Concierge Services


With Pipefy’s Concierge Service Template your hotel guests will be able to request restaurant, museum, concert and theater reservations via public form.

The concierge can receive the requests and evaluate if the request is ready to be booked, by analyzing if it contains specific information or if the guest is looking for suggestions.
If the client is looking for suggestions, move the card to the corresponding phase, based on the type of request, and fill out the extra info on the demand by calling the guest’s room.
Suggest a few options that fit into the desired profile.

As soon as the guest has chosen his favorite one, book it and send an automatic email to the guest with his booking confirmation or ticket attached!

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Guest name
  2. Email
  3. Room number
  4. Type of reservation
    • Restaurant
    • Museum
    • Concert or event
    • Theater or movies
  5. Are you trying to book any specific restaurant or buy tickets for a specific museum, concert, or theater?
  6. Check-in date and time
  7. Number of adults
  8. Number of children
  9. Checkout date

New reservation requests

  1. Did the gues specify any restaurant, museum, concert, or theater?
    • Yes
    • No


  1. Type of cuisine
    • Italian
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Mexican
    • Chinese
    • Thai
  2. How much is the guest willing to spend?
    • $
    • $$
    • $$$
    • $$$$
    • $$$$$


  1. Type of museum
    • Natural History
    • Technology
    • Science
    • Modern Art
    • Contemporary Art

Concerts or events

  1. Type of concert
    • Children or family concerts
    • Choral music concerts
    • Band concerts
    • Opera
    • Recitals
    • Symphony or philharmonic orchestra concerts

Theaters or movies

  1. Play or movie genre
    • Family/children
    • Romance
    • Drama
    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Thriller


  • 1. Options within the desired


  • 1. Selected option
  • 2. Booked date and time
  • 3. Have you informed the guest of the reservation?
    • Yes
  • 4. Booking confirmation/ticket


Not booked

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