Partner Authorization Agreement

This Partnership Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into on the Agreement’s acceptance date  (the “Effective Date”) between Pipefy Inc., a Delaware Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, hereinafter referred to only as (“Pipefy”), and the Partner (“Partner”), together referred to as “Parties”. The Partner represents and warrants that: (i) it’s a majority age under the law; (ii) you have full legal authority to bind it’s employer or such entity; and (iii) have read, understand and agreed to this Agreement. This Agreement establishes the terms and conditions for Partners participation in the Pipefy’s Partnership Program terms (the “Program”) and Materials (the “Program Materials”), as provided below.



1.1 Partner will promote and offer Pipefy’s Software License (“Software”) to Partner’s actual or potential clients (“End User”) in the permitted Territory during the Term, provided its required that the Partner immediatly inform Pipefy of such indications conditions, as pointed in the Program Materials. Partners may also perform Software integration and implementation services with End Users, together, identified herein as the Services and products. Subject to this Agreement and Pipefy’s end user agreement, Pipefy will provide the End Users with access to the Services as identified herein. The Services are subject to modification from time to time at Pipefy’s sole discretion for any purpose deemed appropriate by Pipefy. Pipefy reserves the right to modify such an end user agreement from time to time at Pipefy’s sole discretion by updating it on its website.

1.2 In order to ensure adequate technical and marketing support to end users, eligibility to  implement, as applicable, Pipefy’s Services, Partner will be subject to meeting authorization requirements as described in the Program Materials that will be made available to Partner upon Pipefy’s acceptance of Partners enrollment as provided herein, Pipefy will make the elements and general policies of Pipefy’s Partner Program available to Partner as contained within Pipefy´s Global Partnership Program - General Policies, made public within Pipefy’s website. These Program Materials contain a detailed description of the benefits to a Partner of as well as the requirements of a Partner qualification, information and its end user indication process under this program. Partner will not sell Pipefy’s services without arranging for adequate post-sales support.

1.2.1 Partner’s enrollment in the Partner Program requires (i) Partner’s submission of a completed Partner Enrollment Application (available at; (ii) acceptance of this Agreement and terms of this partnership; and (iii) Pipefy’s notification to Partner of its approval to participate in the Partner Program for the Program term. Pipefy may elect to provide the Partner with access to the Partner Portal at any time during the enrollment process.

1.2.2 Participation Qualifications means the requirements applicable to the designated Partner’s level within Pipefy’s Partners Program, as it will be provided by Pipefy to Partner upon Partners Enrollment. By applying for enrollment in the Partner Program, Partner certifies that Partner meets the Participation Qualifications as described herein and in the applicable Pipefy's Partner Program Policies. Upon Pipefy’s written acceptance of Partners Enrollment, Partner will be assigned to a Partner level and Partner will continue to meet the Participation Qualifications for such Program for the duration of Partner’s participation.

1.2.3 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, if at any time Pipefy determines that Partner is enrolled in a Program level for which Partner does not meet (or no longer meets) the Participation Qualifications, Pipefy may, in its sole discretion, reassign Partner to a Program level for which Partner does qualify, if any, effective immediately upon Pipefy’s written notification to Partner of such reclassification. Partner agrees to notify Pipefy promptly in writing in the event Partner no longer meets the Participation Qualifications for a Program level designation in which Partner is enrolled.

The Program Policies, including any Program Benefits and Participation Qualifications described therein, are subject to change in Pipefy’s sole discretion; provided; however, Program Benefits will not be materially decreased, and Participation Qualifications shall not be materially increased, for Partner during any Program Year.  Subject to the foregoing, changes to the Program Policies will apply following thirty (30) days from the date Pipefy first publishes revised Program Policies. Partner is responsible for reviewing the Program Policies regularly to determine the Program Policies in effect when Partner undertakes an action intended to benefit from any policy described therein (i.e., it is important to understand the then-current policies applicable to each submission of a Qualified Opportunity).

1.3 As Applicable, and subjected to this Agreement and Pipefy’s Program, Pipefy may choose to sign a specific not for resale agreement with Partner in order to grant it a limited, time-limited,  nonexclusive, non transferable license for usage during the term.



2.1 Partner is an independent contractor engaged in purchasing Pipefy’s software for resale or providing Pipefy’s services to its customers (end users), as applicable. Partner is not an agent or legal representative of Pipefy for any purpose, and has no authority to act for, bind or commit Pipefy. This Agreement is entered into on a non-exclusive basis, being strictly civil-commercial, not generating any type of labor or social security relationship between the Parties.

2.2 Partner has no authority to make any commitment on behalf of Pipefy with respect to quantities, delivery, modifications, interfacing capability, suitability of software or suitability in specific applications. Partner has no authority to modify the warranty offered with Pipefy products. Partner will indemnify Pipefy from liability for any modified warranty or other commitment by Partner not specifically authorized by Pipefy

2.3 Partner will not represent itself in any way that implies Partner is an agent or branch of Pipefy. Partner will immediately change or discontinue any representation or business practice found to be misleading or deceptive by Pipefy immediately upon notice from Pipefy.

2.4 Each Partner Affiliate that desires to be included as a member in the Partner Program must complete its own Partner Enrollment Form for membership and separately agree to the Agreement.



3.1 The term of this Agreement is twelve (12) months from the date of acceptance by Partner and Pipefy (“Effective Date”). This Agreement shall automatically renew on each subsequent year for a one-year term, unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with this Agreement.

3.2 The Partner may prevent the Agreement’s authomatic renewal or decide to terminate this Agreement for Convenience by providing Pipefy with a fifteen (15) days prior written notice. Pipefy may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason by giving the the Partner a written notice, and all licenses, permissions and other rights granted hereunder shall immediately terminate, including the license rights granted by Pipefy.

3.3 In no event shall the termination release the Reseller of the payment obligations accrued in the period prior to the effective date of  termination. All sections of this Agreement which by their nature should survive termination will survive it, including, without limitation, Resellers compliance with applicable the Program Materials, accrued rights to payment, confidentiality obligations, intellectual property rights, warranty disclaimers, and limitations of liability.

3.4 Upon termination, all the End Users indicated by Partner in accordance with the procedures provided herein will immediately become Pipefy Direct Clients, without any indemnity or remuneration being owed to the Partner.

3.5 All sections of this Agreement which by their nature should survive termination will survive termination, including, without limitation, restrictions, accrued rights to payment, confidentiality obligations, property rights, warranty disclaimers, and limitations of liability.



4.1  The Pipefy Partners program will contain various levels of participation, available through the Program Materials brought in the first section and through <>.

4.2    Partner shall exert best efforts to market Pipefy products, and is able to use promotional materials supplied by Pipefy.

4.3 As defined in the Program Materials, Partner shall have sufficient technical knowledge of the Pipefy products in general, and commit to access Pipefy’s appropriate sales and technical training, being bound by it.

4.4 Pipefy does not represent that it will continue to manufacture any particular item or model of product indefinitely or even for any specific period. Pipefy specifically reserves the right to modify any of the specifications or characteristics of its products, to remove any product from the market, and/or to cease manufacturing or supporting it.

4.5 Partner is expected and encouraged to advertise and promote the sales of Pipefy products through all appropriate media including trade show exhibits, catalogs and direct mailings, space advertising, educational meetings, sales aids, etc. Pipefy must approve all original materials that use Pipefy name or trademarks (aside from modifying existing Pipefy supplied template materials). Pipefy will assist Partner in advertising and promoting Pipefy products in accordance with Pipefy policy.

4.6 Upon expiration, non-renewal or termination of this Agreement, all interests in accrued marketing funds (if any) will automatically lapse–it does not affect any existing outstanding amounts due.

4.7 If the Partner fails to register the deal by indicating its End Users as provided herein, Pipefy will be immediately released from providing any consideration to the partner by the indicated end user, due to disqualification.





5.3 Partner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Pipefy harmless against any damages, losses, liabilities, settlements and expenses (including without limitation costs and attorneys’ fees) in connection with any claim or action that arises from an alleged violation of the foregoing or otherwise from use of the Services by (or that arises in connection with content used or provided by) Partner or its Clients. Although Pipefy has no obligation to monitor the content provided by Partner or its Clients or Partner’s or its Clients’ use of the Services, Pipefy may do so and may remove any such content or prohibit any use of the Services it believes may be (or alleged to be) in violation of this Agreement or any law or regulation or right of any third party.



6.1 The warranty terms and Pipefy’s software permitted use conditions will be as specified in the Pipefy Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (EULA), available at Pipefy’s website.




7.1 Partner acknowledges the following:


7.1.a. Pipefy owns all right, title and interest in the Pipefy names and logotypes.


7.1.b. Pipefy is the owner of certain other trademarks and trademarks used in connection with certain product lines and software.


7.1.c. Partner will acquire no interest in any such trademarks or trade names by virtue of this Agreement, its activities under it, or any relationship with Pipefy.

7.2 During the term of this Agreement, Partner may indicate to the trade and to the public that it is an Authorized Partner of the Pipefy products. Partner may also use the Pipefy trademarks and trade names to promote and solicit sales or licensing of Pipefy products if done so in strict accordance with Pipefy guidelines. Partner will not adopt or use such trademarks or tradenames, or any confusing word or symbol, as part of its company name or allow such marks or names to be used by others.

