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While using the Product Return by Mistake template you will be able to control the return process, from client request to collection by logistics. It will allow you to receive invoices, analyze them, contact the sales team to cross-reference relevant information, contact clients to give them updates and also understand the main cause for the return which makes this a full return process, relevant to any company that works with consumer goods.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Invoiced customer’s name
  2. Requester’s email
  3. Contact’s name
  4. Contact’s phone
  5. Invoice number
  6. Invoice value
  7. SKU
  8. Attachments
  9. Reason for return
    • Customer made a duplicate order
    • Invoice copy
    • Defect
    • Purchase withdrawal
    • Return due to error
    • License/service divergence
    • Missing material
    • Missing feature or accessory
    • Delivered quantity diverges from invoice quantity
  10. Relevant notes
  11. Request number

Request analysis

  1. Responsible sales staff member
  2. Reason for approval
  3. Request acceptance
    • Accepted
    • Not accepted
  4. Responsible Sales Team’s email
  5. Responsible Logistics Team’s email

Validation of information

  1. Responsible commercial staff member
  2. Attachments
  3. Purchase date
  4. Has the Sales Department confirmed the order and product information versus what was sold to the customer?
    • Yes
    • No

Information cross checking

  1. Assigned analyst
  2. Does the information provided by the Sales Department match the information provided by the customer?
    • Yes
    • No
  3. Information

RMA issuance

  1. Responsible commercial staff member
  2. Has the Return Merchandise Authorization been granted?
    • Yes
    • No
  3. Issued Return Merchandise Authorization number

Invoice issuance

  1. Invoice issued by:
    • The customer
    • Retailer
    • Company
  2. New invoice number
  3. Invoice attachment
  4. Collection address

Collection and inbound delivery

  1. Collection status
    • Done
    • Pending
    • Canceled
  2. Relevant notes

Reason for return

  1. Reason for the return request
  2. Conclusion notes
  3. Conclusion documentation

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