Business Operations Guides

2023 Leader Survey on AI & Process Automation

See what business and IT leaders say about the benefits and efficency gains of AI, no-code, and process automation.

IT Guide to Workflow Management

Be the IT hero your business needs. Learn how to build, optimize, and manage any type of process or workflow.

No-code Automation: Good for Business, Great for IT

No-code automation delivers crucial benefits for IT and business teams, and accelerates time to deployment. Learn more.

Buyers Guide to Automation Platforms

Explore the different types of automation to see which one is right for your business. Learn about BPA, RPA, and more.

Definitive Guide to BPA

Learn about business process automation (BPA), its benefits, and how it's used to automate any type of process.

Why Businesses Choose BPA

Discover why more businesses choose business process automation to optimize costs and achieve stack extensibility.

Crash Course in Workflow Management

Need to become an workflow management expert overnight? This guide is for you.

Essential Elements of Workflow Management

Become the workflow manager your team needs with this workflow management cheat sheet.

Essential Elements of BPM

Learn everything there is to know about BPM with this infographic.