7.3 At the expiration or termination of this Agreement, Partner shall immediately discontinue any use of the Pipefy and Pipefy names or trademarks or any other combination of words, designs, trademarks or trade names that would indicate that it is or was a Partner of the Pipefy products.



8.1  The software license terms, such as discounts, services description, amount, and payments information, will be specified in Pipefy’s order form and any Software Maintenance Agreement entered into by the parties, s applicable.



9.1  Pipefy and Partner shall each exercise due diligence to maintain in confidence and not disclose to any third party any proprietary information furnished by the other to it on a confidential basis and identified as such when furnished. Except in accordance with this Agreement, neither party shall use such information without the permission of the party that furnished it. As used in this paragraph, “due diligence” means the same precaution and standard of care which that party uses to safeguard its own proprietary data, but in no event less than reasonable care. The provisions of this Section shall survive the expiration, non-renewal, or termination of this Agreement.

9.2  This Agreement does not grant any license under any patents or other intellectual property rights owned or controlled by or licensed to Pipefy. Partner shall not have any right to manufacture Pipefy products. Pipefy solely and exclusively owns all right, title, and interest in and to the Software, any related Pipefy materials or documentation, and all improvements or derivative works thereto on a worldwide basis (whether created jointly or individually by either party or their representatives).



10.1 Partner may not knowingly provide to any person or export or re-export or allow the export or re-export of the Services or anything related thereto or any direct product thereof (collectively “Controlled Subject Matter”), in violation of any restrictions, laws or regulations of the United States Department of Commerce, the United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control, or any other United States or foreign agency or authority. Without limiting the foregoing Partner acknowledges and agrees that the Controlled Subject Matter will not be used or transferred or otherwise exported or re-exported to countries as to which the United States maintains an embargo (collectively, “Embargoed Countries”), or to or by a national or resident thereof, or any person or entity on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s List of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Table of Denial Orders (collectively, “Designated Nationals”).

10.2 Regardless of any disclosure made by Partner to Pipefy, Partner shall not export, either directly or indirectly, any documentation, Pipefy services or system incorporating such Pipefy services or products to any locations on the excluded export list, as provided herein.



11.1 In the event that Partner elects to sell Pipefy products or services to the Government (national, regional or local), Partner does so solely at its own option and risk, and agrees not to obligate Pipefy as a subcontractor or otherwise to the Government. Partner remains solely and exclusively responsible for compliance with all statutes and regulations governing sales to the Government. Pipefy makes no representations, certifications, or warranties whatsoever with respect to the ability of its goods, services or prices to satisfy any such statutes and regulations.

11.2 Affiliation with Government Officials – Disclosure Obligation. To the extent any director, employee, direct or indirect owner, representative, consultant or agent who is or will be involved in Partner’s sales or referral activities for Pipefy, is a Government Official or a Close Family Member of a Government Official, Partner must disclose such fact in writing to Pipefy and receive acknowledgement by Pipefy of such disclosure. In the event that during the Program there is a change in the information contained in this paragraph, Partner agrees to make immediate disclosure to Pipefy. Partner shall cooperate reasonably with any requests by Pipefy for further information regarding such a relationship.



12.1 Partner agrees to comply with all laws and regulations that are applicable to the business that Partner transacts. Partner agrees to indemnify and hold Pipefy harmless for all liability or damages caused by Partners failure to comply with the terms of this provision.


12.2 The Parties agree that they will perform the obligations contained in this Agreement in an ethical manner, including, but not limited to, following the best practices of ethics and compliance in business conduct edited by Pipefy, available for access at <>, and by pledging not to practice harmful acts to the Public Administration, national or foreign, as applicable, that violates national or foreign public assets, against the principles of the public administration, as well as the related legislation of any jurisdiction that applies to them.


12.3 During the term of this Agreement, the Parties, by themselves and by their partners, administrators, directors, managers, servants, employees, agents, consultants, advisers, providers, subcontractors, grantees or subcontractors in general, as well as agents that may act on their respective behalf, must be familiar with the provisions of Anti-Corruption Laws, as well as declare and undertake, in any and all acts related to this Agreement, including those practiced since the pre-contractual phase that: (i) performed and will perform their activities in compliance with said legislation; (ii) have not committed and will not commit any act/fact of corruption, fraud, bribery, improper payment, money laundering, cartel, antitrust, administrative improbity and/or competition crime, in accordance with current legislation, including those of other countries, if applicable to your business; (iii) will not promise, offer, give, or accept, directly or indirectly, any type of benefit or illegal payment to any employee of the other Party, Public Agent, and/or third party related to it, with the purpose of obtaining an advantage improperly and/or to obtain or maintain a commercial relationship or privileged treatment; (iv) will adopt all necessary measures so that the persons involved in the execution of this Agreement comply with applicable Anti-Corruption Laws, for the prevention and detection of possible violations of the applicable legislation in force; (v) refrain from financing, funding, sponsoring, or in any way subsidizing the practice of illegal acts that violate the Anti-Corruption Law; (vi) inform the other Party, immediately after becoming aware, of any case of violation and/or suspected violation of the Anti-Corruption Laws committed by its legal representatives, directors, managers, employees, third parties, subcontractors; and (vii) will not use a third individual or legal entity to hide or disguise their real interests or the identity of the beneficiaries of the acts performed. (viii) The negotiation and execution of contracts must not generate conduct or facts that can be considered as active or passive corruption, nor exchange of influence or advantages.


12.4 The Partner will adopt appropriate measures to prevent, combat and reduce significant environmental impacts that the activities carried out under this Term may produce. Liability for damages caused to the environment, resulting from any breach by the Partner of federal, state and/or municipal environmental legislation, will fall directly and fully on the Contractor, even if said damages result from acts of God or force majeure.


12.5 The Parties declare to perform their contractual obligations in respect of human rights and offer an inclusive work environment, acting without discrimination of gender, race or religion, taking into account the safety and health conditions required by law.


12.6 The Partner undertakes not to exploit, by itself or by contracting third parties, any form of child labor, forced or slave-like labor. The occurrence of the behaviors mentioned in this section 12 (twelve) may constitute a reason for the unilateral termination of the Agreement, giving rise to related responsibilities, including, but not only, for proven infringement, observing the right of the aggrieved Party to seek compensation for any losses and damages caused by such non-compliance.



13.1 All notices under this Agreement will be in writing and will be deemed to have been duly given when received if personally delivered; on the first business day after sending an email to the email address provided by the Partner herein, or in the case of Pipefy, to the email address [email protected] and [email protected]; and upon receipt, if sent by certified or registered mail (return receipt requested).


13.2 This Agreement and Pipefy’s Program Materials, and its schedules as applicable, represent the entire agreement between the parties regarding this subject. This Agreement supersedes all previous oral or written communications between the parties regarding the subject, and it may not be modified or waived except in writing and signed by an officer or other authorized representative of each party.


13.3 Neither party will be liable to the other for any delay or failure to perform if that delay or failure results from a cause beyond its reasonable control. If any provision is held invalid, all other provisions shall remain valid, unless such invalidity would frustrate the purpose of this Agreement.


13.4 Pipefy may, from time to time, give the Partner written notice of amendments to this Agreement. Any such amendment will automatically become a part of this Agreement thirty (30) days from the date of the notice, unless otherwise specified in the notice.



14.1 The Parties agree to seek out-of-court settlement of any dispute originating from this Agreement, including regarding its interpretation or execution, and the Party that feels prejudiced will notify the counterparty of the conflict, requesting the fulfillment of the obligation not fulfilled or fulfilled in an irregular or incomplete manner. If the indicated conflict is not resolved within 30 (thirty) days, counted from the date of receipt of the notification, the Party evidently harmed may only then seek the judicialization of the controversy by notifying the counterparty about this decision.


14.2 Choice of Law according to Partner’s territory.


A. Brazil. In case Partner’s territory covers Brazil, this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, provided that in case of failure of the attempt of out of court dispute resolution, the Parties irrevocably and unconditionally consents as exclusive jurisdiction the Central Forum of the City of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, for the resolution of any conflicts, doubts of interpretation or demands arising out of or related to this agreement, regardless of the choice of another jurisdiction, however beneficial it may be.


B. For all other Territories. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to choice or conflicts of law rules, and according with the Arbitrage procedure as below. To the extent Arbitrage is not acceptable under the applicable law of the Partner's region, each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts sitting in San Francisco, California, for the purpose of enforcing any claim arising under this agreement.


B.i) Except for Partners bound to the Brazilian Territory, the Parties shall attempt to resolve the dispute through binding arbitration by a sole arbitrator selected by the Parties in accordance with the then current Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association ("AAA") in effect at the time, in San Francisco, California. Each Party shall bear its own expenses and an equal share of the expenses of the mediator or arbitrator and the fees of the AAA. The Parties, their representatives, other participants and the arbitrator shall hold the existence, content and result of the dispute resolution process in confidence. All defenses based on passage of time shall be tolled pending the termination of arbitration.

