Employee Offboarding Template


Pipefy’s Free Employee Offboarding template is a step by step process, specially designed to guide your company’s HR on offboarding employees: from preparing the offboarding, gathering all the necessary documentation, drafting and signing the agreements, and collecting the company equipment and revoking the applications access.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Employee Offboarding Template?

  • Keeps all the records and files of each offboarded employee
  • Centralizes all the offboarding requests in one place
  • Guarantees all offboarding requests are filed with the minimum information necessary to move on to the next phases

Employee Offboarding Start Form

  • What’s the employee’s name?
  • What’s the employee’s email?
  • What area does the employee work at?
  • Why is the employee being offboarded?
    • Firing
    • Resignation
    • Transfer
    • Retirement
  • Attachments



Prepare to offboard the employee: send him/her the termination letter and the offboarding checklist.


Time to sign the papers: make sure you have all the agreements signed and all offboarding documentation was sent to the employee.


Time to collect all the company hardware, files and revoke his/her accesses to the applications.

  • 1. Handover checklist
    • Collect company owned hardware
    • Collect company files
    • Collect access key/access card
  • 2. IT Checklist
    • Remove employee from Pipefy
    • Remove employee from all the software
    • Remove employee's phone number
    • Remove from website
    • Delete email addresses


Successfully offboarded employees.


Cancelled/archived offboardings.