Case Study

2X more customers: how NEX Energy broke silos and scaled operations with Pipefy

NEX Energy expanded its customer base by saving 661 employee hours per month with Pipefy.


About NEX Energy

NEX Energy uses technology to solve energy supply challenges. Their goal is to provide cleaner and cheaper energy to small and medium-sized businesses that connect consumers with renewable energy sources such as solar, hydraulic, biogas, and biomass.


NEX Energy serves customers in 13 Brazilian states and helps the power generated by 109 renewable energy plants reach more than 2398 customers.


Industry: Energy

Company size: 36 employees

Departments using Pipefy: Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Support, and Customer Success 

Processes in Pipefy: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, HR Requests, Customer Onboarding, Job Opening, Employee Offboarding, Sales Process, Customer Support 

NEX Energy's biggest challenges

NEX Energy was created in 2017 to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce their costs through clean and renewable energy. Rapid growth over the next two years meant that the company had to quickly find a way to scale operations to keep up with increasing demand.


But scaling operations alone would not be enough. NEX also had to find a way to orchestrate processes across their sales, customer success, and operations teams. At the time, the sales team relied on an inflexible CRM software solution that lacked the customization capabilities needed to make it useful by the customer success team. As a result, teams struggled with process gaps and excess manual work. This was particularly apparent in NEX’s customer onboarding process, creating a critical bottleneck that threatened to derail their expansion. 


Managing an energy supply poses many complexities, especially considering the rapid fluctuations in sensitive information such as power consumption levels. With the sales and customer success teams operating on separate platforms, the challenge of efficiently inputting critical information, including billing details, documentation, and customer data, became a persistent issue. The solution was to fuse the fragmented and siloed processes into a single, unified whole. 

To scale our operation, we needed to unify different areas such as sales and customer success. We needed flexibility, and our previous software didn’t allow us to send important information to the customer success team."
Juliano Lenzi
Founder of NEX Energy

NEX Energy after Pipefy

Bringing structure and consistency to the customer journey required a tool with the flexibility to work for any process in any department. After seeing the ways Pipefy’s no-code interface could be used to build, automate, and connect any type of process, NEX replaced its legacy CRM with Pipefy. This allowed NEX to break down the process and data silos that acted as barriers to the unified customer journey they needed to continue growing.  


According to Juliano Lenzi, founder of NEX Energy, Pipefy’s customization capabilities were a decisive factor in choosing the platform. After initially using Pipefy as their CRM solution, NEX quickly started to use Pipefy to manage and automate other types of processes. Pipefy also gave NEX much-needed visibility into its processes and workflows. 


Thanks to Pipefy, NEX gained real-time access to crucial data including the progress of energy solution implementations for new customers. This valuable information allowed them to anticipate and address problems early on proactively. Additionally, Pipefy simplified reporting and process monitoring, making these tasks effortless and more efficient than ever before.


Today, NEX’s HR and finance teams use Pipefy to manage their processes, as well. These teams manage employee requests and internal and external finance workflows like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and billing, all on the same platform as the customer success team. 


After four years of working with Pipefy, NEX identifies three critical benefits of using the platform: 


  • NEX customers enjoy a seamless and cohesive experience 
  • Processes that were once fragmented and inefficient are scaleable to keep up with demand
  • Building and testing new processes and workflows is easier and faster than ever


The combination of these three benefits has brought significant results: faster, more organized, and more efficient operations. 


By streamlining their internal processes and using automations to avoid manual and repetitive work, NEX’s team now has more time not only to contact prospects but also to improve their relationship with new and existing customers. Thus, NEX gained the ability to provide clean energy to many more companies, doubling their customer base and generating an ROI of 122%. 


With 9 automated processes, over 2259 cards - which range from internal HR requests to the onboarding of new customers - created so far, and an average of 8k automations performed, NEX Energy saves 661 monthly working hours. Of these, 450 hours alone were saved by using Pipefy’s automations.


With a unified, flexible, and scalable operation, the team continues increasing customers each month without compromising its operation.

Currently, thanks to our standardized and unified customer journey, our customer success team is slowly moving away from resolving customer issues and being able to deliver a better experience proactively. Combining flexibility with a unified journey allowed us to scale our business quickly."
Juliano Lenzi
Founder of NEX Energy