Pipefy´s Global Partnership Program Policy

Policy Ownership:

Gustavo De Martini

Document Version:


Current Version Approval Date:

September, 2022

Reviewed by:

Partner Enablement, Legal and Compliance


Private Information

This document is the property of Pipefy and contains information that is proprietary, confidential, or otherwise restricted to disclosure. If you are not authorized to receive it, please return this document to the above-mentioned owner. The dissemination, distribution, reproduction or total or partial use of this document by any third party other than the person for whom it is intended, without the prior written consent of Pipefy, is strictly prohibited.


Table of Contents

  1. 1. Introduction and Scope 
  2. 2. The Pipefy Partner Program 
  3. 3. Partnership Types included to this Partner Program Policy 
  4. 4. Qualification Requirements 
  5. 5. Requirements Matrix 
  6. 6. Program Benefits 
  7. 7. Sales Benefits 
  8. 8. Enablement Benefits 
  9. 9. Support Benefits 
  10. 10. Marketing Benefits 
  11. 11. Models of Partnership fulfillment 
  12. 12. Not for Resale Agreement (NFR) 
  13. 13. Contact Information 
  14. 14. Revision History 


1. Introduction and Scope

The objective of this Policy is to guide Pipefy’s partners and resellers (the “Partners”) on the general policies of Pipefy’s partnership program (the “Program”). Below, the Partner will find explanations and a comparative matrix of partnership models – Commissioning and Reseller, and tiers – Authorized, Silver and Gold. Please contact your Partner Account Manager (PAM) or reach out to [email protected] to address or clarify any questions.

2. The Pipefy Partner Program


This Policy shall provide information for qualification and participation to the Program, which aims to enable partners to collaborate with Pipefy’s team, by learning Pipefy’s conduct manual, Pipefy’s software and the core product skills to enhance partner solutions or services towards potential customers, in order to increase incremental revenue streams.

3. Partnership Types included to this Partner Program Policy


This Pipefy Partnership Program Policy covers Partners who have signed our Partnership Agreements (“Agreement”) Term of Partnership Agreement or a Reseller Term of Agreement, that shall be made available to authorized Partners, as applicable.


According to Pipefy’s SaaS Reseller Term of Agreement, a “Reseller may purchase Pipefy’s software under special pricing conditions to ressel the Services to its direct Clients, provided it is required that the Reseller immediately inform Pipefy of such sales conditions. A Reseller Partner will not sell Pipefy’s services without arranging for adequate post-sales support”.


For ISV and BPO partners are not covered by this Policy.


Moreover, according to our Conduct Manual for Clients, Suppliers and Business Partners that establish guidelines regarding the relationship with suppliers, service providers, business partners and customers, all partners must observe these guidelines.

4. Program Qualification Requirements and Partners obligations


The Program Qualification Requirements (“requirements”) means that the Partner has to fulfill certain minimum program entry requirements as well as ongoing program requirements, including meeting certain minimum annual revenue as set out in detail in the Requirements Matrix below.


In case the Partner fails to meet the requirements set herein during a given Program Year*, Pipefy will be entitled to terminate the partnership, without incurring any cost or penalties, by providing written previous notice to the Partner, as provided in the Partnership Agreement to which this policy is bound.


* Program’s year is based on the calendar year, starting on the 1st of January. Partners’ classification (tiers) are set annually, but can be reviewed every semester if necessary, provided the partner shall be notified. On the first calendar year, Partners will enter the program at the Authorized tier. Expectations can be done and approved solely at Pipefy’s decision due to commercial needs or requirements.


If the Partner fails to comply with the requirements, a breach of Agreement will be charaterized and Pipefy will be entitled to suspend or cancel the Agreement, remove it from the end-user implementation process, and as a consequence the Pipefy will have no further payment or discount obligations due to Partner.


If the unfulfillment of Partner’s obligations cause proven damages to Pipefy (such as customer churn, lawsuits, or others), Pipefy will be entitled to discount such lots of any fees due to the Partner, under the terms of the Agreement and this Policy*. Pipefy will not be held liable for damages caused by the Partner to the client or third parties due to its failure to comply with its obligations herein.

  • * Partners are responsible to immediately report to Pipefy any complaints or issues informed by the customer it is responsible to engage with and to attend all such clients needs at a high standard.


5. Requirements Matrix






ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

(based on each company/branch results within a group of national ou international companies, if existed)

On the second year, partners that enter the Program within the fiscal calendar will be classified according to a ratio of the ARR

<=$50k ARR


$251K and above

Target per year (12 months) – At least 02 deals closed (won) in the last 12 months (new clients/new logos)

Partner Qualification Form Submitted

Business Plan in place


Use Pipefy Partners’ insignia during a valid contract period

Create and maintain a Pipefy landing page inside partners’ website for prospects’ referral


Portfolio of clients containing medium to Enterprise companies


Product Champion – a dedicated professional with technical and commercial skills on Pipefy’s solutions to engage with prospects and clients


Minimum of certificated staffs – Basic




Minimum of certificated staffs – Advanced




Non Disclosure Agreement signed







Payments to Pipefy are made correctly and there is no financial claim pending

Customers Satisfaction (Partners have to maintain a minimum CSAT Score of 4)


Customers Activation License (within up to 5 days of signed quote)

Provide Pipefy a monthly SALES OUT REPORT (specific format) for the purpose of validating active clients versus reported clients

6. Program Benefits


To ensure a positive Partner experience, we offer a variety of benefits, including an enablement specialist, sales tools, marketing tools, and discount margins or commissions per sale. The Partner can check all Pipefy Partner Program Benefits, per tier, in the Benefits Matrix below.


If any of the benefits, rules of engagement or conditions here established need to be revised, Pipefy will inform partners of these changes through Pipefy’s PRM Platform at PartnerStack or email.


Pipefy reserves the right to suspend or cancel Partners access to such benefits in case of breach of Agreement or Qualifications Requirements, as identified above.

6.1 Sales Benefits

Sales Benefits





Access to Pipefy´s PRM platform at PartnerStack

Every Partner has access to Pipefy´s PRM platform to manage opportunities, deals, and mutual client base.

Pipefy lead referral to partner

Access to qualified leads from Pipefy to provide services based on region and expertise. Prioritization based on partner tier and certification level


Product Special Payments & Discount

Back-end rebates available for achieving certain volume requirements, as well as special payment conditions. Higher tier partners receive greater discounts.


Lead/Deal Registration

Register your opportunities to guarantee your discount margins or commissions. In addition, register a potential deal and get pre-sales support and special payment terms &

discounts based on volume

Incentive Campaigns

Whenever Pipefy develops a campaign, engage its sales team to generate new pipelines while also benefiting from special rewards.

6.1.2 Enablement Benefits


Enablement Benefits





Not For Resale license (NFR)

Partners are provided a Pipefy

Not-For-Resale (NFR) license to access a Sandbox for further training in Pipefy’s platform, and to enable partners to showcase their Pipefy-built processes and services to prospects and potential clients. This NFR license cannot be used to benefit internal partner operations or for prospects and clients in a production environment.

Market Information and resources

Learn more about Pipefy’s positioning and messaging across the different verticals to define the right go-to market strategy and value proposition for the partner’s clients.

Competitive Analysis

Review how Pipefy compares to competitive platforms and how to leverage the benefits of Pipefy’s platform to win evaluations and negotiations. Have access to battlecards, presentations and a competitive matrix

Sales Assets

Sales Decks, whitepapers, use cases, videos and more to leverage during presentations and negotiations.

Partner Portal

Access to Pipefy’s Partner Platform at PartnerStack, where your team can deep dive on resources and track your leads / deals on the program.

Additional discount on NFR License

50% discount on an Enterprise License, if required, just for internal usage and limited to only one extra license


6.1.3 Support Benefits


Support Benefits






Product Support on Prototype Creation

Access to Pipefy’s Solutions Design (ISM) team to develop customized prototypes to leverage during sales pursuits with prospects and clients in an open opportunity.


2 hours/ month

4 hours/ month

Partner Account Manager (PAM)

Dedicated Partner Account Manager assigned to support select partners.


Partner Community

Have a specific question about the program, sales strategies or blockers? Connect directly with other partners and resellers to post your question and


Partner Credentials, when available

Number of participants per meetings, as well as trainings together with Pipefy’s Staff (participate in a GTM Academy live, for example) or

in-person events




6.1.4 Marketing Benefits


Marketing Benefits





Brand Guidelines (Logo, badge, etc.)

Access to Pipefy branding to be used in marketing actions, as well as in sales presentations. (includes guidelines, logos, slides’ templates, doc templates, Linkedin cover, video conference background, etc)

Partner Branding assets

Access to specific materials regarding the partner tier, location, and work (including partner insignias, images, certifications, etc.)

Authorized Partner Insignia

Silver Partner Insignia

Gold Partner Insignia

Partner Marketplace (in development)

Partners with their own developed solution powered by Pipefy will be allowed to publicize it at our marketplace website


Co-participation funds for joint events

Participation in joint promotional events such as Webinars, external market events, business lunches, etc.

