Google Ads optimization checklist


Google Ads require some regular attention to improve the performance, but it can be hard to achieve ifyou have large or unstructured teams. Pipefy is perfect to standardize an optimization routine for you search ads campaigns, helping you to find bottlenecks and have constant improvement. Your agency or marketing team can be highly efficient and get more visibility on what is being done.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Campaign selection

Campaign to be optimized: Select the campaign you want to improve. You can change the name of the campaign according to your business.

  • Search campaign #1 Brand
  • Search campaign #2 Generic
  • Search campaign #3 Competitors
  • Search campaign #4 Partners

Who is optimizing? Select the analyst that will make the improvements.

Define a due date.

Keyword and landing page

Search terms: Filter “Add/Exclude: None” in Search Terms report (last 30 days)

  • Add terms that created Conversions as exact match
  • Exclude terms that cost more than $50 (you can set a different value) and created no Conversions

Quality score: Filter Keywords with Quality Score below 3 (you can set a different QS)

  • Create new Ad Groups and add highly specific ads and landing pages to increase the score
  • Add a tag with the current date to identify this new Ad Groups above
  • Exclude the tagged Ad Groups from last Keyword optimization that didn’t improve the Quality Score

Landing page: Filter Keywords with Landing Page Experience as “below average”

  • Keyword is in the page headline
  • Keyword is in the text and the content is useful for the user
  • Landing page have a socre above 60 in Page Speed Insight (

Ads optimization

Filter all ads with Ad Strength set as “Poor”

  • Change the Ad Headline to be strongly related to the Keywords in the Ad Group
  • Sitelinks and Callouts extensions are enable
  • Other extensions are enable (Location, Affiliate etc)

Campaign settings review

Click on Campaign settings

  • Target location and languages are correct
  • Budget is enough
  • Bid type is automated (Target CPA, Maximum Conversions etc)
  • Network is “Search only”

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