Terms and Conditions

Onboarding Terms

Please read these specific terms for Pipefy purchase ("Onboarding Terms") carefully, as it will provide definitions of the Pipefy onboarding packages ("product") and your obligations and responsibilities for the purchase of these packages and will govern your access to and use of these.

By accepting these Onboarding Terms in your own name or on behalf of a company or other legal entity (“Customer”), you represent and warrant that: (i) you are over 18 years of age and have full civil and legal capacity to subject your employer or entity; (ii) have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms of these Onboarding Terms and Pipefy's General Terms and Conditions, on behalf of the party you represent.


PIPEFY: Pipefy Inc, a US company, duly incorporated under the laws of Delaware, sole owner of the intellectual property of the Pipefy Software.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: All trade secrets, patents and patent applications, trademarks (registered or unregistered and including any goodwill acquired in such marks), service marks, trade names, copyrights, patents, and other regulated intellectual property rights by national and foreign legislation.

PIPEFY SOFTWARE: The Intellectual Property technology licensed and exclusively owned by Pipefy available for purchase on the Pipefy website.

PIPEFY PLATFORM: The virtual environment made available on the app.pipefy.com website through which the Pipefy Customer may access and use the Pipefy Product.

PRODUCT: The onboarding packages made available by Pipefy, as described in these Onboarding Terms, to support the implementation of the Pipefy Software in at least one (1) process of the Customer's choice and support Pipefy's adherence to the Customer.

PROCESS: A continuous sequence of operations that have a certain unity or that are reproduced with a certain regularity. Represents Customer workflows to be managed with Pipefy Software.

PIPEFY PROFESSIONALS: Employees under Pipefy's responsibility, available for remote support to the Customer, during the implementation of the Product.

END USER: An individual who is authorized by Customer (or by Pipefy, at Customer's request) to access and use the Software and/or the product.

MODELING SERVICE: Customized product configuration, available in packages of hours, and performed based on documentation and process guidelines provided by the customer to Pipefy, accounted for through a time tracking system.

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: These Onboarding Terms are specific and subsidiary conditions for the acquisition of the product, applying to the Pipefy and Customer relationship all other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions for the Pipefy Software, which do not expressly conflict with the provisions herein, remaining fully ratified.

INVOICE: The document issued by Pipefy through which the product is charged by the customer, accepted as a fiscal document.

PURCHASE ORDER: The document specifying the Pipefy product under the aegis of these Onboarding Terms (information relating to the product, plans, prices, any discounts). When applicable, the Purchase order signed between the parties will form an integral part of the present document and will include any addenda and attachments issued by Pipefy for exceptional cases negotiated between the parties.

FORCE MAJEURE: The occurrence of an event or circumstance that prevents or prevents Customer or Pipefy from complying with one or more of its obligations under these Onboarding Terms, if and to the extent that such party proves: [a] that such impediment it is beyond your reasonable control; and [b] that it could not have been reasonably predicted; and [c] that the effects of the impediment could not reasonably have been avoided or overcome by the affected party.


Pipefy uses a process management and training model to support the customer with Pipefy implementation. Through a logical sequence of steps (described below), the Pipefy team will guide the customer team (defined below) through the Pipefy software onboarding process, so that this team itself learns to use and configure Pipefy, generating internal adoption and autonomy for continuous improvement.

According to the package chosen by the Customer, Pipefy will allocate Pipefy professionals, always remotely, on weekdays and business hours and for a specified time, to assist in the implementation of the Software and orchestration of the Customer's processes ("Implementation"), according to the onboarding package (“Product”) chosen by the Customer. The Customer understands and agrees to cooperate and follow the guidelines of the Pipefy team, complying with the implementation schedule of the onboarding packages and other guidelines made available by Pipefy in these Onboarding Terms, under penalty of breach of contract and incidence of the consequences of section 7.

