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Employee Offboarding Free Template

The Employee Offboarding process is the final step in the employee journey. With this process template, you can streamline your offboarding process to: sign all documents, centralize employee feedback, and collect hardware and software access. All in a single and standardized flow.

Create a smooth offboarding flow for company and employee

The Employee Offboarding process is a key flow within the employee journey, and it usually isn’t managed properly. It’s the last step for every employee in the company and many errors can occur while offboarding an employee.

Employee feedback is one of the most valuable resources for HR teams. Employees leave the company for different reasons and are usually willing to provide feedback about their employment experience. If there’s no process to receive the feedback, it cannot be used strategically.

With this process template, it’s possible to define a proper workflow for offboarding and avoid other errors in the process. Never deal with problems like forgetting to collect equipment or paying for software access that nobody uses anymore.

Employee Offboarding Checklist Template

Connect departments

Involve IT and Legal teams whenever an employee is leaving the company.

Automate communication

Automatically update stakeholders to avoid errors in the process.

Centralize information

Collect and centralize employees’ feedback for future usage.

Offboarding Template: Requests made easy

With the Employee Offboarding template, it’s possible to customize a form to collect all information necessary to begin the process: employee’s name, role, date of offboarding, etc. Starting the process with all information allows you to avoid rework and errors during the flow.

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The form can be shared—as a Public Form—with internal clients of your organization or added to your company’s Portal, making it easy for everyone to access. There’s also the option to connect your process with other workflows, like Performance Evaluation or Employee Development, automatically pulling data.

With Pipefy, you ensure all offboarding requests arrive with all information necessary to have an efficient and correct process.

A flexible flow that adapts to each scenario

The way you process employee onboarding can vary in different departments or positions. Customize your employee offboarding process and ensure your standards are being followed by all teams involved in the process.

By standardizing the flow, you can automate repetitive tasks, such as notifying IT and Legal teams, and collecting signatures and documents. With Pipefy, the workflow adapts to your policies and lets you build an error-proof offboarding process.

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Analyze and show results with dashboards

Pipefy gives you the tools to analyze the process’s effectiveness, track the status of each department and present results in a visual way.

From the number of offboarding per phase, the total amount of offboarding in a period, and lead time per phase. Use the pre-built dashboards or customize your own to show and improve results.

Adapt this template for your needs and hit the ground running

Fast and simple to deploy

Get started with your process in minutes with this easy-to-use template.


Customize your unique needs without help from the IT department.

Wide app integrations

Connect your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other existing tools with Pipefy to build a truly integrated operation.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

HR Teams love Pipefy

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