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Business Contract Analysis Template


Pipefy’s Free Business Contract Analysis Template offers an easy way to run your company’s contract management process – creation, alteration, etc.

Use pre-designed email templates to ask for internal and external approvals and find out how Pipefy can save your time – and make your life a lot easier.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Business Contract Analysis Template?

  • Centralizes all your company’s active contracts in one place
  • Makes it easier to manage contract’s due dates and tasks
  • Allows users to attach files to the process, making it easier to follow up on contract models as well as the contract’s progress
  • Useful to manage internal as well as external customer’s contracts
  • Makes it easier to identify the processe’s bottlenecks – the phases slowing down the process
  • Allows users to be set as responsible for each phase and, therefore, for the alterations on the contracts

Business Contract Analysis Start Form

  • Who’s the company/person requesting the service?
  • Who’s responsible for this request?
  • Phone
  • Email
  • What’s the type of contract?
    • Other type of contract
  • What’s the requested service?
    • Contract Analysis
    • Contract Development
    • Contract Dispute
    • Contrat Revision
    • Contract Termination
    • Other services


New Contract

Provide additional information about the new contract and assign a responsible for analysing the new contract.


Here’s where contracts that already have defined responsible and delivery date stay until they’re ready to be sent for approval.

Internal Approvals

Send the first version of the contract for internal analysis and approval.

Send for External Approval

Now it’s time to get the necessary external approvals for this version of the contract.


Oh no, wasn’t the customer satisfied with the contract? Modify it according to the customer’s requests.

Modifications Approval

Send the modified version of the contract to for a second round of external analysis/approval.


Job well done, contract approved – another happy customer!


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