Demand Generation Assets

Email templates, campaigns in a box to use with your client base or to attract new clients

UTM source

(in development)

Exclusive URL for marketing actions and automated referrals

Marketing Development Funds (MDF) – only BR

Amount calculated based on Tier, Exception cases approved by PAM in Business Cases Presentation

For a detailed information on the usage of MDF funds please refer to MDF Rules and Requirements*

All MDF funds are based on reimbursement of the expenses that partner had by presenting the POC and

POE accordingly



Sales Performance Incentive

Incentive campaigns, whenever available, to encourage sales growth with Pipefy



* MDF Guides may vary without prior notice to partners. Please confirm all the initiatives with your PAM or submit a email to [email protected] to receive the data

7. Models of Partnership Engagement


This Policy covers two models of Pipefy’s Partnership Program, as provided below*.

  • * Upon joining the Pipefy Partner Program, a Pipefy Partner Account Manager (“PAM”) will work with you to decide which of the fulfillment models aligns best for the Partner’s strategy.

7.1 Reseller Partnership Model [available only to companies based in countries that Pipefy is authorized to sell, requires an additional contract signature and will not be extended to all partners requesting this model of engagement]

A Reseller is aIf the Partner that’s authorizeddecides to resell Pipefy to its final customers, which will be subjected to Pipefy’s end user agreement (“EULA”) available at <> the (collectively, the “End User”).


After being qualified by the PAM, and signing the applicable Agreement, the reseller Partner will be authorized to resell Pipefy’s product, and will be demand to register into the Pipefy’s PRM Platform at “PartnerStack” and through the link <> either by the button “Register a Deal” or “Submit a referral”, depending on the criteria explained below, to indicate the End User information.


Depending on Pipefy’s approval of such indication, Partner will send to its PAM the Order Forms signed with each End User, provided it will be responsible to activate the end user license within 5 days of the purchase date.


Under this partnership model, the Partner will acquire Pipefy’s License and products to resell it to a given End User, provided it will be the sole responsible for the usage, charges, management and usability of the End User, while Pipefy’s responsibilities will be only towards the Partner.For avoidance of doubt, in case the End User supersedes the limits of the software License acquired through the reseller Partner (as pointed in the applicable Order Form), Pipefy will charge the Partner for the additional usage.


Pipefy’s EULA link must be added to the Purchase Order for End Users access and knowledge through the below language, otherwise the sale can be disconsidered:

“This legally binding Purchase Order regulates the Customer’s payment obligations. Customer usage of the products acquired herein are governed by Pipefy’s General Terms and Conditions available through the link <>, incorporated into this Purchase Order by reference. A Customer’s signature below constitutes acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions”.


Under the reselling partnership model, Partner is allowed to acquire Pipefy’s Software License on a monthly rate for a maximum of 3 consecutive months, after which it may only continue the reselling partnership model through acquiring annual Software Licenses.


For more information on the terms of this type of contract please contact Pipefy at [email protected]

7.2 Partnership Commission Model of Engagement


The commissioning model of engagement occurs when the End User pays for Pipefy’s products and services directly to Pipefy. This means that Partners will receive a commission from Pipefy according to the conditions set forth in this Policy and its referenced documents, for engaging with this End User during the sales process and through the implementation, as applicable.

7.2.1 Lead Indication – Commissioning Qualified Leads


In order for a potential customer to be considered as qualified for Partner to gain the program benefits (a “Qualified Lead”), it must be:


  • • Pipefy must conceded its approval to it as lead under the applicable partnership rules and the partner must identify demands of companies/prospects and/or projects that may need Pipefy´s Services and/or Software;
  • • It  must  be  entered  into  Pipefy’s  PRM  Platform  at  PartnerStack  through  the  link <> either by the button “Register a Deal” or “Submit a referral”, depending on the following factors:

  • – Submit a Referral: This button should be used when referring a new client to Pipefy, where a new client is a company that still doesn’t use Pipefy’s products, or that is not currently being worked by the partner in a Pipefy selling opportunity.
  • – ALL NEW End Users (new Company ID or OrgID) must be included into our internal system prior to submitting the lead into the PRM using the same email address Partners will use to submit the lead\opportunity afterwards.
  • – Register a Deal: This button should be used when the partner is referring to a company that is already using Pipefy’s products and is going to expand, either by adding new users or purchasing different products (such as automation packages and integrations).

Once registered, the opportunity will be analyzed by Pipefy in Pipefy´s sole discretion**, considering:


  1. (I) APPROVED: when Pipefy considers a new opportunity, not registered and not previously mentioned by any PARTNER or member of the Pipefy sales team; or


  1. (II) REJECTED: if Pipefy checks that the Lead already has been registered and approved in advance for any other PARTNER or for any member of the Pipefy sales team.


*FIFO (first in first out) will be considered by Pipefy for the analysis and response to a new opportunity record. Pipefy will analyze first the registration registered at an earlier date.

It’s extremely important that the partner follows this process correctly.
In case Partner fails with its lead registration and obligations, Pipefy will no longer be obliged to pay the Partner for such failed registration.


**Pipefy reserves the right to decline, at its sole discretion, the request for registration of an End User, provided that Partner will only be entitled to a given commission once the registration is formally approved. Even after being approved and active, Pipefy may disapprove or terminate an End User registration that fails to comply with Pipefy’s software license terms and conditions.

7.3 Payment according to partnership model: Discount / Commission


Regardless of which model of partnership that is chosen, the Partners must register the deal through Pipefy’s PRM Platform at PartnerStack to get the discount margin or the commission, following Pipefy’s price list published on


All commissions and discounts are contingent on Partner remaining an active partner, by attending the requirements set herein. In the exercise of its self-management and in view of free initiative and competition, Pipefy reserves the right to, at any time, review its discount and commission margins and tiers.


These changes will be previously communicated to the Partner in writing, taking effect immediately after the notice. The discount and/ or commission margin to which the Partner is subjected to will be charged upon the notice effective date, after which Pipefy will not be bound by any previous margins, commissioning or discounts granted during the previous subscription term.


Once the Partner is approved as part of the Program, it will be entitled to receive the respective commission or discount margin, according to the commissioning policy in place at the time of the approval, which will be made available at the time of such Partner approval and homologation.

  • 7.4 Payment Process

  • 7.4.1 Commission Payment


Once the Qualified Lead is approved, the Partner will be entitled to receive commercial support from Pipefy’s Partner Service Team, and the respective commission, according to the current commissioning policy in place at the time of the approval. Reference is made to the indication and approval process:


  • • For the payment of the commission, Partner shall register the potential customer in the Pipefy’s PRM Platform at PartnerStack platform prior to the conclusion of the sale of the licenses, for Pipefy’s prior formal approval. Upon the inclusion into the platform and validation by Pipefy of a Qualified Lead as described above, the partner will have 6 months to close a Qualified Purchase with the Qualified Lead.


  • • If there is no Qualified Purchase during that period (6 months), the Partner should provide formal feedback to Partner PAM and Pipefy, in its sole discretion, shall have the option to discuss the reasonable next steps and commercial approach with the Lead.


  • • Any transaction with the Qualified Lead after the 6 months period with no substantial activity or with no formal feedback will not be subject to commission or program benefits.
  • • In addition, the Lead must include the resale of Pipefy´s Software, as part of the final solution proposed to the customer (find more details at section 6.1).
  • • The Partner is solely responsible for the Lead registration. If the registration is not formalized in the PartnerStack Platform, Pipefy is exempt from controlling the order of time preference of referrals.
  • • Pipefy’s partners are prohibited from co-opting Leads already registered by other partners. Pipefy will refuse the duplicate registration on the pipe and inform the partner that the lead is already being pursued by another partner.
  • • To become fully eligible to receive such a commission, besides complying with the qualified lead registration process, it is essential that the partner also comply with the Partnership Agreements and other general Program Policy provisions. If the Partner fails to follow the aforementioned mechanisms, this will constitute a breach of contract and Pipefy will not be obliged to furnish the conditions indicated herein.
  • • For the payment of the commission, the Partner shall confirm its accurate Bank Account. Partner will be solely responsible for the accuracy of its personal data and Pipefy will not be held responsible for any damages arising out of inaccurate information. In case Pipefy is exposed due to Partner discompliance with the above, Partner will be held responsible as provided in the Partnership Agreement.
  • • Partners are obliged to send to Pipefy a unique invoice for every quarter payment. To create an invoice please refer to or The invoice is the legal documentation that is required for fiscal purposes.

The Partner must have a valid signed Partnership Agreement with Pipefy to be entitled to receive commissions. Besides the above mentioned, commissions will only be paid for deals:


  • • That were previously listed on the PartnerStack Platform, INCLUDING EXPANSIONS referred through the “Register a Deal” Button. It is the Partner’s responsibility to inform Pipefy about expansions that have occurred in the accounts of its customers.
  • • If the Partner does not indicate user expansions that occurred in their customer’s accounts within the month of expansion, the commissions relating to this expansion will not be paid
  • • That were effectively created and driven by the partner all the way through the process. This means that Pipefy’s products sold to the End User that were not done directly by the partner will not be commissioned. If any payment is made and an irregularity is discovered later, Pipefy will require Partners to reverse amounts paid incorrectly back to Pipefy, or Pipefy will reduce the total commission payment for the following quarter.
  • • If all bank information required through Pipefy (link), while enrolling (once you join the program and create your account there) is correct and based upon a corporate bank account.
  • • to the person who represents the legal representative indicated by the Partners when accepting the terms and conditions of our Partner Terms of Agreement.