Customer understands and agrees that the Pipefy Software and product are made available “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” without express or implied warranty or condition of any kind regarding the development of future functionality. The Customer agrees that the purchase of the product is not conditioned on any expectation related to: (a) delivery of any future Features that are related to the product, or (b) any public comment, oral or written, made by Pipefy about possible functionality or features to be developed.


¹ Process is a continuous sequence of facts or operations that have a certain unity or that are reproduced with a certain regularity. For Pipefy, each process is represented by the flow whose unit (the "card") represents a single thing. Examples: in a purchase process, each card represents a new purchase order; in a new employee hiring process, each card represents a candidate.

Hours allocated for each product package are determined by Pipefy professionals based on the average complexity of Pipefy customers' processes, provided the implementation schedule is met. In the event that the customer fully uses the hours of Pipefy professionals allocated for the implementation of the Product, and concludes the need to allocate more hours to complete the onboarding package, it will be up to the Customer to contact Pipefy to purchase an additional package of working hours of Pipefy professionals to be entitled to the continuation of activities, once Pipefy's obligations are completed if the Customer chooses not to purchase any additional hours.


  • Project Manager:
    Implementation Success Manager (“ISM”) who will act as project leader, being the guardian of project planning, deadlines, meetings and escalations.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per hour.
  • Solutions Analyst:
    Product Specialist (“SD”) who will be responsible for designing the processes on the platform, including the pipe structure and any custom integrations required (available in our custom integrations package).
    Unit of measure for hiring this service: per hour or per percentage of full-time employee (FTE) - in this case, the customer may hire 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the monthly hours of a Pipefy employee, so that they provide Pipefy modeling services to the customer).
  • Admin Training:
    Step that aims to provide product knowledge and cover all key features that will be needed during the implementation period. It consists of getting Advanced Pipefy certification and joining the admin training call. Certification is an important step because it is the time when the champion will have a conceptual and hands-on learning experience on how to configure and adjust the process. Upon completion, the Customer's account administrators will enter the admin training call to answer all their questions about the product, ensuring their independence in the tool. The training of administrators of the Enterprise plan allows the detailed study of the product's functionalities with a duration of 4 hours, providing greater depth than that available in other packages, with a duration of 1 hour.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per 4 hour session.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT):
    User Acceptance Testing guided by the Project Manager to make sure all the requirements are covered before the modeling sign-off. It includes the UAT scripts and 1 training session with the power-users that will perform the UAT.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per process to be configured.
  • User Training:
    With the process ready, all users will be trained in the process. This training session will explore the main concepts of Pipefy, giving an overview of the product and sharing best practices that will provide a better experience with the tool. In the second part of the training, the Champion will take over to demonstrate how the process was built into the tool. With knowledge of the tool and the process, the team will be ready to start using the tool. The training of users of the Enterprise plan allows a detailed study of the process and basic features of the product with a duration of 2 hours, providing greater depth than that available in other packages, with a duration of 1 hour, and it is recommended that a team training be acquired per process built.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per 2 hour session.
  • Launch Planning:
    Post-modeling planning session to present the suggested next steps and build together the go-live schedule with its success metrics.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per 1 hour session.
  • Hypercare:
    Weekly post-launch support with daily 30-minute sessions (for the first 5 business days following launch) to gather user feedback and make minor process adjustments, enabling adjustments of up to 2 hours with pipefy SD professionals.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per week.
  • Change Management:
    Documentation with instructions on overall process maintenance and how to perform the most common adjustments on the pipes.
    Unit of measure for contracting this service: per document.

*For more information about the Enterprise package, please contact your vendor or account manager.


Depending on the onboarding package chosen by the customer, the implementation of the product will follow different steps, procedures, techniques, and schedule, during which time Pipefy and the Customer must cooperate to fulfill the steps as described below.


I. Kick-off: Welcome call to better understand customer’s needs and align expectations. A Success Plan will be built to set expectations, priorities, and define the project's next steps. Participants: Executive Sponsor, Champion, ISM, CSM.


