Recruitment Inbox


Pipefy’s Free Recruitment Inbox template is a step-by-step process specially designed to help you and your company organize all the applications for a job position.

This template comes with a shareable form​ to be filled by the applicants​ and be evaluated by the company​ staff in a centralized and organized way.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


All new applicants arrive here! Check whether the candidate provided all the necessary info and assign a responsible for evaluating him/her.

  1. Did the candidate provide all the necessary information?
  2. Who will evaluate this candidate?


Show time! Evaluate the candidates on these aspects: CV, job application, letter and the answers he/she gave on the application form.

  1. How would you rate the candidate’s CV?
  2. How would you rate the candidate’s application letter?
  3. How would you rate the candidate’s answers on the application form?


Approved candidates! These are the ones that’ll move on to the recruitment and interview processes!

  1. Was this candidate approved?
    • Create a pipe connection!


Bummer! These candidates didn’t make it!

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