Marketing Budgeting


Pipefy’s Marketing Budgeting Template will help you make a simple and efficient marketing budget for your clients to approve. Know their target, goals, the best type of media for that campaign and how much it will cost.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


  1. Campaign name
  2. Your email
  3. Marketing type
    • Product launch
    • Brand launch
    • Rebranding
    • Seasonal push
    • Turnaround
    • Brand awareness
    • Revenue push
    • Explore new markets
    • Strengthen the image
    • Promotion
  4. Start date
  5. End date
  6. Campaign purpose
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Converting readers into leads
    • Leads sales
    • Others
  7. Campaign goals
  8. What is your target audience?

Knowing the target audience

  1. Gender
    • Male
    • Female
  2. Age group
  3. Social class
  4. Social characteristics
  5. Demographic profile
  6. Consumer behavior
  7. Purchase cycle

Media Strategy

  1. What media best fits your customer’s needs?
  2. What media fits this campaign best?
    • External Media
    • Digital Media
    • Social Media
    • Press
    • Radio
    • TV
    • Alternative Media
    • Other
  3. Campaign period


  1. Following steps
    • Find out how much you will spend in each medium.
    • Decide the duration for each medium.
    • Decide how many times you will use each medium.
    • Decide each medium’s specific details.


  1. How much will this campaign cost?
  2. How much is your commission?
  3. What is the total cost of this campaign?

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