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Pipefy is a Brazilian startup founded in 2014 that has customers in 150 countries and has as its goal of becoming a global case study in the technology market.

It’s our business to help companies and managers easily and efficiently control their business within a cloud platform.

Today we have offices both in Curitiba/PR and San Francisco/CA and among our customers are companies such as Accenture, Telefônica, Capgemini, McDonald’s, IBM and hundreds of others.


Pipefy is backed by Silicon Valley investors who have invested in companies such as Facebook, Airbnb and SpaceX and one of the challenges we face today is maintaining the accelerated rhythm of business growth. To this end we are recruiting a team to helps us build our company’s future.

The program – Pipefy Young Guns

We are looking for talented youth which will participate in an immersion program of our culture, our product and our clients for a period of 6 months. Participants who stand out will be invited to join one of our teams at the end of the program.

This will be a rotational program inside our Customer Operation department which includes our Commercial, Customer Success team and other support teams and whose goal it is to allow participants to gain a deeper knowledge of our product, clients and how we deliver value to them.

More than that, this experience will develop negotiation, communication, discipline, teamwork and market awareness skills.

This program works as a doorway to our team,  selected candidate’s routine will be divided in opening new potential clients from around the world, understanding their needs and how we can help them thoroughly take advantage of our product to assist our clients in extracting the most value from our product.


Just as in everything else at Pipefy, this program is intense! It will take 6 months, and will take you out of your comfort zone through aggressive individual and team goals, competition, bonuses, growth and development opportunities. If you’re still unsure if this is for you, read the profile below of what it is we are looking for.

The participant who leads the ranking for 6 months will have the opportunity to work for 6 months at our San Francisco office.

Important: The program searches for candidates in our business sector and not for our technical development areas. We are looking for candidates who are from Business Administration, Economy, Communication, Law, and Engineering courses.




Recently graduated or Grad students

Positive attitude, willingness and humbleness

A desire to make things happen, to standout and make an impact

Previous work experience is a plus but not required

Fluent English is a plus but not required

Tech savvy is a plus but not required

In summary, if your resume is as white as your fridge is empty, no sweat, we believe in developing talent in-house. And if you already have experience and are better qualified, we are sure to have a place for you too.


Fill out the registration form if:

  • Want to build something big and make an impact;
  • Find solutions instead of excuses for problems;
  • Know how to set goals and successfully make them a reality;
  • Always wanted to work in a place that gave you freedom to create and to be yourself;
  • Feel comfortable in an environment filled with challenges and pressures;
  • Like people and team work;

Don’t fill out the registration if:

  • Blame others for your shortcomings;
  • Make excuses for your failures;
  • Are looking for comfort and conformity;
  • Are complaining about work on Twitter;
  • Are afraid of grabbing life’s opportunities;
  • Would prefer to stay in your comfort zone;
  • Looking for something in a product/development or technical field. 


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