  • 7.4.2 Commission Payment Process


Pipefy’s headquarters, located in the USA, carry out the process of payment of partner commissions. For this reason, in addition to the commission paid in dollars, payment is made through the international transfer. To receive

wire transfers, your account must be enabled. However, for Brazilian partners only it is also possible to receive payments in reais (R$) through the Ebanx [if Ebanx is chosen as the payment method, the vendors terms and conditions will apply as available at <>].


For Pipefy to pay your commission, you need to fill in a form containing all the necessary information about the partner and your bank. This filing is unique and mandatory for all partners, and is available here: Commission Payment Form.


Once the payment is requested by the bank, the partner must directly consult the availability of the order received, issued by the bank at the time it receives the money. If it decides to nationalize it, the bank will provide guidance on how it should be done and taxes levied on it.


Pipefy is not responsible for the payment of any taxes and fees arising from the nationalization or receipt of the money.


If the partner’s bank has difficulty identifying an order received, Pipefy can provide the partner with the tracking number and proof of payment. To request them, the partner must contact their Partner Account Manager or send an email to [email protected]


Step by step:


  • • Partners must issue an invoice to Pipefy Inc and send it to our Finance Department through email ([email protected])
  • • The Partner must enable its account to receiveWire Transfers with the bank.
  • • The Partner must complete the Commission Payment Form with bank details, every quarter
  • • Pipefy will pay the commissions every 3 months, by the end of the month to the following quarter.
  • • The data that is considered for Partner’s commission is based on the date of que first payment done by the End User(Client), not the opportunity’s close date’
  • • The partner must contact the bank to inquire about the availability of the order received.
  • • If desired, the partner can carry out the nationalization of the amount with the bank. The bank is responsible for guiding the partner through this process, and all fees and charges incurred by the bank are the partner’s responsibility.
  • • Quartely commissions value that sums up less than U$100.00 will be held to be paid with following quarter commissions payment.

  • 7.4.3 Discount Payment Process


Partners under the reseller model of engagement that purchase the Software License directly from Pipefy pursuant to this Policy, by signing a specific Order Form that will inform the payment information


Partner will be responsible for bank or foreign exchange fees, taxes, fees, charges, contributions, releases, obligations or fees and/or governmental charges of any nature. The partner will also be responsible for paying all fees associated with and/or arising from contracting with the End User.


Partner will purchase the Pipefy’s quoted prices that do not include any national, state, or local sales, use, value-added or other government taxes, fees or assessments, whether due at the time of sale or subsequently collected (“Taxes”). In addition to the purchase price of a Software License, Partner will be solely responsible for paying any and all taxes related to this Agreement, sale, use, possession or distribution to End Users).

Unpaid Fees are subject to a finance charge of one percent (1.0%) per month, plus all expenses of collection, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. Fees under this section are exclusive of all taxes, including national, state or provincial, and local use, sales, value-added, property, and similar taxes, if any. The Partner agrees to pay such taxes (excluding US taxes based on Pipefy ‘s net income). In the case of any withholding requirements, Partner will pay any required withholding itself and will not reduce the amount paid to Pipefy on account thereof.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, in addition to any other remedy available, Pipefy may restrict or suspend Partner’s and/or its End Users’ rights under this Agreement and access to the Software without warning if payment is not made when due.

  • 8. Not for Resale Agreement (NFR)


By agreeing with this Policy, Pipefy grants Partner a license during the Program Year to use the Platform to (i) create Partner Applications, (ii) operate Partner Applications and third-party applications, and (iii) create software to integrate the Platform, Partner Applications and third-party applications with Partner’s system. However, this license can not be transferred or commercialized in any circumstances.


Subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Policy, Pipefy grants the license to the Partner for usage in a non-production/non-live environment (“Non-Production Use”) during the Term of the Partnership only for Partner’s internal-business purposes limited to lab/development environments for permitted analysis/review by Licensee, or permitted demonstration by Partner of the Software to third parties (“Authorized Purposes”): (a) to use Pipefy’s License (current version solely for the purposes of demonstrations to Prospects, training of Partner personnel, and development efforts in connection with the design, development, and testing of products and services compatible with this Agreement); and (b) create software to integrate the Platform, Partner Applications and third-party applications with Partner’s system, whenever applicable. Partner hereby agrees to comply with the NFR and any other Agreement currently in force between the Parties when using the license and only to use it for Authorized Purposes, as defined herein.

  • 9. Contact Information


Please contact your Partner Account Manager (PAM) for support. They will be your primary liaison and can help you with any support and assistance that you may need . If you need special/general help from the Pipefy Partner Team, please contact us through the following contact information.



Important: We have a SLA of 72 hours to answer emails and general requests. If you have any urgent request, please mention that in the subject of your email. Please keep in mind that our team works within different time zones, so some requests may require additional time to find the right solution. We will keep you posted in all cases. Some other options for support:


Live Training:


  • 10. Revision History



Valid till






Gustavo De Martini



Propietario de la Política:

Gustavo De Martini

Versión del Documento:


Fecha de Aprobación de la Versión Actual:

FY 2022

Revisada por:

Habilitación, Legal y Cumplimiento de Socios


Información Privada

Este documento es propiedad de Pipefy y contiene información que es patentada, confidencial o restringida a divulgación. Si no está autorizado a recibirlo, devuelva este documento al propietario mencionado anteriormente. La difusión, distribución, reproducción o uso total o parcial de este documento por cualquier tercero que no sea la persona a la que está destinado, sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de Pipefy, está estrictamente prohibido.



  1. 1. Introducción y Alcance 
  2. 2. El Programa de Socios de Pipefy 
  3. 3. Tipos de Asociación incluidos en esta Política del Programa de Socios 
  4. 4. Requisitos de Calificación 
  5. 5. Matriz de Requisitos 
  6. 6. Beneficios del Programa 
  7. 7. Beneficios de las Ventas 
  8. 8. Beneficios de la Habilitación 
  9. 9. Beneficios de Soporte 
  10. 10. Beneficios de Marketing 
  11. 11. Modelos de realización de Asociaciones 
  12. 12. Acuerdo para no Reventa (NFR) 
  13. 13. Información de Contacto 
  14. 14. Historia de Revisión 


  • 1. Introducción y Alcance

El objetivo de esta Política es guiar a los socios de Pipefy sobre las políticas generales del programa de socios de Pipefy. A continuación, el Socio encontrará explicaciones y una matriz comparativa de los modelos de asociación – Comisión y Revendedor, y niveles – Autorizado, Plata y Oro. Póngase en contacto con su Gerente de Cuentas de Socios (PAM) o con [email protected] para abordar o aclarar cualquier pregunta.

  • 2. El Programa de Socios de Pipefy

El Programa de Asociación de Pipefy (“Programa”) permite a los socios colaborar con el equipo de Pipefy, aprendiendo el manual de conducta de Pipefy, el software de Pipefy y las habilidades básicas del producto para mejorar las soluciones o servicios de los socios hacia los clientes potenciales, con el fin de aumentar los flujos de ingresos incrementales. El programa funciona con una variedad de socios


  • 3. Tipos de Asociación incluidos en esta Política del Programa de Socios

Esta Política del Programa de Asociación de Pipefy cubre a los Socios que han firmado nuestro Término de Autorización Estándar o un Término de Acuerdo de Revendedor principalmente válido para los socios que reciben comisión por oportunidad generada o descuento en función de sus logros de ingresos.


De acuerdo con el Término de Acuerdo del Revendedor SaaS de Pipefy, un “Revendedor puede comprar el software de Pipefy bajo condiciones de precios especiales para revender los Servicios a sus Clientes directos, siempre que se requiera que el Revendedor informe inmediatamente a Pipefy dichas condiciones de venta. Un Socio Revendedor no venderá los servicios de Pipefy sin organizar un soporte postventa adecuado”.


Para los socios ISV y BPO, existe otra Política que cubre cuestiones más detalladas con respecto a nuestra asociación.


Además, de acuerdo con nuestro Manual de Conducta para Clientes, Proveedores y Socios Comerciales que establece directrices con respecto a la relación con proveedores, proveedores de servicios, socios comerciales y clientes, todos los socios deben observar estas directrices. Para más información acceda al enlace.

  • 4. Requisitos de Calificación

Los Requisitos de Calificación del Programa (“requisitos”) significa que el Socio tiene que cumplir con ciertos requisitos mínimos de ingreso al programa, así como con los requisitos continuos del programa, algunos de los cuales son requisitos generales, otros son específicos para el compromiso continuo de la relación por parte de las Partes, incluido el cumplimiento de ciertos ingresos anuales mínimos y otros requisitos como se establece en detalle en la Matriz de Requisitos a continuación.


