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Lead Qualification Template


Pipefy’s Lead Qualification Template will improve the quality of your sales processes by providing all the needed resources for your team to identify and get in touch with the best leads everyday.

Identify all the best opportunities, prioritize leads and keep all your contact information in one place.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Lead Qualification Template?

  • Shows your team which leads should be prioritized
  • Guides the team through every step of the lead qualification process
  • Keeps all your prospects information in one place
  • Helps Account Executives have more information when doing product demonstrations
  • Allows you to create reports to show patterns of which kind of company are sales ready
  • Increases the efficiency of the top of your company’s sales funnel

Lead Qualification Start Form

  • What’s the company name?
  • What’s the company industry?
  • What’s the contact’s name?
  • What’s the contact’s email?
  • What’s the contact’s phone?
  • What’s the contact’s title?
  • What’s the contact’s department?



Gather more information about your lead to make an informed decision about whether its profile fit your company’s customer’s profile.

Discovery Call

Get in touch with the prospect, find out how hot this opportunity is!

Sales Ready

Hot opportunities!

Poor Quality Prospect

We can’t always get what we want 🙁