Pipefy Partner Program Policies

Partner Program Overview

Pipefy’s Partner Program enables partners to receive benefits by generating leads for the Pipefy platform.  Partners are organized into 2 (two) types, as more fully described below, which determine the types of leads they may generate. The policies set forth herein are valid from the signature of the Pipefy Partner Program Agreement and ending on December 31 of the year. The renewal may occur following  with the terms of clause 11 of the Pipefy Partner Program Agreement. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Pipefy Partner Program Agreement.  All policies set forth herein are subject to change at the sole discretion of Pipefy.

Type of Partnership:

  • PARTNER: Corporate partner, qualified and certified by Pipefy, allowed to resell Pipefy with no restrictions, coordinating the sale and participating in the entire process.

Certifications by Pipefy are valid only for the Partnership Year and are subject to renewal for subsequent periods only at the sole discretion of Pipefy.

PARTNER Program:

  • There is no fee to join the Pipefy PARTNER Program.
  • After signup, for the approval of the PARTNER, there is a 90 (ninety) days onboarding, on or about 20 (twenty) hours of training and calls with activation managers. The final output is the sale of a first deal until the deadline.
  • If the onboarding is successful concluded, the PARTNER goes to a manager team, who will coach and lead the PARTNER.
  • Unless Pipefy deliberates differently, in case PARTNER cannot make the first sale within 90 days, he will not have access to an activation manager and account manager, and only the chat support will be allowed.

Training and Certification:

  • The Onboarding and other Training and the Certification Process provide the necessary product information, methodologies, and processes for the PARTNER development.
  • The audience for Onboarding, Training, and the Certification Process are all employees of the PARTNER company that could be affected by the operation of the partnership. The subject of each Training or Certification will be informed by Pipefy, which will inform also the area or the business-related.
  • The Trainings and Certifications Process may be mandatory or facultative.
  • Mandatory: The subject of the Mandatory Training and Certifications Process are the basic points about the Products and the Partnership and the mutual commercial objectives. Onboarding Training is also mandatory.
  • Facultative Training and Certification Process: The objective of Facultative Training and Certification Process is to update, complement and extend the existing information, not being, however, necessary to the objectives of the partnership. The facultative Training and Certification Process is available only for the PARTNERS who already completed the previous version of that Training.  
  • The Trainings and Certifications Process will be, usually, available online, through e-learning programs. Exceptionally, there will be on-site Training, which will be facultative for PARTNERS (except when predefined condition of the partner tier).
  • Pipefy reserves the right to constantly review the contents of its training and to update them in accordance with the changes and needs of Pipefy and its PARTNERS.
  • Pipefy will communicate the PARTNER when occurring any update in the portfolio. The PARTNER will have 3 (three) months to do the correspondent Training Program, under penalty of early termination of the participation on the Pipefy Partner Program.

Lead Reporting (PARTNER):

Qualified Leads

In order for a lead to be qualified for program benefits (a “Qualified Lead”), the lead must be:

  • A permitted lead under the applicable partnership tier and the partner must identify demands of companies/prospects and/or projects that may need the Pipefy´s Services and Software;
  • Entered into the Lead Indication’s pipe at https://app.pipefy.com/pipes/214569 to fill the registration form;
  • Once registered, the opportunity could be validated  by Pipefy in Pipefy´s sole discretion, considering:

(i) APPROVED: when Pipefy considers a new opportunity, not predicted and not previously mentioned by any PARTNER or member of the Pipefy sales team; or

(ii) REJECTED: if Pipefy check that the Lead already has been registered and approved in advance for any other PARTNER or for any member of the Pipefy sales team.

*FIFO (first in first out) will be considered by Pipefy for the analysis and response to a new opportunity record. Pipefy will analyze first the registration registered at an earlier date. Once the Lead is approved, the PARTNER might receive the respective commission, according to the current commissioning policy; and receive commercial support from Pipefy’s Partner Service Team.

