Recruitment Requests Template


Pipefy’s Recruitment Requests Template allows you to easily centralize all your company’s recruitment requests, giving the Human Resources Department all the necessary informatio to search for the appropriate candidates and fill in the available spots.

This template should be used alongside the Candidates Screening and Interviews Template to make your company’s recruitment process practical and complete.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Recruitment Requests Template?

  • Centralizes all the company’s recruitment requests in one place
  • Ensures the human resources department will have all the necessary information to search for appropriate candidates
  • Allows for easy communication between the department asking for the recruitment and the one responsible for the recruitment process
  • Together with the Candidates Screening and Interviews Template makes for a complete and practical recruitment process

Recruitment Requests Start Form

  • What’s the job title?
  • What’s the job description?
  • What are the necessary skills for the job?
  • What’s the start date?



Here’s where all the incoming recruitment requests will be evaluated and sent for approval.


Here’s where the designated team member approves (or not) the recruitment request.

Recruitment & Interviews

Show time! Let’s get out there and find the best candidate for your team to grow!

Hiring approval

Time to make sure the perfect candidate won’t get away: hiring time!


Done and done, finished requests!