Business Travel Itinerary


Pipefy’s Business Travel Itinerary template was designed to help business trip management through clear processes, that offers control of the activities, efficiency, and agility in decision-making business trips.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. Remember, this is just an example – you can always customize it.

Start form

  1. Trip ID
  2. Person assigned to the trip
  3. Employee ID
  4. Assignee’s email
  5. Assignee’s phone
  6. Purpose of the trip
  7. Trip destination
  8. Departure date and time
  9. Return date
  10. What needs to be requested for this employee’s trip?
    • Airplane tickets
    • Car rental
    • Accommodation
    • Travel Insurance
    • Shuttle
    • Other (detail)

Trip Requests

Trip requests waiting to be scheduled.


Book the flight for this trip.

  1. Flight class
    • Economic
    • Business
    • First Class
  2. Airline
  3. Confirmation Number
  4. Date and Time of the Departure Flight
  5. Departure Flight Number
  6. Date and Time of the Return Flight
  7. Return Flight Number
  8. Airline Ticket
  9. Airplane tickets cost

Car rental

Car rental needed?

  1. Pickup date and time
  2. Rental Company
  3. Address of Rental Service
  4. Attach reservation confirmation
  5. Total cost


Hotel check-ins

  1. Type of accommodation
    • Hotel
    • Hostel
    • Airbnb
  2. Reservation Confirmation
  3. Date and time of check-in
  4. Name of the accommodation
  5. Accommodation address
  6. Date and time of check-out
  7. Accommodation cost

Other services

  1. Is there a need for travel insurance?
  2. Name of the insurance company
  3. Attach the voucher
  4. Is there a need for shuttle?
  5. Name of the shuttle company
  6. Date and time of the pick up
  7. Shuttle Voucher
  8. Total cost

Payment approval

Request for approval for this trip

  1. Total cost of the trip
  2. Send request for approval
  3. Has the trip been approved?
  4. If no, what are the change requests?

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