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Pipefy’s Sales Pipeline Template was specially designed to help sales reps to manage opportunities. Using an intuitive kanban view, SDRs and managers can keep track of all prospects, catalog information related to each deal, and ensure they are moving opportunities through the pipeline efficiently.

No more unnecessarily complex and overpriced CRM systems. Start using the sales pipeline template as is, or customize the process to fit your team’s needs (no code required).

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Seize Every Opportunity and Close More Deals

Centralize Communications and Information

View all interactions and deal information in one location. Stay up to date with every deal and watch them flow through each stage.

Build a Repeatable Process that Sells

Create customizable sales processes that are fit for your team. Easily make sure sales reps follow high-quality processes for efficiency and optimal performance.

Automate More Tedious Tasks

Never let a deal or lead go without a follow-up. Automate more activities and always stay on top of your sales game.

Ensure SDR and AE Collaboration

Opportunity management is nearly effortless when sales development reps and account executives are working together.

Smooth Onboarding Transition

Every sales rep knows their job isn’t done at onboarding. Make the transition smooth for your team and your new customers.

Customer Helpdesk

Easy tracking and monitoring of your customer's requests and support tickets in one place.


Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

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