II. Planning: Deadlines and responsibilities will be defined according to the process documentation complexity and user mapping that is to be sent after kick-off call. This plan will contain the project timeline for this specific implementation, considering all the stages that will be covered until the process go-live. Participants: Champion, ISM, SD.


III. Admin Training: Milestone that aims to provide product knowledge and cover all the key features that will be needed during the implementation period. It consists of taking Pipefy’s advanced certification and joining the admin training call. The certification is an important step because it’s the moment where the champion will get a conceptual and hands-on learning experience on how to set up and adjust the process. After completing this, the admins will join the admin training call to solve all of their questions about the product, guaranteeing their independence in the tool. Participants: Executive Sponsor (optional), Champion, ISM.


IV. Modeling: This step is focused on setting up the process based on the detailed documentation that was previously shared by the customer. The Solutions Design team will be responsible for modeling and adjusting the process, while the Champion will be responsible for validating the process in the agreed timeline. At the end of this stage, the customer will provide the first sign off and the process will be ready for testing by the power users. Participants: Champion, SD.

A. Modeling steps definition

*If the customer does not have their process mapped, Pipefy can provide supporting documentation.

V. Team Training: With the process ready, all the users will be trained on the process. This training session will explore Pipefy’s main concepts, giving an overview of the product and sharing best practices that will provide a better experience with the tool. In the second part of the training, the Champion will take over to demonstrate how the process was built in the tool. Having the knowledge about the tool and the process, the team will be ready to start using the tool. Participants: Champion, Power Users, Users, ISM.


VI. Go-live: After setting up the go-live date the users will start using the tool on a daily basis and the usage data will be monitored by the ISM. To close the project, the stakeholders will meet for a final session to review the project, provide feedback, and define next steps. Participants: Executive Sponsor, Champion, ISM, CSM


Pipefy undertakes the responsibility to allocate professionals with the appropriate profile to perform the work, managing them effectively, and providing their timely replacement, whenever necessary, without prejudice to the commitments assumed. Contact with the professionals involved in the respective implementation stage will mostly be made by email. In case of irresponsibility on the part of the customer, the responsible manager or the Pipefy solutions analyst may also try to contact you by telephone, when the information is made available by the customer.

During product implementation, different Pipefy professionals will work with the customer, according to the responsibilities involved in each step. In the table below we describe which professionals will have a role in the implementation, as well as their description:

Some of the main Pipefy professionals allocated to deliver the product to the Customer have their profile described in more detail below:

I. Implementation Success Manager
Help the customer to implement the first process with Pipefy Software, in the shortest possible time. The professional will be a focal point between the Customer's needs/doubts/questions with the internal Pipefy team, acting as the implementation project manager and providing technical support and training. This professional will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Ensure the successful implementation or onboarding of the customer, within the agreed deadline and satisfaction levels.
  • Monitor the activities of the different fronts of the project.
  • Centralize communication with customer management.
  • Guide project consultants.
  • Lead key activities including workflow optimization, release planning, training plan development, Go-Live support, and post-Live support planning.
  • Interact with Pipefy's product, support, solution design, and success teams by successfully transitioning the post-implementation account relationship.

II. Solutions Designer

The Pipefy professional will help the Client to implement the best ways to use the Pipefy platform, based on the needs or business plans of the areas that will use Pipefy. This professional will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Collect and assimilate process documentation.
  • Suggest improvements and good practices in the process and application of the Pipefy product.
  • Develop recommendations for the implementation plan.
  • Set dates for deliverables based on the outlined scope.
  • Develop and deliver technical project solutions.


The Customer will pay for all amounts specified in the Purchase Order for the product purchased. The amounts charged are based on the onboarding packages as available in these Onboarding Terms and deals reflected in the Purchase Order, regardless of actual usage.

