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Pipefy’s Resource Strategy Template is designed for supply chain areas that want to manage their production resources. It enables the creation of a strategy on how the requests for raw materials will be made.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  • 1. Product

  • 2. Lot size

  • 3. Components to build up product (with quantities)

Company lot policies

  • 1. Define minimum lot size.

  • 2. Define maximum lot size.

Supplier strategy

  • 1. The supplier will be:

    • Local
    • Global
  • 2. If global, where is the supplier from?

  • 3. Supplier choice criteria

    • Price
    • Distance
    • Both
  • 4. If a foreign supplier, how is the export process?

    • Seamless
    • Full of bureaucracy
  • 5. For harder export processes, what is the estimated delay caused by bureaucracy?

Define lead times

  • 1. Time of issuance of a production order

  • 2. Transmission time of Manufacturing Order

  • 3. Feeding time of Manufacturing Order

  • 4. Transportation time of the necessary materials

  • 5. Required materials processing queue time

  • 6. Machine setup time

  • 7. Material production time

  • 8. Quality inspection time

  • 9. Receive processing time

  • 10. Total production lead time

  • 11. Purchase order issuance time

  • 12. Supplier delivery time

  • 13. Inspection time on receipt

  • 14. Total Purchasing lead time

MRP control

  • 1. With the lead times calculated, it is possible to control the Material Requirement Planning.

    • Do a periodical stock check, to control if there are materials left in stock.
    • Choose an automation software to control the material use, according with production.


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