Employee Offboarding


Pipefy’s Free Employee Offboarding template is a step by step process, specially designed to guide your company’s HR on offboarding employees: from preparing the offboarding, gathering all the necessary documentation, drafting and signing the agreements, and collecting the company equipment and revoking the applications access. The phases include researching the product’s requirements, brainstorming solutions, designing, prototyping and analyzing the final product.

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Template structure

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Prepare to offboard the employee!

  • 1. Design team research
  • 2. Design team
  • 3. Key business stakeholders’ aims
    • Partners, investors, clients, and government
  • 4. Personas
    • What are the different product users archetypes?
  • 5. Existing competitor products
  • 6. Competitor products main characteristics
  • 7. Competitor products issues
  • 8. How can we monetize the product?
  • 9. Final user requirements
  • 10. Product team research
  • 11. Product team
  • 12. Hard requirements
    • List the things that cannot be changed.
  • 13. Soft requirements
    • Business goal stated, non-prescriptive solution
  • 14. Final business requirements
  • 1. Detail why the employee is being offboarded
  • 2. Was the manager/employee informed of the offboarding?
    • Manager was informed
    • Employee was informed
  • 3. Was the termination letter sent?
  • 4. Was the offboarding checklist sent to the employee?
  • 5. Attachments
  • 6. Backup all the employee’s files


Time to sign the papers!

  1. Was the separation agreement signed?
  2. Attach the signed separation agreement
  3. Was the final paycheck sent?
  4. Final paycheck
  5. Last day of work

Exit interview

Conduct the exit interview

  1. Date of the interview
  2. Things that need to be discussed in the exit interview
    • Company’s image
    • Impediments to career advancement
    • View of the corporation’s facilities
    • Relationship with former manager and colleagues
    • Internal climate
    • Opinion on the performance of other sectors
    • Reason for termination, in case of voluntary resignation
    • Internal communication
    • Issues that can be improved in the company
    • Feedback on HR work
  3. Important information retrieved from interview


Time to collect all the company hardware, files and revoke his/her accesses to the applications.

  1. Handover checklist
    • Collect company owned hardware
    • Collect company files
    • Collect access key/access card
  2. IT Checklist
    • Remove employee from Pipefy
    • Remove employee from all the software
    • Remove employee’s phone number
    • Remove from website
    • Delete email addresses


Successfully offboarded employees


Cancelled/archived offboardings

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