Sales Pipeline Template


Pipefy’s Sales Pipeline Template is a step-by-step process, specially developed to enhance your team’s focus and productivity. It’ll guide them through all the steps of the sale: from prospecting, to properly qualifying hot and cold opportunities all the way to effectively closing the deal.

Instead of resorting to fragile spreadsheets or complex and expensive CRM systems, install Pipefy’s free sales template and run your sales pipeline smoothly and without any concerns.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Sales Pipeline Template?

  • Objectively tells the sales team what they have to do
  • Guides your team through every step of the sales process
  • Helps your team focus their time on the best deals
  • Offers automated alerts to let you know when a deal gets late or stuck at a certain phase
  • Offers a system to score deals as hot, warm or cold
  • Step-by-step guide to analyse the customer’s demands
  • Steers the team towards being incisive during the follow-up
  • Helps your team keep a complete history of all calls, meetings, emails and negotiation files

Sales Pipeline Start Form

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Contact e-mail
  • Contact phone
  • Deal value



This is where all new opportunities will arrive! Quickly research the potential client.


Here’s where you’ll discover your customer’s needs and how hot is your opportunity!


Show time! Specify the proposal’s value, the date it was sent and when you plan to follow-up on the opportunity.


Don’t let the opportunity cool off! Follow up, answer questions, overcome any objections and negotiate until you close the deal.




We can’t win them all…