  • For the payment of the commission, PARTNER shall indicate the potential customer in the Lead Indication Pipe prior to the conclusion of the sale of the licenses, for Pipefy’s prior formal approval.
  • Upon the inclusion into Lead Indication’s pipe and validation by Pipefy of a Qualified Lead as described above, the partner will have 90 days to close a Qualified Purchase with the Qualified Lead.
  • If there is no Qualified Purchase during that period (90 days), the PARTNER should provide formal feedback to the manager and Pipefy, in its sole discretion, shall have the option to deliberate over the reasonable next steps and commercial approach with the lead.
  • Any transaction with the Qualified Lead after the 90 day period with no substantial activity or with no formal feedback will not be subject to commission or program benefits.
  • In addition, the Lead must include the resale of Pipefy´s Software, as part of the final solution proposed to the customer.


Applicable Commission Percentages


  • 15%, 20% or 25% (depending on the tier as shown below) of the plan value actually paid by the Qualified Lead (per user) pursuant to a Qualified Purchase during the contract with Pipefy.
  • During the first 3 months of the Contract, a Bonus (per tier) according to the table below. To the Bonus application, it will be considered the value that customer actually paid in the first 3 months of the Contract, not being regarded the cases of default and / or delays not paid in the period.
  • To qualify, partner/consultant must stay in the Pipefy Partners Base and the customer must stay as a paying customer at Pipefy.
  • The commissions are based on the amount of the licenses, without taxes and services.

If the PARTNER does not have a valid contract – physical or virtual – (in any case, including termination or non-payment of the license), no commission will be paid.

Commissions will only be paid for deals that were previously listed on the Pipe “Lead Indication”, INCLUDING EXPANSIONS. It is the Partner’s responsibility to inform Pipefy about expansions that have occurred in the accounts of its customers. If the Partner does not indicate user expansions that occurred in their customer’s accounts within the month of expansion, the commissions relating to this expansion will not be paid.

Payment Methods:

Credit Card on pipefy.com.  

If the customer purchases an annual subscription via credit card on pipefy.com, Pipefy will pay a full commission to the partner for the Qualified Purchase on the commission payment date applicable to the quarter in which the purchase is made.

If the customer purchases a monthly license, Pipefy will pay commission in four installments, based on monthly fees received, on the payment date applicable to the quarter in which based on the monthly fees are received.

Invoice to Customer.

If the customer pays based on an invoice issued by Pipefy, Pipefy will inform the partner when payment is received, after which partner can issue an invoice to Pipefy for the applicable commission.  Such commission will be payable on the commission payment date applicable to the quarter in which payment was received.

Commission Payment Procedures:

For Credit Card, Invoice to Customer and Invoice to Partner transactions, commissions will be paid based on the amount actually received, in accordance with the following schedule.

Reference Months (1) Date of invoice request (2) Deadline for partner to send commission invoice to Pipefy (3) Date of commission payment
Jan / Feb / Mar On or about April 10th April 25th On or about April 31th
Apr / May / Jun On or about July 10th July 25th On or about July 31st
Jul / Aug / Sep On or about October 10th October 25th On or about October 31st
Oct / Nov / Dec On or about January 10th January 25th On or about January 31st

(1) Months in which license payment is received by Pipefy;

(2) Date by which Pipefy must request an invoice from the partner;

(3) If Pipefy does not receive the proper invoice before these dates, the PARTNER automatically loses the right to that compensation.

The Pipefy Partner Agreement:

These Pipefy Partner Program Policies are an integral and inseparable part of the Pipefy Partner Program Agreement (PPPA). In the case of non-comply with PPPA or these Policies, the PARTNER / AFFILIATE is immediately excluded from the Partnership Program. The renewal of the PPPA causes the automatic renewal of these Policies.

Attachment I

Bonus (1st year)- PARTNER

Last updated: June 01, 2020.