors. Today, we’re using error-proof forms and conditional logic.”

Edson Oliveira, Gympass Global Sales Specialist

Key Results/ROI





~ 5k

demands processed monthly


 hours saved each month with Pipefy automations


When a new deal is closed on Salesforce, a new card is automatically created on Pipefy.

When a customer makes a purchase on Hubspot, a card is automatically created on Pipefy.


Pipefy reads the lines in a spreadsheet and sends all the information to the maintenance team.