The amounts specified in the Purchase Order will be paid in US Dollars. The charges do not include amounts related to credit card, bank or exchange rates, taxes, levies, charges, contributions, entries, obligations or fees, and/or government charges of any nature, which will be borne by the Customer.

The customer will be billed through Invoice, issued by Pipefy or third parties contracted for payment processing, in the amounts corresponding to the chosen onboarding package, to be paid according to the payment method selected by the Customer in the Purchase Order. The billing and its respective values ​​correspond to the information defined in the Purchase Order. In order for the respective subscription billing to be processed, the Customer must provide valid and up-to-date information to Pipefy.

In case of non-payment by the agreed due date, without prejudice to the applicable legal and judicial measures in view of the Customer's delay, Pipefy reserves the right to adopt the following administrative measures: (a) Condition future purchases of the product to deadlines of payment shorter than those specified in the Purchase Order, (b) disregard the application of any business conditions granted at the time of contracting the product, (c) suspend access to the product, until the defaulted obligation is settled, or d) terminate the obligations assumed in these Onboarding Terms, removing the Customer's access to the product. After 30 calendar days of expiration, it is expressly agreed that Pipefy may use the service of outsourced companies to collect the amount due.


The obligations of the parties under these Onboarding Terms, will commence within 15 business days after signature and payment by the customer ("Effective Date") and may only be renewed or advanced by written agreement signed by authorized representatives of the Customer and Pipefy.

After the Effective Date, except in cases of Force Majeure, in the event that the Client i) becomes irresponsible, failing to return to attempts of contact from the Pipefy team for 5 working days or more; ii) does not comply with the implementation schedule or does not attend, without prior notice, two or more meetings scheduled during the implementation stages; iii) any other obligations and responsibilities attributed to them in these Onboarding Terms, Pipefy will have the option, after notifying the Client at least 10 days in advance of the irregularity, in order to remedy it. If the notified irregularity is not remedied within 10 days following notification, or other deadline if expressly negotiated by the parties, Pipefy may, at its discretion, choose to i) suspend the implementation of the Product and/or access to the Product until the irregularity be healed; ii) terminate the obligations assumed in these Onboarding Terms, removing the Customer's access to the product.

The Customer is entitled to terminate the obligations assumed under these Onboarding Terms upon prior written notice to Pipefy, at least 30 (thirty) days in advance. In the event of unreasonable termination, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund of any prepaid fees and will remain obligated to meet the outstanding payment obligations for the product as specified in the applicable Purchase Order.

In neither case will the Customer be entitled to a refund, given that it will be responsible for the payment of any amounts referring to the remainder of the term of all Purchase Orders
It is the Customer's responsibility to keep their contact details up to date on the Pipefy Platform. Billing-related notifications shall be sent to Customer through the Customer's designated billing contact. All notices, permissions, and approvals pertaining to the obligations and responsibilities arising from these Onboarding Terms must be in writing and will be deemed to have been delivered on the first business day after sending an email to the email address registered by the Customer as an administrator from the Pipefy Platform, or in the case of Pipefy, to the email address of the responsible Pipefy professional or [email protected] Pipefy may notify the Customer of general information regarding the use of the Product through the email registered by the Customer on the Pipefy Platform.


These Onboarding Terms, and the applicable purchase order, including information that is incorporated by written reference (including reference to information contained in a referenced URL or policy), constitute the entire understanding between Pipefy and Customer for the purchase of the Product, and that this Agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements or representations, written or oral, relating to the Product.

Pipefy reserves the right to revise its price list and publicly available onboarding packages, provided that such changes will not be effective for Customers whose implementation of the onboarding package (“product”) is already in progress. The changes referred to in this paragraph will apply to purchases of the product made after publication.

No failure or delay by either party to exercise any right under these Onboarding Terms shall constitute a waiver of that right. Client and Pipefy are independent contractors. Nothing in these onboarding terms creates a partnership, franchise, association, joint venture, agency, fiduciary relationship, or employment relationship between the parties. Each party will be fully responsible for its employees.