Los Socios son responsables de informar inmediatamente a Pipefy cualquier queja o problema informado por el cliente con el que es responsable de interactuar y de atender todas las necesidades de los clientes a un alto nivel.


En caso de que el Socio no cumpla con los requisitos establecidos en este documento durante un determinado Año de Programa, Pipefy tendrá derecho a rescindir la asociación, sin incurrir en ningún costo o penalización, mediante notificación previa por escrito al Socio, según lo dispuesto en el Acuerdo de Asociación al que está vinculada esta política.


Del mismo modo, si el Socio no cumple con los requisitos, esto constituirá un incumplimiento de acuerdo y Pipefy tendrá derecho a eliminarlo del proceso de implementación del usuario final, sin más pagos u obligaciones de descuento debido al Socio.

Si el incumplimiento de las obligaciones del Socio causa daños comprobados a Pipefy (como abandono de clientes, litigios u otros), Pipefy tendrá derecho a descontar dichos montos de cualquier tarifa adeudada al Socio, según los términos del Acuerdo de Asociación y esta Política. Pipefy no será responsable de los daños causados por el Socio al cliente o a terceros debido a su incumplimiento de sus obligaciones en este documento.


Matriz de Requisitos





ARR (Ingresos Anuales Recurrentes)

(basado en los resultados de cada empresa/sucursal dentro de un grupo de empresas nacionales o internacionales, si existente)

En el segundo año, los socios que ingresen al Programa dentro del año calendario se clasificarán de acuerdo con una proporción del ARR.

<=$50k ARR


$251K y superior

Objetivo por año (12 meses) – Al menos 02 acuerdos cerrados (ganados) en los últimos 12 meses (nuevos clientes / nuevos logotipos)

Formulario de Calificación de Socio Enviado

Plan de Negocios establecido


Usar la insignia de Pipefy Partners durante un período de acuerdo válido

Crear y mantener una página web de Pipefy dentro del sitio web de los socios para la referencia de prospectos


Cartera de clientes que contiene Empresas medianas y grandes


Campeón de Producto – un profesional dedicado con habilidades técnicas y comerciales en las soluciones de Pipefy para interactuar con prospectos y clientes


Mínimo de personal certificado – Básico




Mínimo de personal certificado – Avanzado




Acuerdo de Confidencialidad firmado – NDA_PDF para su lectura







Los pagos a Pipefy se realizan correctamente y no hay ninguna reclamación financiera pendiente

Satisfacción de los Clientes (los Socios deben mantener un Puntaje CSAT mínimo de 4)


Licencia de Activación de Clientes (dentro de un máximo de 5 días de la cotización firmada)

Proporcionar a Pipefy un INFORME MENSUAL DE VENTAS (formato específico) con el fin de validar los clientes activos frente a los clientes informados

  • 5. Beneficios del Programa

Para garantizar una experiencia positiva para los socios, ofrecemos una variedad de beneficios, que incluyen un especialista en habilitación, herramientas de ventas, herramientas de marketing y márgenes de descuento o comisiones por venta. Ud. puede consultar todos los Beneficios del Programa de Socios de Pipefy, por nivel, en la Matriz de Beneficios a continuación.


Si alguno de los beneficios, reglas de compromiso o condiciones aquí establecidas necesitan ser revisados, Pipefy informará a los socios estos cambios a través de la Plataforma PRM de Pipefy en PartnerStack o el correo electrónico.

  • 5.1.1 Beneficios de las Ventas

Beneficios de las Ventas





Acceso a la plataforma PRM de Pipefy en PartnerStack

Cada Socio tiene acceso a la plataforma PRM de Pipefy para gestionar oportunidades, acuerdos y base de clientes mutuos.

Referencia de lead de Pipefy a un socio

Acceso a leads calificados de Pipefy para proporcionar servicios basados en la región y la experiencia. Priorización basada en el nivel del socio y el nivel de certificación.


Pagos y Descuentos Especiales de Productos

Descuentos finales disponibles para lograr ciertos requisitos de volumen, así como condiciones especiales de pago. Los socios de nivel superior reciben mayores descuentos.


Registro de Lead/Negociación

Registre sus oportunidades para garantizar sus márgenes de descuento o comisiones. Además, registre una negociación potencial y obtenga soporte de preventa y condiciones de pago especiales y descuentos basados en el volumen

Campañas de Incentivo

Siempre que Pipefy desarrolle una campaña, involucre a su equipo de ventas para generar nuevos flujos y al mismo tiempo beneficiarse de recompensas especiales.

  • 5.2.1 Beneficios de la Habilitación


Beneficios de la Habilitación





Licencia No Para Reventa (NFR)

Los socios reciben una licencia No Para Reventa (NFR) de Pipefy para acceder a un Sandbox para una mayor capacitación en la plataforma de Pipefy, y para permitir a los socios mostrar sus procesos y servicios construidos por Pipefy a prospectos y clientes potenciales. Esta licencia NFR no se puede utilizar para beneficiar las operaciones internas de los socios o para posibles prospectos y clientes en un entorno de producción.

Información y Recursos de Mercado

Obtenga más información sobre el posicionamiento y los mensajes de Pipefy en los diferentes verticales para definir la estrategia de mercado y la propuesta de valor adecuadas para los clientes del socio.

Análisis Competitivos

Revise cómo Pipefy se compara con las plataformas de la competencia y cómo aprovechar los beneficios de la plataforma de Pipefy para ganar evaluaciones y negociaciones. Tenga acceso a fichas de estrategia de ventas, presentaciones y una matriz competitiva.

Activos de Ventas

Presentaciones de ventas, reportes técnicos, casos de uso, videos y más para aprovechar durante presentaciones y negociaciones.

Portal del Socio

Acceso a la Plataforma de los Socios de Pipefy en PartnerStack, donde su equipo puede profundizarse en los recursos y realizar un seguimiento de sus leads / ofertas en el programa.

Descuento adicional en la licencia NFR

El 50% de descuento en una Licencia Corporativa, si es necesario, solo para uso interno y limitado a una sola licencia adicional


  • 5.1.3 Beneficios de Soporte


Beneficios de Soporte





Soporte de Productos en la Creación de Prototipos

Acceso al equipo de Diseño de Soluciones (ISM) de Pipefy para desarrollar prototipos personalizados para aprovechar durante las actividades de ventas con prospectos y clientes en una oportunidad abierta.


2 horas/ mes

4 horas/ mes

Gerente de Cuentas de Socios (PAM)

Gerente de Cuentas de Socio dedicado asignado para dar soporte a socios seleccionados.


Comunidad de Socios

¿Tiene alguna pregunta específica sobre el programa, las estrategias de ventas o los bloqueadores? Conéctese directamente con otros socios y revendedores para publicar su

pregunta y discutirla

Credenciales de Socio, cuando estén disponibles

Número de participantes por reunión, así como capacitaciones junto con el personal de Pipefy (participar en una GTM Academy en vivo, por ejemplo) o eventos





  • 5.1.4 Beneficios de Marketing


Beneficios de Marketing






Acceso a la marca Pipefy para utilizarla en

Directrices de la Marca (logotipo, distintivo de id, etc.)

acciones de marketing, así como en

presentaciones de ventas. (incluye directrices, logotipos, plantillas de diapositivas, plantillas de documentos, portada de LinkedIn, fondo de


videoconferencia, etc.)

Activos de Marca del Socio

Acceso a materiales específicos sobre el nivel de socio, la ubicación y el trabajo (incluso insignias de socios, imágenes, certificaciones, etc.)

Insignia de Socio Autorizad o

Insignia de Socio Plata

Insignia de Socio Oro

Marketplace de Socio (en desarrollo)

Los socios con su propia solución desarrollada por Pipefy podrán publicitarla en nuestro sitio web de marketplace.


Fondos de

Participación en eventos promocionales


conjuntos como Webinars, eventos de

para eventos

mercado externo, almuerzos de negocios,



Activos de Generación de Demanda

Plantillas de correo electrónico, campañas en una caja para usar con su base de clientes o para atraer nuevos clientes

Fuente de UTM (en desarrollo)

URL exclusiva para acciones de marketing y referencias automatizadas


Importe calculado en función de los casos




de Nivel y Excepción aprobados por el


PAM en la Presentación de Casos de

Fondos de


Desarrollo de

Para obtener la información detallada

Marketing (MDF) –

sobre el uso de los fondos MDF, consulte:

solo BR

MDF Reglas y Requisitos*


Todos los fondos de MDF se basan en el


reembolso de los gastos que el socio tuvo


al presentar el respectivo POC y


Incentivo de Performance de Ventas

Campañas de incentivos, siempre que estén disponibles, para fomentar el crecimiento de las ventas con Pipefy


* Las Guías de MDF pueden variar sin previo aviso a los socios. Por favor, confirme todas las iniciativas con su PAM o envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected]

  • 6. Modelos de compromiso de asociación

Esta Política cubre dos modelos del Programa de Asociación de Pipefy, como se indica a continuación*.


* Al unirse al programa de socios de Pipefy, un administrador de cuentas de socios de Pipefy (“PAM”) trabajará con usted para decidir cuál de los modelos de cumplimiento se alinea mejor con la estrategia del socio.


