Go Green Initiative Ideas for Your Office


Introducing green initiatives in the workplace isn’t as complicated as you might think. You can even save money since resources are better utilized. Here are 10 tips that will help you go green, and also improve sustainability in the workplace.

1. Monthly Green Challenges

One of the ways to employ sustainability strategies in the workplace is by having go-green challenges every month that employees take part in. You can be as creative as you would like. For example, you could do ban plastic cans in the workplace for a  month and award the employee who lasts the longest. This brings fun and productivity together while helping the environment.

2. Recycling

Another easy way to going green is to recycle items like cans. Maintain well-labeled litter bins for decomposable litter and those items that need recycling. Create a recycling center marked prominently in the office, and store a recycling bin close to the printer. Always remember to empty the bins and arrange for can and bottle returns.

3. Renewable Energy

Utilizing solar or wind energy is an effective way to improve sustainability in the workplace. They are more affordable than normal electricity as you only need money for the installation. After that, you will only be concerned with periodic maintenance, but no monthly electricity bills. This is a win for Mother Nature as well as your budget.

4. Multifunctional Printer and Ink Efficient Printing

It is never a good idea to have too many printers in the office. First of all, it is a costly way to acquire resources, and secondly, too many machines plugged in means a higher electric bill. With a multifunctional printer, all the printing needs in the office are catered for by one printer, especially if the business is still in its starting stage. Using fonts that require less ink during report writing is also a way to reduce the energy needed during recycling. Encourage employees to design reports that are ink efficient and print less complex and detailed images.

5. Say Goodbye to Paper

Seventy percent of all office waste is paper.  Going paperless is the only way to have a totally green office,according to Vince Digneo, who is the sustainability-strategist at Adobe. There are a lot of safe and long term storage options that do not have to include papers. Cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are effective ways to safely store files without taking up too much of anyone’s space.

6. Utilize Natural Light

There is no need to turn on lights if you have a well-lit room. About 15 percent of electricity bills come from lighting. Try opening the blinds and letting in some natural light.

7. LED Bulbs

LED lights have been encouraged in homes for a number of years now. These are also quite effective in offices as a way to improve-sustainability in the workplace. They use 75 percent less energy as traditional fluorescent bulbs. They also are better for your eyes.

8. Micro-fiber Cloths

Take a close look around the office, and see how many times paper towels are used on a daily basis. From drying your hands in the bathroom to wiping off a coffee spill on the table, if you replace paper towels with micro-fiber cloths, you can save reams of paper. Micro-fiber cloths are affordable and reusable.

9. Encourage Eco-friendly Commutes for Employees

One of the biggest causes of air pollution is led and carbon from car fuels and gas. An electric train helps reduce this, but the use of electricity is also not as eco-friendly as cycling to and from work, especially for employees who do not live many blocks away from the office. The company could offer a bike parking space to encourage employees to cycle instead of taking the bus. It consequently means more exercise, which leads to sharper minds and fitter employees at work.

10. Tighten Water Taps

A lot of water is wasted from unintentional dripping taps. If the taps in the washrooms or office kitchen aren’t closing tightly, you should get a plumber to investigate.  If the water shuts off, it should be turned off from the main tank so that when it is back on, any open taps do not flow when no one is around to turn them off.


The above tips are great ways to improve sustainability in the workplace. Try forming a sustainability team within the company to help manage and track the progress on sustainability strategies in the workplace so that they are implemented and improved on over time.

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