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Pipefy’s Customer Onboarding Template is specially designed to help companies of all sizes organize and automate their customer onboarding process.

Using this template, schedule meetings with customers, automate emails with helpful content, follow-up in a timely manner, and ensure a smooth onboarding for your customers. Start using this template now or read through some best practices before getting started.

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Pipefy's Customer Onboarding Template.

Why is Customer Onboarding important for business success?

Customer onboarding ensures that your new customers are getting the value they were promised by paying for your product or service. In the long-term this can have beneficial impacts on your business such as reducing churn, especially for more complex products, increase in upsells, and a higher customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Besides the long-term monetary benefits, a successful onboarding creates happier customers that can see and measure the value that your product or service is providing them. This drives new customer attraction via referrals, evangelists or brand advocates, and case study material.

How can you get started on defining your onboarding process?

The most important thing to remember is that onboarding isn’t defined by a timeframe. Just because a customer has been paying for 30+ days, doesn’t mean they are getting all they can out of your product or are even happy with the service.

According to Lincoln Murphy, customer success consultant at Sixteen Ventures, a successfully executed customer onboarding should be defined by value. In other words, onboarding ends when your customer is engaging with the product or service in a way that helps them realize their desired outcomes.

Step 1: Define value and potential value

You can measure value by when a customer is on the road to their desired outcome. When the product is more complex, value can be defined by when the customer sees the real value potential in their relationship with the company.

Step 2: Map a typical customer onboarding journey

It’s important to understand how a typical customer acquisition journey, their background, their level of understanding, and their expectations for the product or service by the time they reach your team. Using this information you can chart a customer onboarding journey that will help them realize the value of your product or service in the fastest amount of time.

Step 3: Set expectations for each step in the onboarding journey

Now it’s time to map out what expectations you have for a customer at each stage of the journey and what your team will do at each step to help customers reach those milestones.

Step 4: Help your customer achieve their first success

Frequent communication is essential to getting your customers up and running. Think of follow-up triggers and timelines so that you regularly check-in on new customers and provide aid when and where it’s needed.

Last but not least, understand that these practices of helping your customer get the most value out of your product should continue throughout their relationship with your company.

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What does a Customer Onboarding Template look like in Pipefy?

Pipefy’s Customer Onboarding Template is made-up of 7 phases: Backlog, Welcome, Implementation, Follow-up, Closure, Done, and Archived.

Overview of Customer Onboarding Template.

Overview of Customer Onboarding Template. Download full template.

All new customers arrive in the Backlog phase of the pipe in the form of a card. Here is where you can assign a customer success manager, confirm if the sales contract is valid, and request a briefing on the new customer from the sales team.

Start form backlog in Customer Onboarding.

Open card in Backlog phase. Download full template.

Once this information is completed, the card is moved into the Welcome phase where the new customer will be sent an email prompting them to schedule an onboarding meeting with their customer success manager. This phase is a great example of where automation can be used to streamline tasks and save time.

When customizing your pipe you can set up an automation that will automatically move the card into the Welcome phase upon assigning a CS manager (or any other action-based trigger). Subsequently, by setting up an email template in this phase, you can have an email automatically sent to the new customer welcoming them to your community.

Start media email templates

Set-up email template in the Welcome phase. Download full template.

After the onboarding meeting, the card moved into the Implementation phase. In this phase, the customer success manager is prompted to summarize the information from their meeting with the new customer, such as:

  1. What solution the client was using before hiring your solution?
  2. What the customer hopes to achieve with the use of our solution?
  3. How can you help the client to achieve what he expects?

Before moving onto the next phase, they should set due dates for the official implementation and training of the customer’s staff.

Now it’s time to check-in on your customers. In the Follow-up phase, set reminders for regular check-ins with your customer after implementation.

The final phase is the Closure phase, where the customer success manager monitors and continues to follow-up with the client until the expected stabilization and milestones are reached.

Closure phase in Customer Onboarding

Open card in the Closure phase. Download full template.

Pipefy is easily customizable, and templates are a great way to get started on modeling your perfect process.

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Prevent churn with an improved customer onboarding process.

Get started
Set milestones

Know when a customer is on track by establishing clear expectations for usage with milestones.

Customize the experience

By personalizing the onboarding experience, you are helping create a strong relationship with your new customer.

Onboard the team

Provide an onboarding for the team that will principally use your product so that they all succeed.

Measure and collect data

Make your onboarding better and more effective by measuring milestone success rates, satisfaction, and churn rates down the line.

Communicate regularly

By communicating often with new customers, you gain feedback, better troubleshoot any problems, and develop stronger relationships.

Engage more overtime

Even after the user has found value, continue to provide value with new or advanced features and educational content.

Why manage your Customer Onboarding in Pipefy?

Pipefy is a powerfully customizable process management software that allows users to build and manage processes without IT skills or code. Create a customized customer onboarding process that reflects yours and your customer’s needs. Not only that, but with Pipefy you can connect all customer success processes end-to-end.

Pipefy enables you to:

  • Centralize and better manage incoming customer requests
  • Send emails and email templates directly from the platform
  • Easily keep track of churn, customer engagement, and team performance
  • Establish SLAs so that follow-ups are done on time
  • Automate repetitive tasks and workflow
  • Transition smoothly between workflows and connect related processes
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