Software Performance Testing


Pipefy’s Free Software Performance Testing Template was specially developed to help you plan, organize and manage your software performance tests – from determining which features need to be tested, to writing a case design and the actual execution of your test case.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


These are all the features waiting to be tested.

  1. What’s the priority of this test?
  2. Who will be responsible for this test?

Identify your testing environment

Define how your testing environment will be.

  1. Identify the hardware
  2. Identify the software
  3. Network configurations
  4. Tools available

Identify performance metrics

Define what are the performance metrics to check your test.

  1. What metrics will be used to analyze the test
    • Average load time
    • Peak response time
    • Error rate
    • Concurrent users
    • Requests per second
    • Transactions passed/failed
    • Throughput
    • CPU utilization
    • Memory utilization
  2. Parameters utilized

Test Case Design

Write your test case like it’s a recipe!

  1. Test case description
  2. When will you run the tests?
  3. Test case design/plan
  4. Test conditions
  5. Test’s performance goals
  6. Expected results

Configuring the test environment

Set the test environment.

  1. Set the test environment

Test Case Execution

Run the tests you’ve developed and check whether the results meet your expectations.

  1. What were the test’s results?
  2. What’s this test status?
    • Passed
    • Failed
    • Not tested
    • Can’t be tested
    • Not applicable
  3. Do you have any comments?

Regression Testing

Will the software still perform correctly after feature or interface changes? Let’s find out!

  1. What were the regression testing outcomes?


Done… For now! As soon as you make changes to software that was already tested, you should move the card back to ‘Regression testing’!

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