Recruitment Template

Use this plug-and-play template to get started with Pipefy for Recruiting and customize anything you want along the way.

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Boost efficiency by automating tasks icon.

Boost efficiency by automating tasks

Save lots of time from application triage to job offers with automation rules. Set a faster and more efficient workflow and say goodbye to repetitive tasks, such as sending emails to candidates.

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Centralize and connect information

Keep all the candidate and position information in one place. Visualize details of the entire workflow and connect it with other processes, such as Employee onboarding.

Easily standardize process icon.

Easily standardize your entire process

Ensure standards of execution on your Recruitment Process to grant an error-proof process in all phases. Gather reliable data so you can hire the best people.

An Applicant Tracking System to truly manage your Recruitment Process

In all phases of the process, Pipefy helps you make sure everything runs according to your standards



Here’s where you visualize all the info that the candidates sent through a public application form shared online.

Sample of public application in recruiting.



Set the requirements for a position and then create rules to automatically disqualify and notify candidates that don’t fill them.

Sample of requirements for a position in Recruiting.



You can keep up with the candidates who will undergo logical and/or behavioral tests to evaluate their profiles and skills.

Test example in Recruiting.



Here you can centralize the candidates who will be interviewed and use our calendar view to manage the scheduling.

Interview example in Recruiting.



Optional phase to check out the candidate references with those who have worked with them before.

Checking references in Recruiting.


Job Offer

Here’s the final stage with the following outputs: unqualified candidate, job offer denied and job offer accepted.

Job offer example in Recruiting.

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Companies of all sizes around the world trust Pipefy to help them streamline and take control of their processes. This is one successful story:

Government/Military Defense in Europe

Manage recruiting and staffing with Pipefy.

Why they chose Pipefy:

  • To run and connect their processes such as recruiting, onboarding and HR requests;
  • To have a flexible platform that allows users to adapt to it;
  • To easily access candidate and employee info through the database feature;
  • Because of Pipefy’s best-in-class API.
Government and Military Defense in Europe manage recruiting with Pipefy

Companies that reap the benefits of implementing Pipefy:

Volvo, Coca-Cola, IBM, KraftHeinz, Santander's logos.
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