Case Study

How Nutracap Labs’ Business Lines Independently Automated Over 40 Processes in One Year With Pipefy's No-Code Platform

Discover how the global nutraceutical industry leader saves 2000+ hours per month with streamlined and automated processes

About Nutracap Labs

Nutracap Labs is a nutraceutical and dietary supplement manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company specializes in encapsulation manufacturing, sports nutrition, raw health powders, and product formulation. Today, Nutracap is a leader in the global nutraceutical manufacturing industry. 

Industry: Manufacturing 

Company size: 300+ employees

Departments using Pipefy: Research & Development, Sales, Sales Operations, Operations, Quality, Finance, and Human Resources.

Processes in Pipefy: Employee onboarding/offboarding, Labor planning, Finished goods Tracking, Customer service, Label design, Sample lab, Purchase approval, Finance purchase approvals, Manufacturing order process, among others.

Challenges on Nutracap’s digital transformation journey

Nutracap Labs devised a growth and digital transformation plan back in 2020, aiming to develop new products and brands while expanding in the U.S. market. The strategy introduced new challenges, such as improving the overall efficiency of the company, centralizing data, and streamlining workflows.


Before upgrading to process management software, Nutracap’s Labs teams strictly ran processes on Google applications, such as Gmail and Google Sheets. Teams wasted a lot of time on manual tasks and searching for information scattered between documents. This built data silos and obscured the team’s visibility into their operations; it also delayed processes and induced errors that affected decision-making abilities. On top of that, the lack of organization made it difficult for the company to conduct audits and comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.


Scott Olsen, Nutracap Labs Director of People Development, knew that, in order for the company to thrive in a competitive and fast-changing environment, it had to find a simple, easy-to-navigate solution that worked for all departments.

Fast adoption and increased efficiency

Nutracap Labs chose Pipefy as their digital transformation partner because they were looking for customizable software that had functionalities such as automatic task assignments, Salesforce and software integrations, dashboards, a mobile-friendly app, administrative functions, and SSO (single sign-on). 


In addition to meeting all the requirements set forth by leadership, Nutracap’s experience with Pipefy’s solutions and customer success teams convinced the company that Pipefy’s no-code process management solution was the only choice. 

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give Pipefy a 5. They did everything that they could to help us. I had a CSM to support me, as well as a developer assigned to us for a number of hours every week. I never felt like I was alone in this process."
Scott Olsen
Director of People Development at Nutracap Labs

In May 2021, Nutracap Labs deployed Pipefy across its OPS, HR, and IT departments. The company had two primary goals: 1) to improve existing processes and 2) to create new workflows from scratch. 


The company needed to optimize many different types of processes such as maintenance requests, vacation requests, employee onboarding, and tech support. Nutracap made the strategic decision to start with existing processes so that its employees could get familiar with the platform before tackling new processes and workflows. 

Pipefy's remarkable adaptability, coupled with its extensive collection of pre-designed templates, enabled the same tool to be used across various teams. By leveraging its intuitive no-code interface, the solution liberates business users from relying on the IT team, streamlining the implementation and maintenance of processes.


Within a month, Nutracap was ready to ramp up additional, more complex processes including spending approvals, label design, and R&D sampling. By this point, approximately 20% of Nutracap Labs’s employees were using Pipefy to manage 13 processes.

Pipefy’s fast time-to-implement and security features played a critical role in the company’s decision to deploy the software. “We needed a fast and secure solution that allowed us to build, implement, and fix as we go. The more we developed, the more we saw we could get everyone involved in the process, which helped us develop very quickly,” says Olsen. According to the director, the platform’s user-friendly interface and no-code capabilities empowered Nutracap Labs employees to start using Pipefy right out of the box and effortlessly develop new processes from scratch.


Within one year of implementation, more than 50% of Nutracap’s employees were using Pipefy on a daily basis. Today, Nutracap Labs uses Pipefy to manage and automate 45 processes throughout the company.

Some of these include: 

Through automation alone, Nutracap Labs’ employees are saving 1,392 hours per month, while over 470 hours are saved each month with the usage of email templates. The more than 3,262 pipe connections save an additional 272 hours per month and ensure that processes are orchestrated and team silos are dissolved. In total, Nutracap Labs saves an average of 2,135 hours monthly, resulting in a return on investment of 546%

Today, employees save time by automating manual and repetitive tasks, while managers see increases in team efficiency and visibility, as well as a decrease in SLA lead times. “Nutracap keeps growing, and now we have eight locations in Atlanta. Four of those are for manufacturing, where we had a silo problem because of these different units. With Pipefy, we’ve been able to eliminate these silos digitally, and now we can control and manage our processes from start to finish, which improves accountability across the company.”, says Olsen.

We didn’t have a single platform in place when Pipefy arrived. Pipefy’s easy-to-use layout for both the user and administrators allowed Nutracap to implement the system quickly. Being able to make adjustments to our Pipes in-house and with the assistance of Pipefy support allowed this to happen. After three months, we moved to almost 20 processes managed through Pipefy."
Scott Olsen
Director of People Development at Nutracap Labs