Case study

How Vindi Increased Their Customer Onboarding Efficiency by 89% With Pipefy

About Vindi

Vindi is an online payments financial technology company focused on improving recurring charges and billing practices. Since 2013 the startup has helped thousands of services, e-commerces, subscription businesses, SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, gyms, and several other businesses to professionalize their billing using innovative and reliable technology.

Case overview

Like most startups, one of Vindi’s greatest challenges is to accelerate acquiring new customers. They are faced with the obstacle of growing quickly while demonstrating value to clients and helping them get the most out of their service. This customer onboarding process is Another key obstacle to their fast growth is being able to demonstrate value to their new clients and to teach them how to make the most of their product. This process is called Customer Onboarding.

At the end of 2019, Vindi transitioned from a manually-controlled customer onboarding and accreditation process to using Pipefy as their workflow management and Sales/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. After a short adaptation period, Vindi’s team started seeing results with Pipefy and was able to take control of their entire post-sales operations. Pipefy is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), assuring a safe and reliable information flow.


  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Company size: 51-200 employees

  • Departaments using Pipefy: Customer Service

  • Processes: Customer Onboarding, Client Accreditation

Vindi before Pipefy

  • Multiple tools (spreadsheets and task management softwares) for handling the same client entry and accreditation process — with no way to have each software connect to one another.
  • Manual and decentralized processes where information had to be tracked down and was often lost in the shuffle.
  • Difficulty tracking what process phase customers were in, leading to longer onboarding sessions and a disorganized customer experience.
  • Difficulty measuring process results and evaluating metrics. Without results to review, they didn’t know what was working or where their bottlenecks were.
  • Lost data because of the lack of communication between the Sales and Onboarding teams. Onboarding team had a hard time contacting new clients, harming the new client experience.

Vindi after Pipefy

  • Centralized and secure data. Mandatory form fields avoid cracks in communications and data can be accessed by everyone on the Vindi team.
  • Automated processes increased efficiency and freed up time to spend on other projects. Automating tasks such as email messages to clients and stakeholders meant the onboarding process could now run a lot quicker.
  • Salesforce integration so the onboarding process now automatically begins when a new sale is closed in the CRM.
  • New ability to measure performance indicators and create reports so bottlenecks and successes are easier to identify.
  • Connections between processes allowed workflows to begin where others ended — for example, when a client completes onboarding, another process is automatically started in the Customer Support team.

We were at a point in which we needed tools to help with high demand of new customers. And we chose Pipefy because it was a single platform in which we could centralize data, gain efficiency, and measure results.”


Jefferson Jean Rocha e Silva, Customer Onboarding and Accreditation Coordinator

Today, we’ve reached an 89% increase in efficiency inside the team, and we’ve reduced lead time in the accreditation process by 50%. As a result, people from the team stop executing only manual tasks and can also handle other demands.”


Jefferson Jean Rocha e Silva, Customer Onboarding and Accreditation Coordinator



clients completed their onboarding in two years with Pipefy in use


efficiency increase in operations during 2021 compared to 2020


reduction in accreditation process lead time: decreasing from 6 to 3 days


time saved by decreasing the average new customer onboarding from 120 days in 2019 (before Pipefy) to 33 days now


hours saved with process automation in 2021 alone


When a sale is made in Salesforce, a card is automatically created in Pipefy for Customer Onboarding.