Franchise Opening


Opening a franchise can be tricky and hard to track or remember all necessary activities and documents. With Pipefy’s Franchise Opening Template it is a lot easier for companies to control franchise openings and make sure everyone is being trained to keep the quality of processes and products. This template also helps you get the best prices from suppliers.

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Template structure

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Opening a Franchise Store

  1. Franchise´s Name
  2. Legal process checklist
    • Negotiation and finalization of the franchise agreement and other documents
    • Accounting process done
    • Pre-opening expenses
    • Sufficient funds
    • Extra funds for contingencies
  3. Agreement signed

Contract Signed

  1. Who is the responsible for this franchise opening?

Training the Owner

  1. Franchise
    • Presenting the company
    • Training the owner
    • Training operations
  2. Administration
    • Present the management system
    • Register Invoices
    • Savings
    • Banking conciliation
    • Payments
  3. Store
    • Presenting Stores and Employees
    • Product Training
    • Cashier Training
    • Organize and label the products
    • Evaluation of the owner and employees training
    • Satisfaction Survey
  4. Inauguration Plan – Marketing
    • Yes
    • No

Management System – 30 days

  1. Management System
    • Send documentation
    • Send the equipment to new store
    • Implementation of the equipment
    • Implementation of the software and systems

Architecture Project

  1. Actions
    • Send Briefing
    • Agreement with architecture company
    • Development phase
    • Analysis
    • Changes and Adjustments
    • Checking
    • Turning in the final project
    • Submitted to sanitary regulation
    • Submitted to government regulation
  2. Attach the project and agreement


  1. Construction
    • Budget
    • Closing with construction contractors
    • Buying construction material
    • Start the construction
    • End
  2. Budget
  3. Store pictures after the construction


  1. Equipment
    • Budget for material
    • Closing with suppliers
  2. Budget

Visual Communication

  1. Marketing
    • Budget
    • Approval
    • Closing with supplier
  2. Amount
  3. Attach the art


  1. Hiring process
    • Prospect
    • Interview
    • Select the best ones
    • Contract
    • Training
  2. How many new employees?

Training the Store

  1. Checklist
    • Presenting
    • Training operation and new hires
    • Labeling Training
    • Store cleaning training

Store Opening

  1. How many people were in the opening?

After the Opening

  1. How´s it going?

Finished Campaigns

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