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Team members can interact and help with other projects and can immediately see the status and help their clients even if it is not their project. The time needed for communication is greatly reduced thanks to automation and automatic emails. The efficiency of workflows has improved.
CEO at Bernhard Webstudio
Pipefy is a complete solution, constantly improving, with advantages of automation, integration, and connection between processes - and the best part is it is practically no-code! Among the improvements, I highlight visibility, traceability, and process management. Together we built a new level of operational maturity with the adoption of the tool."
Eduardo Kano
Projects Coordinator at TRR Seguradora
With Pipefy, we found the solution to centralize and efficiently manage a high flow of important information inside the company. Pipefy fit perfectly as a key element in orchestrating several processes, bringing our operation into a new standard of excellence with great cost-effectiveness and scalability.
Frank Wundheiler
Vice President of Finance at Bloomin’ Brands

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