Case study

How Ti.Saúde Automated Sales and Onboarding Processes with Pipefy as CRM

About Ti.Saúde

Ti.Saúde is a Brazilian startup bringing a digital transformation to health institutions by safely broadening medical care for Brazilians. Their mission includes transforming online scheduling, telemedicine and remote monitoring, implementing digital prescriptions and electronic medical records, plus helping hospitals, clinics, government institutions and health plans to manage patients and businesses more easily. 

Based in northeastern Brazil, this company is present in all of the country’s states, and has begun its internationalization process by currently supporting businesses in Panama and Honduras. 

Case Study Overview

Founded in 2016, Ti.Saúde went through an accelerated growth period in 2020 mainly caused  by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the sudden surge in demand for their products and services, they quickly saw the need for a tool to help their sales team scale their operations in a sustainable way.

At the time, the sales team used Pipedrive’s basic plan which only allowed them to manage phases, without customizations. Because they were the only team in the company using Pipedrive, the process wasn’t integrated with other departments, leading to a lot of information falling through cracks in communication. And since their tool didn’t help them to automate processes, the team needed to complete tasks in a manual way over and over, such as inputting data sent over email.

In October 2020, Tito Magalhães, leader of TI.Saúde’s Sales team, started looking for alternatives to improve this process. After mapping out workflows, he began implementing Pipefy which allowed his team to design unique workflows for every type of customer that Ti.Saúde caters to. After standardizing and centralizing their sales flow, they were now able to start automating processes and tracking performance indicators.

As of 2021, more teams at Ti.Saúde have also implemented Pipefy, such as Customer Success, Finance, and Human Resources. Pipefy is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring a safe customer journey, from the sales process, until the client onboarding, and upsell.


  • Industry: Healthcare, Technology
  • Company size: 11-50 employees
  • Departaments using Pipefy: Sales, Customer Success, Finance, and Human Resources
  • Processes: Sales Funnel, Customer Onboarding, Upselling, Churn Management, Accounts Receivable and Recruitment

Ti.Saúde before Pipefy

  • Sales process managed on Pipedrive with a lack of customization options (only phase management).
  • Manual steps completed over email. Customer negotiations, data input for contract deals, and signing all happened over email without being centralized in one place.
  • Lack of integration with other departments since each team was on a different platform. After closing a deal, information often failed to reach the Customer Success team, or if it did, it had missing data points.
  • Decentralized information and difficulty tracking the status of each negotiation because each salesperson used their own email account for negotiations and managed the process in their own way.

Ti.Saúde after Pipefy

  • Smart sales flow with conditional logic so every customer type has a unique workflow according to the complexity of the sales process.
  • Entire client journey is centralized in one place. Once the sales process is complete, other processes begin automatically, such as Accounts Receivable and Customer Onboarding — but the client information can always be accessed in the same place.
  • Integration with RD Station. When a lead is considered qualified, a card is automatically created in Pipefy for the sales team to contact them.
  • Email templates allow the sales team to send automatic messages during their process. For example, if a negotiation is halted for a few days, the team can send an automatic follow-up email.
  • Performance indicator tracking is done within Pipefy. Tito and the sales team can save reports to measure several sales indicators such as conversion rate, average ticket, average sales time, and so on.

A dentistry office, for example, has to go through a different process than a beauty clinic. Using conditional logic, we can support all our customers in a single flow”

Tito Magalhães, Head of Sales at Ti.Saúde

A big difference in Pipefy was the autonomy I had since the beginning. My audience is very specific, so I needed a platform that could be customized to my needs, and one that other departments could use as well. So Pipefy worked not only as a CRM but also as a process management platform.”

Tito Magalhães, Head of Sales at Ti.Saúde



hours saved with process automation


departaments using Pipefy


When a lead becomes qualified, a card is automatically created in Pipefy with the lead’s information.