  1. 6.1 Modelo de asociación de revendedores [disponible solo para empresas con sede en países en los que Pipefy está autorizado a vender, requiere una firma de contrato adicional y no se extenderá a todos los socios que soliciten este modelo de compromiso]


Un revendedor es un si el socio que está autorizado decide revender Pipefy a sus clientes finales, que estarán sujetos al acuerdo de usuario final (“EULA”) de Pipefy disponible en

<> el (colectivamente, el “Usuario final”).


Después de ser calificado por el PAM y firmar el Acuerdo correspondiente, el Socio revendedor estará autorizado para revender el producto de Pipefy y se le exigirá que se registre en la Plataforma PRM de Pipefy en “PartnerStack” y a través del enlace <https://dash.> ya sea mediante el botón “Registrar una oferta” o “Enviar una referencia”, según los criterios que se explican a continuación, para indicar la información del Usuario final.


Dependiendo de la aprobación de Pipefy de dicha indicación, el Socio enviará a su PAM los Formularios de pedido firmados con cada Usuario final, siempre que sea responsable de activar la licencia de usuario final dentro de los 5 días posteriores a la fecha de compra.


Bajo este modelo de asociación, el Socio adquirirá la Licencia y los productos de Pipefy para revenderlos a un Usuario final determinado, siempre que sea el único responsable del uso, los cargos, la administración y la usabilidad del Usuario final, mientras que las responsabilidades de Pipefy serán solo hacia el Socio. Para evitar dudas, en caso de que el Usuario final supere los límites de la Licencia de software adquirida a través del Socio revendedor (como se indica en el Formulario de pedido correspondiente), Pipefy cobrará al Socio por el uso adicional.


El enlace EULA de Pipefy debe agregarse a la Orden de compra para el acceso y conocimiento de los Usuarios finales a través del siguiente idioma, de lo contrario, la venta puede ser rechazada:


“Esta Orden de Compra legalmente vinculante regula las obligaciones de pago del Cliente. El uso por parte del cliente de los productos adquiridos en este documento se rige por los Términos y Condiciones Generales de Pipefy disponibles a través del enlace <>, incorporados a esta Orden de Compra por referencia. La firma de un Cliente a continuación constituye la aceptación de estos Términos y Condiciones Generales”.


Bajo el modelo de asociación de reventa, el Socio puede adquirir la Licencia de software de Pipefy a una tarifa mensual por un máximo de 3 meses consecutivos, después de lo cual solo puede continuar con el modelo de asociación de reventa mediante la adquisición de Licencias de software anuales.


Para obtener más información sobre los términos de este tipo de contrato, comuníquese con Pipefy en [email protected]

  • 6.2 Modelo de compromiso de la Comisión de Alianza

El modelo de compromiso de puesta en servicio se produce cuando el Usuario final paga los productos y servicios de Pipefy directamente a Pipefy. Esto significa que los Socios recibirán una comisión de Pipefy de acuerdo con las condiciones establecidas en esta Política y sus documentos de referencia, por interactuar con este Usuario final durante el proceso de venta y durante la implementación, según corresponda.

  • 6.2.1 Indicación de Leads – Comisión de Leads Calificados Para que un lead (un cliente potencial) sea considerado como calificado para que el Socio obtenga los beneficios del programa (un “Lead Calificado”), debe ser:


  • – Un lead aprobado bajo las reglas de asociación aplicables y el socio debe identificar las demandas de las empresas/prospectos y/o los proyectos que pueden necesitar los Servicios y/o el Software de Pipefy;


  • – Se debe ingresarlo en la plataforma PRM de Pipefy en PartnerStack a través del enlace ya sea mediante el botón “Registrar una Negociación” o “Enviar una referencia”, dependiendo de los siguientes factores:


  • • Enviar una Referencia: Este botón se debe usar cuando se refiere a un nuevo cliente a Pipefy, donde un nuevo cliente es una empresa que aún no usa los productos de Pipefy, o que actualmente no está siendo trabajada por el socio en una oportunidad de venta de Pipefy.
  • • Todos los nuevos clientes (nuevo ID de Empresa u OrgID) deben incluirse en nuestro sistema interno antes de enviar el lead al PRM utilizando la misma dirección de correo electrónico que los Socios usarán para enviar el lead\ la oportunidad posteriormente.
  • • Registrar una Negociación: Este botón se debe utilizar cuando el socio está recomendando una empresa que ya está utilizando los productos de Pipefy y va a expandirse, ya sea añadiendo nuevos usuarios o comprando diferentes productos (como paquetes de automatización e integraciones).


Una vez registrada, la oportunidad se analizará por Pipefy a discreción exclusiva de Pipefy**, considerando:


  1. (I) APROBADA: cuando Pipefy considera una nueva oportunidad, no registrada y no mencionada previamente por ningún SOCIO o miembro del equipo de ventas de Pipefy; o


  1. (II) RECHAZADA: si Pipefy comprueba que el Lead ya ha sido registrado y aprobado por adelantado para cualquier otro SOCIO o para cualquier miembro del equipo de ventas de Pipefy.


*FIFO (primero en entrar, primero en salir,) se considerará por Pipefy para el análisis y respuesta a un nuevo registro de oportunidad. Pipefy analizará primero el registro registrado en una fecha anterior.


**Pipefy se reserva el derecho de rechazar, a su entera discreción, la solicitud de registro de un Usuario Final, siempre que el Socio solo tenga derecho a una comisión determinada una vez que el registro sea aprobado formalmente. Incluso después de haber sido aprobado y activado, Pipefy puede desaprobar o cancelar un registro de Usuario final que no cumpla con los términos y condiciones de licencia de software de Pipefy.


Es extremadamente importante que el socio siga este proceso correctamente. En caso de que el Socio falle con su registro de lead y sus obligaciones, Pipefy ya no estará obligado a pagar al Socio por dicho registro fracasado.

  • 6.3 Pago según modelo de asociación: Descuento / Comisión

Independientemente del modelo de asociación elegido, los Socios deben registrar el trato a través de la Plataforma PRM de Pipefy en PartnerStack para obtener el margen de descuento o la comisión, siguiendo la lista de precios de Pipefy publicada en


Todas las comisiones y descuentos están supeditados a que el Socio siga siendo un socio activo, cumpliendo con los requisitos establecidos en este documento. En ejercicio de su autogestión y en atención a la libre iniciativa y competencia, Pipefy se reserva el derecho de, en cualquier momento, revisar sus márgenes y niveles de descuento y comisión.


Estos cambios serán comunicados previamente al Socio por escrito, surtiendo efecto inmediatamente después de la notificación. El margen de descuento y/o comisión al que está sujeto el Socio se cobrará a partir de la fecha de vigencia de la notificación, después de lo cual Pipefy no estará obligado por ningún margen, comisión o descuento anterior otorgado durante el período de suscripción anterior.


Una vez que el Socio sea aprobado como parte del Programa, tendrá derecho a recibir la respectiva comisión o margen de descuento, de acuerdo con la política de comisionamiento vigente al momento de la aprobación, la cual estará disponible al momento de la aprobación de dicho Socio. y homologación.

  • 6.4 Proceso Pago

  • 6.4.1 Pago de Comisión

Una vez aprobado el Lead, el SOCIO tendrá derecho a recibir la respectiva comisión, de acuerdo con la política de comisión vigente en el momento de la aprobación; y recibir soporte comercial del Equipo de Servicio para los Socios de Pipefy.


  • • Para el pago de la comisión, el SOCIO deberá registrar al cliente potencial en la Plataforma PRM de Pipefy en la plataforma PartnerStack antes de la conclusión de la venta de las licencias, para la aprobación formal previa de Pipefy. Mediante la inclusión en la plataforma y la validación por parte de Pipefy de un Lead Calificado como se describió anteriormente, el socio tendrá 6 meses para cerrar una Compra Calificada con el Lead Calificado.
  • • Si no hay una Compra Calificada durante ese período (6 meses), el SOCIO debe proporcionar comentarios formales al Gerente de Cuenta del Socio (PAM) y Pipefy, a su entera discreción, tendrá la opción de discutir los próximos pasos razonables y el enfoque comercial con el Lead.
  • • Cualquier transacción con el Lead Calificado después del período de 6 meses sin actividad sustancial o sin un feedback formal no estará sujeta a comisiones o beneficios del programa.
  • • Además, el Lead deberá incluir la reventa del Software de Pipefy, como parte de la solución final propuesta al cliente.
  • • El Socio es el único responsable del registro del Lead. Si el registro no está formalizado en la Plataforma PartnerStack, Pipefy está exenta de controlar el orden de preferencia de tiempo de las referencias.
  • • Los socios de Pipefy están prohibidos de cooptar Leads ya registrados por otros socios. Pipefy rechazará el registro duplicado en el flujo e informará al socio que el lead ya está siendo perseguido por otro socio.
  • • Para ser totalmente elegible para recibir dicha comisión, además de cumplir con el proceso de registro de leads calificados, es esencial que el socio también cumpla con los Acuerdos de Asociación y otras disposiciones generales de la Política del Programa. Si el Socio no sigue los mecanismos antes mencionados, esto constituirá un incumplimiento de acuerdo y Pipefy no estará obligada a proporcionar las condiciones aquí indicadas.
  • • Para el pago de la comisión, el SOCIO deberá confirmar su Cuenta Bancaria exacta. El Socio será el único responsable de la exactitud de sus datos personales y Pipefy no será responsable de ningún daño que surja de la información inexacta. En caso de que Pipefy esté expuesta debido al incumplimiento del Socio con lo anterior, el Socio será responsable según lo dispuesto en el Acuerdo de Asociación.
  • • Los Socios están obligados a enviar a Pipefy una factura única por cada trimestre de pago. Para crear una factura, consulte el o La factura es la documentación legal que se requiere para fines fiscales.

