Pipefy Partners

Building effective and complete solutions for customers, together

Why become a Pipefy Partner?

Competitive Margins

Includes unique recurring revenue model for quick payout.

Jump Start Margin

Earn extra margin for every registred deal within first 90 day – covers opportunity cost. 

MDF & Spiffs

Pre-allocated MDF budget for joint promotions and incentive Spiffs. 

Free NFR Access

Gain access to Pipefy internally to learn the product and for own use. 

Online Webinars

Weekly or one-on-one webinars to help you sell.

Partner Marketplace

Helps prospects to find you quicly.

Free Training

No cost for product and market training – no barries to entry.

Sales Tools

Detailed competitive matrix, persuasive Power Points, market info and more.

Pre-Qualified Leads

Pre-qualified sales leads (not just names) from events, SEO, the press and more.

How can a Partner work with us?

ISV or Tech

For companies that build, enhance, and sell software

Bolster your customer offering with proven solution powered by Pipefy. Deliver your expertise to improve customer experience and accelerate critical decision-making.

VAR or Solution Provider

For companies that sell and/or implement software

Pipefy can help you expand your use cases exponentially. Add process management to your existing product and services portfolio and provide more value to customers.

Referral Partner

For partner that grant software referrals 

Refer Pipefy to your business network and introduce our partner team to close the sale. Empower companies to streamline and automate processes while generating revenue based on your network.


Learn more about Pipefy’s referral program

Data Security

Count on Pipefy to ensure a safe and secure platform

Explore the benefits of a business partnership with Pipefy


  • Support for Implementation Services
  • Pipefy Process Management certification
  • Fee for all deals closed with Pipefy


All Authorized benefits +

  • Partner Account Manager
  • Product Payments & Discount
  • Modelling & Sales Demo Training


All Authorized and Silver benefits +

  • Incentive campaigns (Pipeline generation)
  • Marketplace
  • Flexible payments terms

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Reinaldo Andrade 

Partner Account Manager

+1 (415) 707-0569

+55 (11) 3197-0273

[email protected]

To view in detailed grid of Partner Program that shows requirements
by level (the referral program does not have levels).

This is an ACTIVE partner program; you’re sure to love it! 
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