Event Marketing on a Budget

Smith Willas
Event Marketing on a Budget
Event Marketing on a Budget
Event Marketing on a Budget

Are you an event creator or a manager? If so, establishing a budget for your event marketing might be the biggest challenge you deal with. Rather than spending a lot of money on advertising your event, you must be creative and maximize your team members’ time for an effective event marketing campaign. Here are some tips that you should apply for your event marketing:

If you are on a tight budget and want to market your event, use personalized labels and stickers. Place stickers on your car and company vehicles. You can even ask your employees to attach labels to their t-shirts and caps. Your event will get advertised wherever they go Stick your labels having event-related messages in and around the city/town that your event is being held.

Use several different channels to engage influences so they will your event. Get in touch with influencers who are pros in the digital world. Having contact with big and famous celebrities can be costly for you, so you can contact micro-influencers and ask them for help with your event promotion.

You already know people use the internet for almost every question in this digital world.  Give your event an online presence Create a page on your existing website or get a new website designed and developed for your event.  Use SEO or a paid campaign on Google to ensure your event spreads around the web.

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are helpful mediums for promoting your event. Use your social profiles for event promotion. Run a campaign on popular social channels and take all possible steps to make people aware of your event. You can even send personal messages to your followers on social media.

To make your event promotion successful on a lower budget, you should engage yourself within the local community. Offer water bottles with custom labels to leave messages about your event with the locals. The labels should have your company name and logo, along with brief contact details and a compelling message. People will be excited to know more about the event when they see it will be held in their hometown.

Create a blog and keep it updated with new posts regularly – once a week or four times a month. The blog should be relevant, unique, informative and engaging. It should be a post that makes people feel directly connected to your event.

Events are successful when people know about them and show up to participate. You can use email marketing for the promotion of your event.  Think beyond sending invitations. Spread the word to probable patrons and build excitement and loyalty in the process.

Want to get instant traffic by letting people know about your event? Using Google Ads is the best way to promote your event on a controlled budget. If you are new to the competitive world, Google Ads is your friend. In this paid ad, you bid your event on targeted keywords. You appear on the top at the very first page of Google search results when people conduct their search by typing those event-related keywords. In paid marketing, you must pay when visitors click on your link.

You can also use SMS marketing, offer incentive programs upon registration and distribute promotional products among patrons to further publicize your event.  

Marketing an event is key to the event’s success.  In the early stages, you want success with no or low investment. Being active on social media, using SEO, regularly publishing relevant blog posts, conducting interesting email marketing and getting involved in local communities are some useful ways that won’t drain your budget dry.

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Smith Willas
He is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media.

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