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Concierge Services Free Template

With Pipefy’s Concierge Service Template your hotel guests will be able to request restaurant, museum, concert, and theater reservations via the public form.

The concierge can receive the requests and evaluate if the request is ready to be booked, by analyzing if it contains specific information or if the guest is looking for suggestions. If the client is looking for suggestions, move the card to the corresponding phase, based on the type of request, and fill out the extra info on the demand by calling the guest’s room. Suggest a few options that fit into the desired profile.

As soon as the guest has chosen his favorite one, book it, and send an automatic email to the guest with his booking confirmation or ticket attached!

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With Pipefy I can improve my customer onboarding process experience on a daily basis because I have a timeline of what happened to each customer, who helped, when, etc. Now I know exactly why a client is delayed and who is responsible for what. Also, I can easily find all the history of this client. From a manager’s perspective, it’s a great way of improving our customer experience.

Marcelo Bentivoglio CEO

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