El Socio debe tener un Acuerdo de Asociación firmado válido – física o virtualmente – con Pipefy para tener derecho a recibir comisiones. Además de lo mencionado anteriormente, solo se pagarán comisiones por las ofertas:


  • • que se incluyeron anteriormente en la Plataforma PartnerStack, INCLUSO LAS EXPANSIONES referidas a través del botón “Registrar una Negociación”. Es responsabilidad del Socio informar a Pipefy sobre las expansiones que se han producido en las cuentas de sus clientes.
  • • Si el Socio no indica las expansiones de usuario que se produjeron en las cuentas de sus clientes dentro del mes de expansión, las comisiones relacionadas con esta expansión no se pagarán.
  • • que fueron creadas e impulsadas de manera efectiva por el socio durante todo el proceso. Esto significa que los productos de Pipefy vendidos al Usuario Final que no fueron hechos directamente por el socio no serán comisionados. Si se realiza algún pago y se descubre una irregularidad más tarde, Pipefy requerirá que los Socios reviertan los montos pagados incorrectamente a Pipefy, o Pipefy reducirá el pago total de la comisión para el siguiente trimestre.
  • • Si todos los datos bancarios requeridos a través de Pipefy (enlace), al inscribirse (una vez que se una al programa y cree su cuenta allí) están correctos y basados en una cuenta bancaria corporativa.
  • • a la persona que representa al representante legal indicado por los Socios al aceptar los términos y condiciones de nuestros Términos de Acuerdo de Socios.

  • 6.4.2 Proceso de Pago de Comisión

La sede central de Pipefy, ubicada en San Francisco, EE.UU., realiza el proceso de pago de las comisiones de los socios. Por esta razón, además de la comisión pagada en dólares, el pago se realiza a través de la transferencia internacional. . Para recibir transferencias bancarias, su cuenta debe estar habilitada. Sin embargo, solo para los socios brasileños también es posible recibir pagos en reales (R$) a través del Banco, Ebanx.


Para que Pipefy pague su comisión, Ud. debe completar un formulario que contenga toda la información necesaria sobre el socio y su banco. Esta presentación es única y obligatoria para todos los socios, y está disponible aquí: Formulario de Pago de Comisión


Una vez solicitado el pago por el banco, el socio deberá consultar directamente la disponibilidad del pedido recibido, emitido por el banco en el momento en que recibe el dinero. Si decide nacionalizarlo, el banco proporcionará orientación sobre cómo se debe hacerlo y se le cobrarán impuestos.


Pipefy no es responsable del pago de ningún impuesto y tarifa que surja de la nacionalización o recepción del dinero.


Si el banco del socio tiene dificultades para identificar un pedido recibido, Pipefy puede proporcionar al socio el número de seguimiento y el comprobante de pago. Para solicitarlos, el socio debe ponerse en contacto con su Gerente de Cuentas de Socio o enviar un correo electrónico a [email protected]


Paso a paso:

  • • Los Socios deben emitir una factura a Pipefy Inc. y enviarla a nuestro Departamento Legal a través de correo electrónico ([email protected])
  • • El Socio debe habilitar su cuenta para recibir transferencias bancarias con el banco.
  • • El Socio debe completar el Formulario de Pago de Comisiones con los datos bancarios, cada trimestre
  • • Pipefy pagará las comisiones cada 3 meses, siempre haciendo referencia al trimestre finalizado.
  • • Los datos que se consideran para la comisión del Socio se basan en la fecha del primer pago
  • • realizado por el Usuario Final (Cliente), no en la fecha de cierre de la oportunidad.
  • • El socio debe ponerse en contacto con el banco para consultar la disponibilidad del pedido recibido.
  • • Si lo desea, el socio puede llevar a cabo la nacionalización del monto con el banco. El banco es responsable de guiar al socio a través de este proceso, y todas las tarifas y cargos incurridos por el banco son responsabilidad del socio.
  • • El valor de las comisiones trimestrales que suma menos de U$100.00 se mantendrá para ser pagado con el pago de comisiones del siguiente trimestre.

  • 6.4.3 Proceso de Pago de Descuento

Socios bajo el modelo de compromiso de revendedor que compran la Licencia de software directamente de Pipefy de conformidad con esta Política, mediante la firma de un Formulario de pedido específico que informará la información de pago.


El Socio será responsable de las tarifas bancarias o de cambio de divisas, impuestos, tarifas, cargos, contribuciones, liberaciones, obligaciones o tarifas y/o cargos gubernamentales de cualquier naturaleza. El socio también será responsable de pagar todas las tarifas asociadas y/o que surjan de la contratación con el Usuario final.


El Socio comprará los precios cotizados de Pipefy que no incluyan ningún impuesto, uso, valor agregado u otros impuestos, tarifas o evaluaciones gubernamentales nacionales, estatales o locales, ya sea con vencimiento en el momento de la venta o que se cobren posteriormente (“Impuestos”). Además del precio de compra de una Licencia de Software, el Socio será el único responsable de pagar todos y cada uno de los impuestos relacionados con este Acuerdo, venta, uso, posesión o distribución a los Usuarios Finales).


Las Tarifas no pagadas están sujetas a un cargo financiero del uno por ciento (1.0%) por mes, más todos los gastos de cobro, incluso los honorarios razonables de los abogados. Las tarifas bajo esta sección no incluyen todos los impuestos, incluso los impuestos nacionales, estatales o provinciales, y de uso local, ventas, valor agregado, propiedad y similares, si corresponde. El Socio se compromete a pagar dichos impuestos (excluyendo los impuestos estadounidenses basados en los ingresos netos de Pipefy). En el caso de cualquier requisito de retención, el Socio pagará cualquier retención requerida y no reducirá la cantidad pagada a Pipefy a cuenta de la misma.

Sin perjuicio de cualquier disposición en contrario, además de cualquier otro recurso disponible, Pipefy puede restringir o suspender los derechos del Socio y/o sus Usuarios finales en virtud de este Acuerdo y el acceso al Software sin previo aviso si el pago no se realiza a su vencimiento.

  • 7. Acuerdo para no Reventa (NFR)

Al aceptar esta Política, Pipefy otorga al Socio una licencia durante el Año del Programa para utilizar la Plataforma de para (i) crear Aplicaciones de Socios, (ii) operar Aplicaciones de Socios y aplicaciones de terceros, y (iii) crear software para integrar la Plataforma de, aplicaciones de Socios y aplicaciones de terceros con el sistema del Socio. Sin embargo, esta licencia no se puede transferir o comercializar en ninguna circunstancia.


Sujeto a todos los términos y condiciones de esta Política, Pipefy otorga la licencia al Socio para su uso en un entorno que no sea de producción/no en vivo (“Uso No Productivo”) durante el Plazo de la Asociación solo para fines comerciales internos del Socio, limitados a entornos de laboratorio/desarrollo para el análisis/revisión permitidos por el Licenciatario, o la demostración permitida por parte del Socio del Software a terceros (“Fines autorizados”): (a) para utilizar la Licencia de Pipefy (versión actual únicamente para fines de demostraciones a

Prospectos, capacitación del personal del Socio y esfuerzos de desarrollo en relación con el diseño, desarrollo y prueba de productos y servicios compatibles con este Acuerdo); y (b) para crear software para integrar la Plataforma, las Aplicaciones de Socios y las aplicaciones de terceros con el sistema del Socio, siempre que corresponda. Por la presente, el Socio acepta cumplir con el NFR y cualquier otro Acuerdo actualmente vigente entre las Partes al usar la licencia y solo usarla para Fines Autorizados, como se define en este documento.

  • 8. Información de Contacto

Póngase en contacto con su Gerente de Cuentas de Socios (PAM) para obtener asistencia. Él será su principal enlace y puede ayudarle con cualquier apoyo y asistencia que pueda necesitar.

Si necesita ayuda especial/general del Equipo de Socios de Pipefy, póngase en contacto con nosotros a través de la siguiente información de contacto.


Importante: Tenemos un Acuerdo de Nivel de Servicio de 72 horas para responder correos electrónicos y solicitudes generales. Si tiene alguna solicitud urgente, por favor menciónelo en el asunto de su correo electrónico. Tenga en cuenta que nuestro equipo trabaja dentro de diferentes zonas horarias, por lo que algunas solicitudes pueden requerir tiempo adicional para encontrar la solución correcta. Le mantendremos informado en todos los casos.


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